A Review of KMPlayer Video Player App for Android


KMPlayer is one of the many names that comes to our mind, other than VLC and GOM, when talking about media player for Windows. These applications play most of our video files in different formats without us worrying about the codecs that might be needed. The Windows Media Player looks helpless in front of these players […]

8 Things To Do After Buying Nokia X to Make it Better


So you got yourself a Nokia X, wonderful. As we found out in our review, while it might not be for everyone, it does have a place in the world. Spend some time reading this article and you’ll save a lot of time and confusion while using this device. 1. Learn How To Use It […]

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone and Android


Accessing multiple Facebook accounts on the computer is very easy — you just have to open a new browser or a private window to sign in to another Facebook account simultaneously. However, when it comes to the Androids and iPhones, the story changes. The 11” physical keyboard makes it easy to enter the user credentials, […]

How to Enable Face Recognition Login in Windows With KeyLemon


If you don’t like to leave your PC unsecured, but find entering a password all the time a tedious process, then you must know that there is a very simple solution for this problem (provided you have a webcam attached to your computer). You can use your webcam to make your computer recognize your face […]

3 Cool Sites To Play Retro Games Like Super Mario On Your Browser


If you have been a gamer for a very long time then, perhaps, you were around when the first consoles were released. And there might be a possibility that you even miss some of those great old games and wish that you could play them even now. If that has been the case, we have […]

How to Easily Transfer Your Contacts to Nokia X from Another Phone

Dialer 3

Your shiny new Nokia X is a different kind of phone. It is based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but does not have any Google services, which means that Google Contacts, arguably the best way to manage and sync your contacts, will not directly work on your device. And when it comes to transferring your contacts to […]

5 Awesome Windows Tools for Music Buffs


If you’re a music enthusiast, I’m pretty sure you use your computer to store, rip and, most of the time, play the tracks you love. In order to do so, just like in the case of any other activity, you need the right set of tools. Fortunately, we’ve got you a list of awesome Windows […]

A Review of Friendly for iPhone: A Cool Facebook App Alternative for iOS


When compared to the Facebook app for Android, the iOS version definitely looks more polished and interactive, but still there’s a lot that can be worked upon. As the app got upgraded with time, we saw many visual changes in its interface which not everyone appreciated. Also, there were some issues of the app freezing for […]

Nokia X Review: The OK, The Bad and The Ugly

Nokia X Homescreen

It’s here. A Nokia phone running Android. Before you go ahead and declare it the best will-they-won’t-they ending since Ross and Rachel’s in Friends, how about a reality check? Yes, it’s a Nokia phone… but a low-end one. Yes, it’s running Android… but it’s a one and a half year old version with no Google […]

How to Get Powerful Gesture Based Actions on Android


Ever since I started using an iPhone, I have been obsessed with its swipe gestures. From then on, I have been looking for ways to get that done on my Android phone. In some earlier posts, we have discussed different methods by which we can open recent tasks on an Android device using gestures and talked […]

3 Best Ways to Read Articles from Web On Your Kindle

Facebook Paper

These days, we are constantly glued to screens — be it on our cell phones or desktop computers.  Sitting in front of these illuminated color displays for long hours takes a toll on our eyes. And no, that’s not an assumption. There’s even a name for that condition. In this digital era, how can one give […]

Top 3 Free Mac Apps for Working With MKV Movie Files


For Mac users, perhaps one of the most bothersome issues of using it is that some important pieces of software are not always as widely available as they are on Windows machines. A great example that comes to mind is trying to find the right set of tools needed to work with MKV movie files […]

How to Access Apps and Sites Not Available in Your Country With Hola


In the past, we have seen quite a few ways  in which we can access country restricted websites. Be it using a VPN or changing the proxy server, if you want to listen to that track on Spotify there are ways to ensure that you don’t feel left out even if the service (Spotify) does […]

2 Great iPhone Apps To Help You Write Faster and Better


If you use your computer to get writing done often then you have definitely experienced different kinds of problems that arise whenever you write for too long. For example, sometimes you might get stuck in a sentence or you could be wasting tons of time performing the same actions on your Mac or PC when […]

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