3 Free or Inexpensive Desktop Monitor Apps for Mac


While Macs stand for simplicity and ease of use, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect and you don’t need to monitor it. In fact, as with any piece of hardware, your Mac will last longer and perform way better if you keep tabs on some of its most important metrics, such as temperature, hard drive space, […]

How to Get Notifications of Social Networks At One Place in Chrome


With all the social networks we’ve signed ourselves up for, it can often be difficult to always keep up-to-date with all the latest and greatest. Instead of manually checking them all, you may install Chime for Chrome to get all the updates displayed in a nice format via a dropdown menu on the toolbar. Chime […]

How to Get Back DVD Playback in Windows 8 Through VLC


Despite what naysayers might tell you, there is a lot to love about Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) To name a few things: Windows is more secure out of the box than Windows 7, it boots faster and it provides a unique interface that can be great for mobile devices or even for hooking up […]

How to Clean Up Old Desktop Items Quickly Through Command Prompt


Your desktop is probably the first place to get cluttered. Without a download manager, most files end up on the desktop alongside text documents, pictures, etc. for easy access at any time. A problem can quickly arise when your window is nearing it’s capacity but you still want to add more items! Instead of dragging […]

SMAPP Review: iOS App for Learning Filmmaking and for Experienced Filmmakers


If you have ever been interested in the craft of filmmaking, then you surely know how intimidating it can be to learn about it, especially considering how broad it is in its scope. On the other hand, you might think that making a great film is a perfectly manageable task and that all it takes […]

9 Reasons Windows 8.1 is Better Than Windows 8


Microsoft has officially announced Windows 8.1 is on its way, with a rollout starting on October 18th. Whether you hated Windows 8 or are simply looking for an improved overall experience, Windows 8.1 is sure to be a welcome treat. While technically a minor update (at least compared to Win 7 to Win 8), there […]

How to Pin Your Favorite Sports Team to Windows 8 Start Screen


If sports interest you then it’s likely that keeping yourself updated with sports news from across the globe is something that interests you too. The question is what might be the best way to do that, especially for your favorite sports team if not all teams or sports. Windows 8 users don’t need to think […]

Dots and Hearts: iOS Games for Connecting Dots and Playing Cards


While people don’t buy smartphones exclusively for their games, there is no denying that gaming is a huge aspect of most of them nowadays. The iPhone is of course, the prime example of this, with instant classics like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope having seen the light of day on iOS first. We have […]

How to Enable and Use Android 4.3 Permissions Manager


While Android is without a doubt more customizable and open than iOS in just about every way possible, there is one area where Apple curiously has made iOS more open than Android: changing specific app permissions. Google has always been good about letting us know exactly what permissions an app needs when first installing, but […]

How to Add a Stylish Sidebar Start Menu to Windows With 8Stack


8Stack is similar to other custom Start menus but the main difference is that it’s not bloated with extra features and it slides out the side of the screen. You can keep your regular Windows 7 menu, for example, but still use the slide out 8Stack set to get access to all your favorite websites […]

How To Make Your iWork Keynote Presentations Stand Out by Adding Audio and Video Files to Them


In past entries we have already covered both the basics of Keynote (Apple’s own presentation tool) and even shared some cool Keynote tips with you. However, it’s never enough when it comes to ways in which you can improve your presentations and make them stand out, right? That’s why this time we cover two very […]

4 Free and Interactive Sites for Learning to Code


Teaching yourself how to program can seem daunting, and reading full textbooks on the matter is nothing short of exhausting. Instead, try out one of these four free websites for learning how to code. There are different lessons, tasks, and help documents at each website – so use all of them to get an even […]

How to Use Google Maps Offline and Share Location With a Contact on iOS


Google Maps is perhaps one of the most popular services out there with apps available on almost every device. However, since Apple implemented its own maps solution, Google Maps stopped being installed by default on iOS devices and became an optional install instead. Still, the Google Maps app remains the most capable maps application for […]

How Does the New Moto X Compare With the Nexus 4? A Detailed Guide


There are some folks that truly enjoy carrier and manufacturer customizations, a la Samsung’s TouchWiz for devices like the Galaxy S4. Others want a pure Android experience that forgoes manufacturer extras in favor of quick updates and a less cluttered, arguably faster experience. Right now if you are looking for a stock Android experience on […]