How to Record Everything You Type on Android With Type Machine App


We all must have encountered situations where we were working (typing, to be precise) on an app on Android and it suddenly crashed taking all the entered text with it. Some users also wish if there was a way they could copy more than just one snippet of information on their device’s clipboard and toggle […]

5 Advantages of BitTorrent Sync Over a Cloud Sync Tool Like Dropbox


BitTorrent Sync is a newer method of syncing your files (in fact, it’s still in beta). Like any other syncing service, it’s purpose is to have your files and data synced across devices so that you have the freedom and flexibility to work on them from anywhere. But why would you want to use it […]

3 Best Tools to Auto-Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails


Nobody likes inbox clutter, especially if you don’t have all day to check emails. I’ve been a victim of newsletter spam for sometime now, and it took me a considerable amount of time to segregate important from the useless ones. An annoyance I lived with for a while and then decided it was time to […]

How to Minimize and Prioritize Mobile Data Usage on iPhone


If you have an iPhone, then you must surely subscribe to a mobile data plan in order to have internet access anywhere. Most of these plans are limited though, and only but the most expensive ones give you unlimited data for you to use. That is, if your particular carrier in your city or country […]

3 Power Tips To Get The Most Out Of GOM Media Player

GOM player

On Windows, GOM is the best alternative available to VLC. And in many ways it’s better. It has more features, has just as good codec support and it’s actually faster than VLC. Find out more about why you should go for it in our review here. In this article we talk about how to make […]

How to Transfer Music and Playlists from iPhone to iTunes On Your PC or Mac


iTunes sync is the perfect example of how an otherwise creative company can mess up a simple media copy/paste operation. Few days back, I had to format my computer due to a technical glitch and I was unaware of the fact that iTunes library files must have been on my backup list (right, the ‘I’ll do […]

5 Features That Make Foobar2000 One of the Best Music Players

Music Player

If you’re a passionate music fan, foobar2000 is a music player (Windows only) you’ll want to use; it’s simple, yet heavily customizable and feature-filled, yet uncluttered. And more than anything, it’s free! If you back up your music collection to a library of local music files, foobar2000 will not only make it easier to do that, […]

7 Must-Know Google+ Photos Tips to Make the Most Out of it

Google+ photos

Google+ may not be the go-to social network for you but you should still be on it because there’s much more to it than meets the eyes. Take photos, for instance. Almost all of you click the maximum photos from your phone’s camera and some of it makes its way to Facebook, some to Instagram […]

How to Use and Sync More Than One Google Drive Account on Windows


In the past we have seen how to modify the settings of the Google Drive app for Windows and configure it to access multiple Google Drive account in the same Windows profile. However after few updates of the app, the trick ceased to work and users started reporting that they get errors when more than […]

Photoshop Actions Explained: How To Load Them and Use Them For Your Projects


Whether you are a hardcore computer user or simply a tech newbie, chances are you will get to use Photoshop at one point or another. This great image editing application available for both Mac and Windows is easily one of the most powerful tools you will use if you ever work with photos or images at […]

5 Power Tips To Supercharge Your PDF Workflow


If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you probably process a lot of PDFs. Be it invoices, estimates or even contract documents, almost everything is sent in PDFs these days. As the number of PDFs increase, managing them becomes a hassle. Here are some tips to help you supercharge your workflow. 1. […]

How to Disable Charm Bar (Hot Corners) on Windows 8 and 8.1


Charm Bar is a great feature in Windows 8 but only when you are using it on the touch-enabled notebooks and tablets. However, in normal laptops and desktops, it might be kind of annoying. In my experience of using the Charm Bar, it always comes in the way whenever I am trying to scroll up […]

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Should You Switch To Telegram?


So, the news of Facebook buying WhatsApp is everywhere. And the 4 hour blackout that happened on the very next day. These are the two reasons why users have actively started moving away from WhatsApp. Not everyone though. WhatsApp still has 450 million active users and it’s adding a million new users every day! Of […]

3 Cool Tips To Vastly Improve Your QuickTime Viewing Experience


While several Mac owners (myself included) tend to use VLC for all our video watching needs, there are many users out there who just prefer Apple’s native QuickTime app, if only just because it integrates better with the rest of OS X. However, being a native Apple app, we tend to think of QuickTime as […]

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