6 Best Desk Lamps With Wireless Charging Pad

The right lamp can undoubtedly transform a space; be it your work desk, bedside table, or a console table. If it’s the former, the right choice of light will help set the right mood for your work and help you focus better. Add features like wireless charging to the mix, and you have got a perfect recipe to charge your devices at an arm’s length.

Top Best Desk Lamps With a wireless charger

It’s almost 2021, and wireless charging is no longer a hard-to-afford tech. From standalone wireless charging pads to wireless power banks, this tech finds its place in the world, and desk lamps are one of the new devices to join this list.

Most of the lamps ranging between 5W and 10W, thereby letting you charge compatible phones seamlessly. And that’s not the end of the story. Some even have a USB-A port for wired charging. This gives you the convenience of just laying your phone down on the base of the lamp while you work.

If all these features sound exciting to you, here’s our list of the best desk lamps with wireless charging pads.

Let’s jump straight in, shall we? But before that.

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

  • LED Light: Yes
  • Brightness Levels: 5
  • Wireless Charging Rating: Up to 10W

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is a popular choice on Amazon primarily because it blends a slew of attractive features. For one, you can switch between different brightness settings and color temperature as per your convenience. Secondly, it offers wireless charging up to 10W for compatible devices. While iPhones will draw a max of 7.5W, Samsung phone users will be able to get around 10W. If we talk numbers, this TaoTronics lamp has five brightness levels and can switch between five color-temperature modes

Besides that, it has a very sleek and compact look that won’t take up much space on your work desk. The arm is flexible and rotates 180-degree, thereby giving you the flexibility to adjust it as per your convenience and preference.

The bulbs used are LED lights. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient than their CFL counterparts, but they are also more versatile.

All the light controls, including the sleep timer, are located at the base, and you have to touch it to activate the said features. As it goes with Qi wireless pads, you will have to align the phone correctly to start charging. The 7.5W capacity means you will have a fully charged phone in due course of time.

It comes with a USB-A charging port for wired charging. However, it has an output of 5V/1A, meaning you won’t get fast charging.

This TaoTronics lamp is not without limitations. For one, many users have complained of it switching on during the night or when you place your phone to charge. Plus, for the price, it’s not as durable as you might expect.

2. Mchatte LED Desk Lamp

  • LED Light: Yes
  • Brightness Levels: 6
  • Wireless Charging Rating: 5V/2A

Another lamp that’s worth checking out is the Mchatte LED Desk Lamp. It has a sleek modern design that will blend well into your work desk. There are 6 different brightness settings, and you can switch to a lower mode when you want a soft light. All the controls are at the base of the light, including the option to change the temperature and the brightness.

It’s a versatile lamp and easily adjusts to different heights and angles. If we talk numbers, the head can go as far as 225-degree, and the base can be turned 180-degrees easily. Furthermore, it’s not flimsy and doesn’t topple over. The bottom is also lined with non-slip material to prevent skidding on slippery surfaces.

The company claims the wireless charging pas to deliver 5V/2A of power and is good enough to charge both iPhone and Android phones.

Thanks to its flexibility, it has earned its share of great reviews. It had over a thousand reviews at the time of writing, with users liking the lamp for its energy efficiency and varying brightness settings. And well, it also comes with a sleep timer. So if you are in the habit of working without taking a break, you can set it up accordingly, and the lamp will remind when to get up and take a walk.

3. Harmonic LED Desk Lamp

  • LED Light: Yes
  • Brightness Levels: 3
  • Wireless Charging Rating: <7W

Another lamp that’s worth checking out is the Mchatte LED Desk Lamp. Like its counterpart above, this one has a sleek and compact design. The best part is that you can fold it up and stow away when not in use. It’s lightweight, which makes it extremely portable. The 3 brightness levels mean you can switch to a high-brightness setting while working on your laptop or staring at your monitor’s screen. And yeah, you can also change the color temperature to suit your mood.

The head is pretty flexible, and you can direct it towards yourself when you are working. It integrates wired charging via the USB port and compared to the one above, you can get slightly faster-charging with the 5V/2A power output.

The lamp’s base has a clean look, with only the indicator for the wireless charging port and the power button. The base for the wireless pad is wide and spacious.

So far, it has received a decent amount of reviews with users vouching for it for its portability, brightness, and its versatility. If we go by Fakespot’s estimates, around 90% of the reviews are reliable and trustworthy.

Harmonic also boasts of responsive customer service. The company is quick to respond to questions as per some users.

4. Aobisi LED Desk Lamp

  • LED Light: Yes
  • Brightness Levels: Yes, 3
  • Wireless Charging Rating: <7W

The Aobisi LED Desk Lamp boasts of a simple design. Unlike many lamps in this category, you do not have to worry about confusing touch-sensitive buttons. The lamp’s base is kept bare which is safe for the power button and the marking for the wireless charger. The power button on the base eases the job of switching off the light when you no longer require it, instead of reaching behind your desk to well, power it off.

The lights are bright, and the odds are that you will love it in all the settings. If we talk numbers, the LED beads can switch between 3 brightness levels. The foldable head ensures that your eyes are not exposed to the direct light when you are working.

This one comes with a 9V/2A wall adapter.

5. Lampression USB Nightstand

  • LED Light: Yes, included in the box
  • Brightness Levels: No
  • Wireless Charging Rating: 5W

If you have narrow space on your desk (or bedside table), you should take a look at the Lampression USB Nightstand. It’s a small lamp that is designed to fit into narrow spaces. The highlight of this lamp is that the base doesn’t take up additional space. Although, you won’t be able to fold it up as easily as you’d fold a traditional desk lamp. That aside, the lampshade means you will get a diffused lighting, thereby causing less eye fatigue.

The charging pad (5W) is in the middle of the circular base. However, the output is limited to only 5W, and the odds are that you will have to keep it for a considerable amount of time for a full charge. On the bright side, fewer distractions from your phone translate into an efficient you. Furthermore, the charging shuts off automatically when the phone is charged completely.

The company ships a 2700K warm light LED bulb with the lamp. However, you are free to hook a smart light to it, since this lamp doesn’t let you tweak the brightness levels. Apart from that, it also bundles a 5V 2.1A fast USB charging port.

Aside from its regular features, the Lampression lamp is a beautiful device and will surely enhance your desk’s look, and well, this has been backed by several users on Amazon.

Last but not least, a 12-month warranty backs this modern lamp.

  • LED Light: Yes
  • Brightness Levels: 5
  • Wireless Charging Rating: N/A

How does the sound of a calendar on your desk lamp sound? If it’s exciting, you should certainly check out the Laopao Desk lamp. It has a conventional design. However, the primary body bundles a nifty display that lets you check the date, temperature, and time. So yeah, you can remove the clock from your desk. At the same time, it’s flexible as the head and the arm are foldable.

The best part of this LED lamp is that you can switch between three pre-determined light settings. For now, it lets you switch between Warm Light, Neutral Light, and Blue Light. And that’s not the end of the customization options. If the LCD panel is a tad too bright for your taste, the brightness can be dimmed as per the ambient lighting.

Both the USB ports and the wireless charging pads can be used at the same time. The folding features also make it highly portable. You can fold the arms and head and keep it in your bag when you are traveling. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to carry a compatible wall adapter with you.

Charge it Right

A stylish and modern lamp with varying color temperature and brightness not only adds value to your desk but also helps enhance its looks by several folds. And even if you have an overhead light on or accents light on, the mantra is to get a focused light to help you work better and more efficiently.

At the same time, you can also consider investing in a quality privacy filter to reduce screen glare.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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