Fake Your Way Out of Anything With These 2 Crazy Apps

Stuck on a blind date or really want your wife to call you in the middle of the office so that you can make an excuse and sneak out? A call from wife works every time, but you don’t always get them when you want the most. Actually, on second thoughts, you get them when you expect them.

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But, if you have an Android, there’s an app for that. Today I am going to talk about two apps you can use on your Android to fake calls and messages to get out of almost any situation. I know, the idea is crazy, but these apps have helped me get out of many awkward situations and, therefore, deserve a shout-out.

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1. Faking a Call on Android

There are a plethora of fake calling apps available on the Play Store. However, the reason to select Fake Call from ABISHKKING over the others is that its ads are decent and gives the maximum number of features when compared to others. So after you install and launch the app, it will give you the option type in a contact name along with the number and schedule a call.

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So that was the very basic. But the reason we chose this app was because of the advanced features it offers. Using the Fake Call app, you can give a picture to your caller and also record a message for the future, really helpful when you want someone to actually speak even on a fake call.

Moreover, there are themes for most of the phones so that they match the stock calling notifier. Once everything is in place, schedule the call and just wait for it to ring to make an excuse.

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In Settings, you can also configure the app to use it to give a miss call alerts and even outbound fake calls in the call log list. This can be helpful if you want to make someone believe that you actually called them, but due to network issues, the call was not able to connect. The app has been translated in more than 10 languages you can change that easily. There are ads, but no option to upgrade to a pro version.

2. Faking Text Messages

So that was about the calls. There might be situations where you need the person to see the proof and that’s when Fake Text Messages come in. To get started, you can download and install Fake Text Message app on your Android. The app interface is very easy to understand. Just provide the contact info, date and time of the message and the text you want to receive.

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The app works flawlessly and there’s no way a person can detect a fake message unless someone asks your network carrier for an investigation. The app also helps you in situations wherein you forgot to send an important SMS to someone. As a helping hand, the app lets you send that SMS as ‘failed’ at any time you want so that you can blame it on your network provider.

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Last feature worth mentioning about the app is its feature to go undercover. In settings, you can choose to give an Android icon with a different name to cover your tracks.

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So these were a couple of apps you can use to fake calls and text messages to get out of awkward situations. If you would like to contribute any other apps to the list, please join us in our forum. Have fun pranking your friends.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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