6 Best Universal Remotes for TVs: Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple TV, and More

Do you have a cluttered coffee table with multiple remotes for your TV, sound bar, streaming devices, and other AV equipment? If so, you’re not alone. A universal remote can help you declutter your coffee table and simplify your life. A universal remote is a single remote that can control multiple devices. But with so many options to choose from, what are the best universal remotes for TV out there?

Best Universal Remotes for TVs featured

Whether you own a Samsung, Sony, LG TV, or Apple TV, we’ve rounded up the best universal remotes to enhance your viewing pleasure. We will highlight the unique features of each remote and discuss their pros and cons. Each of these universal remotes will help you save time and frustration, especially if you have a lot of devices to control.

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1. GE Backlit Universal Remote

GE Backlit Universal Remote

The GE Backlit Universal Remote is a great option for budget-conscious buyers. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including TVs, sound bars, streaming devices, and more.

Available in a handful of colors to choose from, the GE Backlit Universal Remote is compatible with a wide variety of devices. It comes pre-programmed for Samsung TVs. However, you can re-program the functions using its easy setup process which requires minimal programming.

It also has a backlit display, so you can easily see the buttons in the dark. As for compatibility, the remote is available in three different versions, depending on how many devices you wish to pair with it. You can opt for controlling up to four, six, or eight devices from a single remote.

What We Like

  • Extremely affordable
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Backlit display

What We Don’t Like

  • Buttons are a be a bit small
  • Limited advanced features compared to higher-end models

2. Philips Universal Remote Control

Philips Universal Remote Control

The Philips Universal Remote Control offers a sleek and modern design that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s also a bit more reliable as opposed to GE’s offering, while still being quite affordable.

Starting off with the design, the curved edges make the Philips remote control a lot more grippier. Compared to the GE Backlit Universal Remote, the Philips Universal Remote Control does miss out on backlit lighting. However, it makes up for it in terms of ease of use.

One of its standout features is the ability to learn commands from your existing remotes, ensuring a seamless transition. Alternatively, the remote is also compatible with the Universal IR code database. So you can simply re-program the remote using the code for your device.

What We Like

  • Simple and ergonomic design
  • Large compatibility range
  • Comes with a Master Volume control feature

What We Don’t Like

  • The programming process might be a bit complex for beginners
BroadLink RM4 pro

The BroadLink RM4 Pro is a great option for those who want a universal remote that can be controlled with their smartphone. Even if your TV isn’t smart, you can control it in a smart way using the RM4 Pro.

For those looking to take their home automation to the next level, the BroadLink RM4 Pro is an exceptional choice. While the RM4 operates over both IF and RF, it’s controlled over Wi-Fi using your smartphone. Add to that, this universal remote not only controls TVs but also smart home devices like air conditioners and audio systems.

The RM4 Pro also supports voice control and integrates with popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Its versatility and compatibility with Samsung, Sony, LG, and more make it a powerful all-in-one solution.

What We Like

  • Controlled with smartphone
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with smart assistants
  • Ideal for home automation

What We Don’t Like

  • Initial setup can be a bit time-consuming
  • The app is a little buggy

4. SofaBaton U2 Universal Remote

SofaBaton U2

The SofaBaton U2 Universal Remote is a great option for those who want a sleek and stylish remote. The remote definitely stands out for its innovative scroll wheel design.

Equipped with a nice OLED display and smartphone app as well, the SofaBaton U2 is an excellent universal remote for your home. It supports up to 15 devices at the same time and is compatible with over 600,000 devices from all major brands.

The remote’s unique scroll wheel design allows quick switching between multiple devices. The screen here lights up automatically to show which device you’re controlling. And if at any time you wish to have more control, the app allows you to create custom macros for the device that you’re controlling.

What We Like

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • OLED display with scroll wheel
  • Custom macro functions

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly more expensive than some other universal remotes

5. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Both the BroadLink RM4 Pro and the SofaBaton U2 are aimed at controlling your TV smartly. However, with the Amazon Fire TV Cube, you can take it up a notch, and convert your standard TV to a smart TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is more than just a remote; it’s a complete entertainment hub. It combines the functions of a universal remote with the capabilities of an Amazon Fire TV streaming device. You can control your TV, soundbar, and other devices through voice commands, making it an excellent choice for hands-free control. If you’re looking for a smart universal remote, the Fire TV Cube easily gets the job done.

You can simply use the Equipment Control feature inside the Fire TV Cube’s settings to program and control any device using the IR blaster. While this ensures seamless compatibility, the process can be a bit tedious for some. Not to forget the fact that the Fire TV Cube does come with a hefty price. Even so, if you’re looking for a smart Logitech Harmony alternative, this is a great choice.

What We Like

  • Built-in Alexa voice assistant
  • Can stream content
  • Universal compatibility

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite expensive
  • Setting up the universal remote can be a tedious task for some

6. SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control

SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control

The SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control offers a blend of modern features and user-friendly design. While it is quite expensive, the premiumness shows in its feature set as well.

With support for up to 50 devices at the same time, the SofaBaton X1 comes with a universal remote and a hub included in the package. Similar to the U2, the X1 also makes use of a unique scroll wheel design. This allows you to move up and down quickly and switch devices.

The SofaBaton X1 also blends easily into your smart home setup. The remote is fully compatible with both Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Additionally, you can also create custom IFTTT shortcuts for it. As for the range, the included Hub can transmit signals within 10 meters, so there’s nothing to worry about.

What We Like

  • Sleek and stylish appearance
  • Supports up to 50 devices
  • Long range operation
  • Compatible with Google, Alexa, and IFTTT

What We Don’t Like

  • Very expensive
  • Time-consuming setup process

FAQs on Best Universal Remotes for TV

1. How do universal remotes work?

Universal remotes work by sending out infrared (IR) signals to the devices they are programmed to control. When you press a button on the remote, it sends out a specific IR signal that tells the device to perform a certain action.

2. Can a universal remote replace all my existing remotes?

In many cases, yes! A well-programmed universal remote can replace the majority of your existing remotes. However, certain specialized remotes with unique functions might still be needed for specific devices.

3. Are universal remotes compatible with all TV brands?

Most universal remotes are compatible with a wide range of TV brands, but it’s essential to check the compatibility list provided by the manufacturer. Some remotes offer learning capabilities, allowing you to program commands from your existing remotes for devices not listed.

Take Control

Well, that was our list of the best universal remotes for TVs. In fact, apart from TVs, these remotes can be used to control pretty much any IR or Bluetooth-controllable device. Whether you’re looking for simplicity, automation, or hands-free control, these universal remotes have got you covered, enhancing your TV viewing experience to the fullest. So which of these universal TV remotes will you be opting for? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 30 August, 2023

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