5 Best Energy Efficient Power Strips (with Surge Protection)

Power strips are life and space savers for connecting multiple devices to a single power source. And a power strip with surge protection helps to keep disaster at bay by shielding and protecting the connected devices from random power spikes. But it’s 2021, and the equipment and devices you use should also help you save both money and energy.

Best Energy Efficient Power Strips

Energy efficiency power strips do not mean power accessories with energy monitoring features. Sure, you can view how much energy you have saved/spent, but that’s about it. On the other hand, you can enjoy finer control over energy consumption with the smart power strips. With features such as schedule, sleep, and timer, you can control the times when the devices switch on.

Besides that, some power strips come with nifty stand-by features.

So if you are looking to contribute towards saving energy for the world, here are some power-efficient power strips with surge protectors.

Let’s check them out. But before that,

1. Kasa HS300 Smart Plug Power Strip

  • Number of outlets: 6 | Joule Rating: 1710
  • USB ports: 3

The Kasa HS300 smart power strip is a popular choice for many reasons. This smart power strip not only packs energy monitoring features but also lets you control connected devices via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. More importantly, it bundles a total of 9 outlets, thereby giving you the flexibility of connecting as many devices as you see fit.

Out of these nine outlets, you get your hands on 6 smart power outlets. This gives you the flexibility of connecting & managing the devices as per their usability. For example, if the floor lamp on your living room needs to be switched on for only three hours, you can now do so. When the clock hits the three-hour timer, it will switch off automatically. And there you have it, one less thing to remember.

At the same time, there’s an energy monitoring feature for each outlet which lets you see the energy consumed. This gives you a rough idea of which connected device is efficient from the energy point of view.

The Kasa HS300 is ETL certified and has a Joule rating of 1710.

2. Eve Energy Strip

  • Number of outlets: 3 | Joule Rating: N/A
  • USB ports: No

One of the first things that you will notice about the Eve Energy Strip is its elegant design. This smart power strip is dressed in a combination of black and white and gives it a distinctive look. This one is compatible with Apple HomeKit. The makers have not specified the Joule rating for this one, though it’s designed to safeguard against power spikes and short circuits.

Similar to the product above, you can control the connected devices via voice commands. Hence it makes to get this power strip, especially if you have a Mac or an Apple iPhone. Plus, there are options to set schedules and timers.

Compared to the Kasa power strip, the Eve Energy Strip doesn’t have as many ports. Despite its size (it has a traditional power strip design), it has only three power outlets. The outlets have ample spacing between them on the bright side. So you can plug devices without any hindrance.

The app gives you the option to check the energy efficiency of the connected devices. The connected app gives a visual representation of the total power consumption daily, weekly, or even monthly. And hey, it comes with surge protection as well.

3. APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

  • Number of outlets: 6 | Joule Rating: 2160
  • USB ports: Yes, 4

The APC smart plug brings the best of both worlds. Not only does this power strip bring a joule rating of 2160 joules, but it also brings 5 smart plugs to the foyer. Moreover, it bundles a duo of conventional power plugs and USB ports. The only downside is that this smart power strip is compatible with Amazon Alexa, apart from the in-house companion app.

There are 10 outlets (6 power sockets + 4 USB ports) in this power strip. Out of these, 3 of the outlets and 2 USB ports are smart. Naturally, the power outlets are surge protected. A distinctive feature is that each outlet comes with an individual on/off switch to help in better power management and conservation.

Unlike the Eve Energy powerstrip, the APC smart plug is not the most elegant power accessory. That said, it can be mounted to the wall if you are wary of it lying around your house.

It delivers able performance, and the smart features make this power strip a worthy buy. The best part is that it is affordable.

4. Teckin Smart Power Strip

  • Number of outlets: 4 | Joule Rating: N/A
  • USB ports: Yes, 4

If you are looking for an affordable and able power strip to save energy, the Teckin smart power strip proves to be a good pick. It is a smart strip and works with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

From the energy conservation point of view, there is no dedicated energy monitoring feature. But you can set up schedules and timers for a particular device to stay on/off. You can control the power outlet individually. Besides the Alexa and Assistant integration, you can use Teckin Smart Plug app to control the outlets.

The low price tag means you will have to compromise on some factors. And in this case, it’s the build quality. Compared to its counterparts, it ranks a little lower on the durability scale. But for the price, it gets the job done.

Though the Teckin smart power strip has surge protection, note that the makers have not added joule ratings. However, they have claimed that it switches off when the input power is greater than 1250W. Nevertheless, if you have plans to connect your premium accessories, we’d recommend skipping this one.

5. Kasa KP303 Smart Plug Power Strip

  • Number of outlets: 3 | Joule Rating: N/A
  • USB ports: Yes, 2

Last but not least, we have the Kasa KP303 smart plug. Compared to the other Kasa product, this one skips on some features, but it proves to be an apt pick if you can do with fewer power outlets. Apart from being an affordable product, this smart power strip also supports Alexa and Google Home.

It’s a compact power strip, and the odds are that you will be able to shove it inside a cable management box or a bookshelf. It comes with three power outlets and two USB ports. The good part is that all the power outlets are smart, and you can control them individually.

The support for features such as schedules and timers means that you will save both energy and money by ensuring that the connected equipment stays off when not needed.

The Kasa KP303 power strip is ETL certified.

Conservation Is the Key

Smart switches like the Kasa HS300 and the Eve Energy indeed let you pick out energy-hogging devices easily. However, if you want to stay energy efficient and do not want to waste energy, these smart power strips pave the way.

And well, when you are connecting your most precious electronics, a surge protector is a must-have.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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