How To Enable iCloud’s Two-Step Verification


For a lot of iOS device users, iCloud is not only a way to sync their data, but also a backup solution and, in some cases, the account they use to make purchases from both iTunes and the App Store. It is because of the importance of iCloud accounts and because there have been some […]

How to Change Windows 8 Store Region


Almost all the app stores have some country-restricted apps which are available to a user only when they browse from a specific country, which is usually United States, and Windows store is no different. Currently there are a lot of apps in Windows Store which are only available to the US user. Today we will […]

Get the Old iTunes Look Back and Find Missing Features on iTunes 11

iTunes Missing Features

When Apple released latest version of its popular music player, iTunes 11, it broke the look and feel of an app that has been the de-facto stop for anything music-related for most Apple device owners. The new design was divisive to say the least, and not everyone has gotten used to it as fast as […]

Repix Review: A Photo Editing App for iOS With an Artful Focus

Repix Review

Developed by Sumoing, Repix is a photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad that goes for a different approach than what similar apps take: Instead of placing its focus on simple editing options and on the general application of effects to photos, Repix provides a unique experience to iOS users by adding a painting […]

How to Stream Audio From Nearly Any App Between Mac and iOS Using Airfoil

Airfoil Review and How To

We have already discussed how to share your iTunes music library with other Macs and iOS devices at home. However, for many this approach is a bit limited, since it doesn’t work with all devices and applications. If this is your case, then you will be happy to learn that thanks to a great app […]

Find and Delete Large Files on Your Windows Hard Disk with WinDirStat


Cleaning junk files from the computer every once in a while is a good practice and there are many free and powerful tools available for the purpose that we have already discussed in the past. These cleaning tools help you to get rid of the temporary files, browser cache and other Windows junk files that […]

How to Set Your iPhone to Ring Only for Selected Contacts

Contacts Alerts

Here is a feature that for a lot of users might seem obvious, yet it is not supported by default on the iPhone: Setting your iPhone to alert you only when certain contacts call you, leaving all the rest silent. Up until iOS 5, something like this was almost impossible to achieve, but with the […]

2 Easy Ways to Convert a Web Page to PDF on Android


When researching for a project, I always prefer to save the web pages as PDF documents. It not only takes the complete snapshot of the web page as a single file that can be viewed offline, but also makes it easier to annotate and take notes. There are many online and offline tools to convert […]

How to Set or Remove Default File Associations on Mac

Default Apps

Whenever you download or create any given file on your Mac, it is instantly assigned a default application to open it, which you can easily identify by the file’s thumbnail in most occasions. However, double clicking on the file will open it in that application and that one alone. If you need to open that […]

How to Save Documents to Computer by Default on Office 2013


The backstage view or the file menu as you might call it, is something I like on Office 2013 and would like to use always. It gives that metro feel. More importantly, it carries new features. For example, it is easier to view the list of recent documents, pin important documents, etc. However, despite it […]

3 Excellent iOS News Aggregator Apps to Replace Google Reader

GR Alternatives

If you’ve been following the tech scene lately, you might have heard that coming July 1st, Google will (sadly) shut down its popular Google Reader service to the dismay of all of us who use it to follow our news. Even worse, the service is used as backend by some of the most popular iOS […]

How to Create the Perfect Personalized Ringtone on Android


Most of us love to cut out a segment of our favorite tracks and apply them as a ringtone. For the purpose, there are many online services and apps that host pre-edited songs, most of which are uploaded by other users. Finding ringtones, downloading them on the phone and then setting them up as a […]

Mac Tip: Create Your Own Shortcuts and Use Special Characters

Tips for Text on Mac

In past articles we have already shown you how to create your own keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone as well as 21 useful ones for working with text on your Mac. This time though, we go a little further to show you how you can take advantage of your Mac’s text input settings to create […]

Mybucketz Brings Together Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Feeds


Number of social networks we use along with the number of people we make friends with and follow have been increasing, but the number of hours in the day have remained the same. For this reason, users are nowadays looking for ways to manage all their social accounts from one place and there are many […]