How to Disable History For Specific Websites In Chrome and Firefox


We have seen many tricks using which you can delete history from Chrome and Firefox browsers and ways to stop further recording of your activity to maintain privacy. Talking in general, most of us tend to delete the entire history in order to take care of just a few websites we’ve visited. Clearing everything from […]

How to Change the Install Location of Windows 8 Modern Apps


As a Windows 8 user, do you care where are all the Modern apps you download from the store installed on your computer? Well, I never did until today. I was already running out of space on my Windows directory and after I installed a couple of apps from the Store, the icon turned red. […]

How to Lock Specific Android Functions or Features Before Giving it to Kids


The kids around me consider my smartphone as good as a PSP and all they want to do is play games. However, after a few failed experiences in which kids accidently called my friends or opened the photos in the gallery, I refrained from handing over my phone to them. They started hating me, but […]

How to Instantly Lock and Unlock Your Mac With Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Signal

Locking Your Mac

Have you ever wished you could just walk away from your Mac and have it lock itself without you doing anything? Or perhaps sometimes you leave your desk and completely forget to lock your Mac? This can be a very delicate situation, since we all have an enormous quantity of sensitive information in our Macs […]

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an Android


You all are probably aware of Uncle Ben’s famous quote, “With great power, comes great responsibility” but if I were to twist and bend the saying for the modern day smartphones, it would be something like, “For great responsibility, you need great power”. You must have guessed already what I am talking about, but for […]

3 Ways To Use Your iPhone As an External USB Drive

White iPhone Master

One of the great things about the iPhone is that it can become just about anything thanks to the vast selection of apps that you enjoy through the App Store. However, thanks to some pieces of software you can truly turn your iPhone into things that you never thought of, thus enabling some really novel […]

How to Delete Windows Explorer Address Bar History or Remove Specific Items


When someone talks about address bar history, we generally refer to or associate our thoughts with a browser. We think about browsing history, website cookies, bookmarks and cache. We also pay a lot of attention to such histories; we manage them and clear them when required. Well, clearing of history is definitely a measure to […]

Scan and Optimize Your Android with Advanced Mobile Care By IObit


In the past, we have talked about many Android apps which act as an Antivirus for the mobile, can be used to optimize memory by cleaning the junk files from the system and optimize battery usage. However, today I am going to talk about an amazing Android application that takes care of all the aforementioned […]

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? The Best Way to Use Your iPhone As a Wireless Personal Hotspot

Share Internet

Using your iPhone as a personal hotspot can be an extremely convenient feature to have, especially if you travel or visit cafes frequently, or if you don’t have a stable connection at home. Using it provides any of your devices (including Macs, Windows PCs and other devices from the iOS family) with an internet connection […]

Vimeo for iOS Review: The Social Network for the Video Aficionado

Vimeo Welcome

Nowadays there are countless video sites where we can find almost any kind of content. For any serious video aficionado however, the best and most popular place when it comes to both finding and creating top-quality content, is Vimeo. Vimeo is a video social networking website where, contrary to YouTube, users are encouraged to create […]

Save Space on Your iOS Device By Streaming Music to it From iTunes Via Home Sharing

Stream Music to iPhone

If you have an iOS device and listen to a lot of music (almost each and everyone of iOS users, right?), then how would you like to save a little space on your iOS device memory by streaming some music from your iTunes Library to it? There are services like Apple’s own iTunes Match that […]

SplitWise is a Easy to Use Online Bill Splitting Alternative to BillMonk


As a student, I have been living in a rented house for the past couple of years. As I have always shared these rented apartments with some of my friends, splitting bills have been a part of my life for quite sometime now. In the very beginning, we used Excel sheets to split monthly bills, […]

How to Bulk Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends


Recently, I was in the mood for a clean-up of my Facebook friend list. I am not sure about you, but from what I have seen, after a couple of years one accumulates some friends on Facebook who are just there to increase the friend count. They do not comment on your status and you […]

How to Check Emails from All Accounts Under One Folder in Windows Live Mail


Why do you use a desktop email client? Well, for most of you the primary reason would be an attempt to bring all your email services and email messages under the same umbrella, right? And not to forget, we are benefited with additional features like calendar, contacts management, to do tasks, notes and much more. […]