How to Start, Stop and Analyze Services Using Windows 8 Task Manager


When we introduced you to Windows 8 task manager we showed how it is more than just a task manager and is more powerful than the ones we have used on previous versions of Windows. It was then that we also mentioned you could manage Services using the same. The task manager in Windows 7 […]

Twitter vs Tweetbot: Two Popular iOS Twitter Apps Compared

Tweetbot vs Twitter

There is no doubt that Twitter in itself is a phenomenon. However, with the ease of access that mobile devices bring, it has truly exploded to become an entirely new way of communicating. As a result of this, Apple decided to embed Twitter in iOS, making it an essential part of the mobile operating system […]

How to Quickly Do Calculations Using Paste Special on MS Excel


MS Excel isn’t just about maintaining data in an organized row and column fashion. It’s real power lies in data manipulation. Let me share an example. I stay in a rented apartment with 4 other friends. We maintain certain monthly expenses on an Excel sheet so that we can divide an equal share at the […]

2 Little-Known iTunes Tips to Make it Work Better For You

iTunes Tips

For most Mac owners, iTunes is their de-facto music player and syncing hub. However, it is quite surprising that a lot of Mac users don’t know how to make the most of Apple’s media player, something that didn’t change much after the anticipated release of iTunes 11. Today, let’s take a look at a couple […]

Choose What Starts Automatically on Windows 8 Skype App


We recently told you about Windows 8 Skype app permissions while detailing out the process to manage them. Well, today it is time to understand and make yourself aware of another layer of settings. We are going to talk about the application’s behavior to automatically receive incoming calls or activate incoming screen and video share. […]

A Review of EasilyDo, a Useful Task Assistant for iPhone


Time management methodologies never get old. People want to be more productive and to accomplish more things in less time. We already covered some to-do apps for the iPhone (in this post and in this one as well) that use these methodologies. However, the great advantage but also the great flaw of to-do apps, is […]

iMessage vs WhatsApp: The 2 Most Popular iOS Messaging Apps Compared


By default, the iPhone and other iOS devices come with the iMessage app installed. This application, as its name states, allows iOS device owners to send messages to other users who own Apple devices. However, there are other applications in the App Store that provide iOS device owners with other features, like being able to […]

Convertbot vs Amount: Best Paid iPhone Conversion Apps Compared


Being a small, portable computer more than just a phone, the iPhone has become a true multipurpose device that can perform even complex tasks like image editing and spreadsheet management. However, its is with simpler, more straightforward tasks that it really shines. A clear example of this is how popular weather, calculator and exchange apps […]

Phone vs Dialvetica: Can the Native iOS Phone App be Replaced?


During the introduction of the iPhone in the January of 2007, Steve Jobs said: What’s the killer app? The killer app is making calls!” He was of course, referring to how difficult it was to actually make calls on most smartphones of that time. Then, the iPhone’s interface for making calls (now known simply as […]

Top 5 Football or Soccer Games for Android Devices


I stay in England and most of my friends here are kind enough to read my articles (mainly to hunt for mistakes but that’s another story). I knew it before they could tell me that they didn’t dig my top sports apps for Android post much; we are talking about Britons here after all.. how […]

Pocket vs Readability: Comparing 2 Excellent, Free Read-Later Apps For iOS


Finding content on the web and being able to save it for later is a great convenience. This is why services like Clipboard, Keeeb and other similar tools exist. Just like these, there are also “read later” services that focus primarily on saving long articles (or even short ones if we are on a hurry) […]

Understanding and Managing Skype App Permissions in Windows 8


The Skype app for Windows 8 is pretty neat. It’s got all that is required on a single screen. The best thing about the app, I feel, is the way it allows you to be available and manage your permissions. Meaning you can receive calls even if you haven’t launched the application or even if […]

Instapaper vs Readability: 2 Popular Read-Later Apps For iOS Compared


Nowadays, with all the information available on the web, it can become a bit overwhelming to try to cover all of it in a short period of time. This is especially true for written articles, since reading takes longer than just any other form of media consumption. Because of this, and the boom of smartphones […]

ATP/WTA Live for iPhone: Easily Follow Tennis Results Live and Schedules


One of the great things about tennis is that it is a sport that has something going on almost all year round. Also, contrary to a lot of other popular sports out there, if you are a fan of any big tennis player, chances are you can follow him (ATP) or her (WTA) all throughout […]