How To Share Your Location In Real Time On iPhone Or Android

location sharing header

Do your friends keep calling you every 5 minutes to ask how far you are when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic? Or Mom won’t stop worrying if you’re alive after moving to a new city? There’s a way out of this: voluntary location sharing apps. These apps are specially designed to give access about […]

How To Hack Your PS Vita (Firmware 3.18 or Below) and Install TN-V To Play PSP ISOs (Game Backups)


If you have a PS Vita and had a PSP before, then you might be wondering why some of the PSP games you have are simply not available on the PSN Vita store. In fact, there are tons of Vita owners out there that would like to play those games on their Vitas and fully […]

6 Reasons for Android Users to Switch to iPhone 6 And 6 Plus (and 3 Reasons Not to)

iPhone 6 and 6 plus

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are here. And they are big. “Bigger than bigger” is the official tagline. Ever since the first Galaxy Note started the trend of big phones (phablets) the market has expanded to millions of devices. Till now, the screen size was one of the biggest factors stopping an Android user […]

A Running List Of Best iOS 8 Widgets (And How To Enable Them)

iOS 8 widget

It’s 2014; iOS 8 has landed and brought along widgets. If you told me this would happen 2 years ago I’d have laughed. Yet, here we are. While widgets in iOS 8 share a lot in common with the ones on Android, the implementation and interactions are totally different. For starters, the widgets are in the […]

GT Explains: What Are Extensions In iOS 8? (And How To Enable Them)


With iOS 8, Apple is opening previously closed doors. Developers can now get their hands on functionality that was previously limited to the OS. Extensions are just one of the ways Apple is doing it (widgets and iCloud Drive are the other two). What exactly are extensions? If you’ve used Chrome or Firefox on your […]

Top 7 Ways to Productively Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar

bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar is the most underutilized space in a browser. More often than not, it’s right there, but not being used to its full potential. Today I’ll tell you about how to add your favorite websites to the bookmarks bar, how to customize them, organize them in folders and clean up the mess if […]

Top 4 Apps To Create Your Own Awesome Polygon and Blur Wallpapers For iPhone

blur wallpaper

After a lot of fiddling about, I’ve finally found the perfect lockscreen wallpaper for my iPhone. It’s a simple black background with the words “Don’t panic” embossed in cool red fonts. If you’re not a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (which is a hilarious Sci-Fi book that you should totally pick up), […]

All You Need to Know About Hacking Your PS Vita: VHBL, TN-V, Exploits, Emulators Explained


If you own a PS Vita, you have certainly heard at least mentions of users able to ‘hack’ it. Perhaps you are even wondering what all this hacking talk is about and if you could do it yourself. Well, you’re in luck – read along to find out everything you need to know about the PS […]

6 Things You Need To Know Before Upgrading To iOS 8

iOS 8

iOS 8 is available starting September 17th worldwide. But before you start downloading the huge update, here are some things you need to know. Also stated are the steps you need to take to prepare your iPhone or iPad for a smooth iOS 8 upgrade. 1. Is Your Device Compatible? Before you get all excited, […]

2 Ways to Remove Duplicates in a Google Docs Spreadsheet


Google Spreadsheet (now called Sheets as part of the Google Drive productivity suite) is turning out to be a real MS Excel competitor. The amount of stuff Excel can do is truly mind-boggling. But Sheets is catching up. More importantly it is beating Excel by integrating add-ons and scripts in an easy to use manner. Plus there’s […]

How To Open, Highlight and Annotate PDFs in Chrome


I’ve professed my dislike of PDFs as a format for files in general before. But it’s something I can’t escape. Which is why I’ve written extensively about how to improve the experience. Today we’ll be taking the PDF experience out of the cloud and the PC and directly into the Chrome browser. Chrome is the […]

How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos On iPhone and Android

instagram save

I hope by now we’ve established that Instagram is not just for selfies. In fact, some of the best shots I’ve seen recently came from my Instagram feed. The cameras in iPhones and top-end Android phones these days are truly awesome. Combine that with Instagram finally getting advanced photo editing features that go far beyond the filters and […]

7 Cool Mobile Apps to Better Use of Your Time At Airports

airport stay

Of what little time I’ve spent at the airport, it’s never been a particularly joyous affair. Airports suck. But unless you’re willing to take a ship across the sea or sit in a train for two nights, you’ll have to go through that “horrific airport experience” that fades in comparison to the above alternatives. Still, you’re […]

How to Open Links Without Leaving an Android App


Whether through messages, status updates, tweets or some group message on Whatsapp, there are times when we receive some external links that we need to open in the default browser on our droids. While we do that, we need to leave the current app we are working with. The scenario only gets worse when some data […]