2 Ways to Record Screen on Android Lollipop Without Rooting


Previously I showed you the best way to record your Android phone’s screen on KitKat. For that your phone needed root access, an AOSP custom ROM, and Xposed Framework. And that really was the easiest and the best way to do it. It really shouldn’t be this hard. The reason why it was so complicated […]

How to Use a Custom List for Sorting Data in MS Excel


What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when somebody talks about sorting? I’m sure ascending and descending are two words that ring a bell. Or maybe it’s the ever illustrious Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. Although those methods are tried and true (the Sorting Hat is never wrong), there are many other ways to […]

Guiding Tech Turns Five This New Year. Some Stats and the Road Ahead


Phew! Five years of running Guiding Tech. Not an insignificant milestone for a tech blog in an age where making money out of any form of web publishing without deep pockets is becoming increasingly harder. Well, we’re still here and we’re here to stay. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve achieved so far in […]

6 Reasons Why Yatse is the Best Android Remote App for XBMC

Yatse XBMC Remote

XBMC (soon to be officially renamed Kodi) is still one of the best all-inclusive media centers around. It started with a humble little media center for Xbox and quickly became the most powerful solution out there. And in all these years, XBMC has somehow stayed true to its form. It’s still free, it’s still open […]

How To Easily Record Android Screen Running Kitkat Using Xposed Framework

Xposed Installer

You’ll find many screen recording apps for Android. Some are free but limited, some paid. All of them require your device to be rooted and none of them promise they’ll be compatible with every phone. The ones that do work still aren’t consistent. Some have screen flickering issues while some won’t capture voice from the […]

How to Easily Transfer Media Between Windows, Android and iOS Using SHAREit


A few days back we talked about an amazing way Android and iOS users could share photos using a hotspot. However, the trick involved apps to create an FTP server and the manual creation of hotspots when a Wi-Fi network was not around. Moreover, the trick was restricted to just photos. Today I am going […]

How To Mirror Android Display to PC or TV

Chromecast Mirroring

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to show some content from your Android phone on a big screen or a TV, what do you do? You usually just send the content to a connected PC/Mac. That works most of the time. But what if you can’t send it? Or rather you didn’t have […]

How To Get Rapportive’s Contextual Contact Information Back in Gmail for Chrome


If you used to swear by Rapportive, you must have been bummed out for the past few months. Rapportive, the plugin for Gmail that gave you contextual information about any contact was bought by LinkedIn and basically had all of its great features stripped. But since then, a lot of other players have tried their hand […]

How to Batch Uninstall Windows 8 Apps Silently in Background


Every once in a while I do a bit of spring cleaning on my computer and that’s when I delete old files and uninstall old programs. While deleting files and folders is an easy task in Windows, built-in options to uninstall the programs have not evolved yet. The Control Panel still allows no more than one […]

How To Add a File Downloader to Safari for iOS 8 using Workflow

File Downloader

Automation, the one thing every power user craves, is finally here for iOS. Sure there have been apps like Launch Center Pro and Drafts but till now there was no relatively easy way of stitching together tasks/actions and creating a workflow. Now, thanks to an app appropriately titled Workflow, there is. We’ve already talked about […]

How to Open Google Drive Files from its Website in Desktop Apps

Google Drive

The line between web and desktop keeps blurring. Google with its Chromebook is leading the charge. Apple with Handoff and Continuity is making it easy to switch between devices and between apps and websites. If you’re a power Google Drive user, you already have the desktop client installed. If you do, there’s now an easy […]

5 Reasons Why Fantastical 2 for iPhone Should Be Your Next Calendar App

Fantastical 2

Calendar apps are a dime a dozen these days. Seems like there’s something for everyone out there. There’s Apple’s built-in Calendar app that’s not half bad, it’s only crime being that it’s too basic. Then there are apps like Sunrise, free for all devices and focused more on following public events. Other apps like Calendars […]

How To Easily Batch Update All Your Windows Apps

Patch My PC

Windows 8 came with a Windows Store, but it wasn’t meant for all the desktop apps you love and use. As it stands, there’s no single place to download and update Windows apps. There’s no Windows App Store for legacy apps either. This is the cause of one of the biggest frustrations in Windows. Every […]

How to Automate Android Radio Controls to Increase Battery Life

dying battery.jpg

The last three years have been a complete turnaround for mobile technology. We have seen smartphones become as powerful as entry level laptops. The screen size has increased, the processing has become more powerful and free memory is no longer an issue with increased RAM and storage space. We have seen significant development in every […]