Top 4 Power Banks for Wi-Fi Routers

Imagine streaming your favorite TV show on Netflix and the power goes off suddenly in your house. Meanwhile, your phone pings with a new email notification about an important document or a video file you are supposed to send. How you wish your Wi-Fi router was on! We know that mobile data is quite costly. Thankfully, a few power banks (or mini UPS) for Wi-Fi routers keep them running, at least till the battery lasts.

Top 4 Power Banks for Wi Fi Routers

You can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection with these power backup devices. And you can continue with your work or streaming multimedia till the power restores.

These power banks offer USB ports that help you to connect with various devices ranging from a security camera to a pet feeder.

Let’s check out our cherry-picked power banks for the Wi-Fi routers (also, CCTVs, LED lights, and security cameras). Before that, you should consider these options:

1. TalentCell Rechargeable Battery Pack

Total Power: 38,400mAh

TalentCell’s rechargeable battery pack is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for home use and stashing in a corner with your router. It has a 38,400mAh battery unit which makes it suitable for using with other electronics as well.

You will find a battery indicator on it, which lets you know about the battery charge levels. Also, it helps to know when it is charging and done.

Connecting to this battery pack is incredibly easy. The company ships a power cable and power adapter, so you don’t have to suffer while charging it via a USB port. And all you need to do is recharge it. When you’re done, connect the power cable of the router directly to the mini UPS. Do note that it might take about 10 hours for the device to be fully charged.

This product’s reception has been immensely good with users who liked its battery life. The massive battery backup means you will have to shell a few extra bucks.

2. Mini UPS Battery Backup

Total Power: 8,800mAH

Another mini UPS or power bank that can handle short and random power glitches without breaking a sweat is the one by Shanqiu Store. This one is a simple 8,800mAH power bank that barely weighs 0.77lbs. Also, the small build means you can keep it near the Wi-Fi router without any issues.

Interestingly, this device has multiple power outputs. So depending on the wattage of your device, you can use one of the power outputs. Also, it packs a power switch and battery level indicator.

Shanqiu Store’s Mini UPS is quite popular on Amazon and so far, it has received a good amount of reviews from its user base. People like it for the fact that the usage is straightforward. You get a slew of power adapters in the package so that you do not have to run to the nearby bodega at the last moment.

3. iLEPO Mini UPS

Total Power: 8,800mAH

The interesting thing about the iLEPO Mini UPS is that you can choose the output voltage. Yes, you read that right. There’s a handy toggle at the back of the device, which lets you choose between 5V and 9V. There’s also a USB-A output should you want to connect your phone to give it a quick top-up.

Like the above device, this one also has a battery capacity of 8,800mAh. It’s small and lightweight enough for you to toss in your bag for trips and camping adventures.

The company claims that it comes with built-in voltage protection so that the UPS and the connected devices stay protected.

Besides the standard output and inputs, this has an ample number of ports to give you enough flexibility for hooking it up to different devices.

Also, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty. However, you can check with the customer care about post-sales queries before pressing the Buy button.

4. Talentcell Battery Pack

Total Power: 6,000mAh

If you can make do with a power bank with a small power backup, you can check out the 6,000mAh Talentcell Battery Pack. Like its counterpart above, this one has a small and lightweight build and does its job as advertised. The good part is that it has neat LED indicators at the front, which lets you gauge the amount of power left in the device.

A smaller power backup complements its price as it costs less than $35. It delivers a good mix of performance and features.

Again, the voltage range is at 12 Volts. You will get over-charge protection and over-discharge protection as additional features.

Uninterrupted Power

These were some of the power banks that you can connect to your Wi-Fi router if you are looking for ways to avoid the short and random power cuts. Do note that these devices are to be used as a backup in case of emergencies.

If you have a CCTV or a security camera, you will need to check the power levels quite frequently. And well, it may not be a feasible solution in the long run.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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