How to Fix an Android Phone or Tablet That Appears to be Bricked


So you decided to root (and flash) your Android handset or tablet, and now things don’t seem to be working right. Maybe it won’t start. Perhaps the phone keeps restarting or won’t boot into Android. It’s time to face the music..  your Android device is bricked. Or is it? In reality, Android is built with flexibility […]

How to Get Facebook Notifications Without Going to Facebook


Facebook is so insanely popular that it’s difficult not to find tweaks and tricks for using it. But most of them focus on your using Facebook at that time. Today, we’d rather focus on something different. How about getting the Facebook notifications without going to, or actually being on Facebook at that moment? We’ve found […]

How to Use MS Word 2013 as a Blogging Tool


Windows Live Writer is definitely one of the best tools when it comes to blogging using an offline tool. In my opinion it stands at the top of the list among others available in the market. However, I was trying to take a dive in few other options and I found out that MS Word […]

How to Get Back the Stock Android (AOSP) Browser Without Rooting


For the longest time, every Android device had at least one thing in common: the stock (or AOSP) browser. This has changed starting with newer Nexus devices, and even some non-Nexus devices now carry Chrome as the default browser. For some folks, that’s fine. For others, Chrome’s somewhat laggy scrolling performance and lack of Flash […]

How to Disable the Banner Ads on uTorrent


uTorrent is by far one of the best and most popular bittorrent clients. What makes it even better is its availability across platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like Android and iPhone. Well, we are not going to talk about its availability or its usage. You probably know all that. What you may […]

How to Edit iWork Documents in Browser on iCloud


In past entries, we have shown you the basics of Apple’s iWork applications like Numbers, Pages and even Keynote more recently, and shared with you some nice tips on all of them. There are definitely many advantages for iWork users, starting with the really low price of each of the suite’s apps ($20 for Mac […]

What is Google ADM and How to Use it to Locate Your Android


Blackberry has Blackberry Protect, Windows Phone has Find a Lost Phone, and iOS has the Find my iPhone app. What does Android offer when it comes to locating and/or remotely wiping your device? Up until now, zilch (talking about default options, not third-party apps), at least unless you were one of those lucky few that […]

3 Free Tools for A Complete Mac Maintenance


With the convenience and hassle-free nature of the iPad, iPhone and other mobile smart devices, it is easy to forget that a Mac (while also simple and convenient) requires service and periodic maintenance to function properly for a long period of time. Considering this, here we delve into some of the best Mac maintenance utilities […]

How to Customize or Disable LED Notifications on Your Android Phone


In theory, LED notifications are pretty awesome. They are designed to make life easier by letting you know at glance if you have missed important notifications on your device. In reality, not all notifications are created equally. You might want to run to your handset if you’ve been waiting for an important call or your […]

2 Tips to Make Text Stand Out On Your iWork Keynote Presentations


Contrary to documents or spreadsheets, when creating a presentation, text and images are equally important. However, sometime we tend to “underestimate” the text of our slideshows when all we need is to perform a couple of small changes to make it really stand out. Let’s take a look at a couple of tips that show […]

How to Set Up a Restricted Profile in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean


We’ve all heard horror stories about some family stuck with a $1,000+ bill because little Timmy went on a mobile shopping spree, picking up tons of premium apps and a boat load of in-app purchases along the way. You don’t want to be that family. I don’t either. That’s why Android 4.3’s restricted profile feature is […]

Create Shortcuts For Favorite Sites in Firefox With Site Launcher


What’s the trick that helps you quickly jump to a favorite website while you are browsing the internet? Well, some of you may say that you keep the favorite ones bookmarked .. or maybe you simply remember them. However, modern browsers like Firefox offer better ways. One among such methods is the ability to customize […]

2 Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop CS6


Nothing seems to be a more prevalent request than to whiten one’s teeth in photographs. Be it wedding images, everyday shots, or anything in between – it’s very easy to make the necessary changes to the teeth in Photoshop CS6 to make them shine bright and stand out. We’ll look at two different methods to […]

How to Quickly Toggle Input Languages and Customize Spell Checker On Your Mac


One of the coolest aspects of the Mac is that it comes with a huge number of languages included by default. That means that you can run your Mac in almost every language out there. However, the advantages of having several languages on your Mac is not limited to that. In fact, this variety also […]