9 Cool Windows Phone 8.1 Features You Might Miss

Lockscreen music

Windows Phone 8.1 might not seem like that big of an upgrade, but trust me, it is. Windows Phone 8 brought a new foundation and core functionality but not many features. Windows Phone 8.1 brings us all of those things that are a must-have in any modern mobile operating system. You can easily spot the […]

The Best Mobile App to Manage Multiple Online Backups


I’ve got 30 GB storage on Dropbox, 25 on SkyDrive OneDrive, 15 on Google Drive, and 50 on Box. And these are the only ones I remember. And no, that was not my attempt at writing a rap song. CloudGoo ($0.99 – iPhone, Android) is an app that wants to solve my 99 problems (ok, […]

How to Easily Move an App and Its Preferences From One Mac to Another


For iPhone users, one of the most convenient aspects of owning one is the ability to use iCloud backups. These allow you to literally back up your device to the cloud, reset it, get a new one and then use your iCloud account to have all your apps and settings just like you left them on […]

10 Must-Know Cortana Facts For Windows Phone 8.1Users


If you bought a new Windows Phone or are running the developer preview on your old, yet to be updated Windows Phone, you must have come across Cortana. Cortana is only for US right now, but there are ways to break free. Cortana is Microsoft’s first foray into the virtual personal assistant market (no, Clippy […]

Top 3 Ways Of Syncing Photos from Android To iPad or iPhone

Send Anywhere

You carry around an Android phone but also have an iPad at home? You’re not alone. Android is great on phones, not so great on tablets. Or you might be a tech geek like me who owns both an Android phone and an iPhone. Whatever the reason may be, you’re here because you have an […]

KeePass vs LastPass – Comparing the 2 Best Password Management Tools

lastpass keepass

We’ve talked about how important it is to use unique and strong passwords for your frequently used websites. We’ve also talked about storing those passwords securely using the two main services – LastPass and KeePass – because in this day and age, remembering all those passwords on your own is just not a feasible option. We know that […]

How To Fix Galaxy S5’s Biggest Problems And Annoyances

Nova Customization 3-

Everybody’s got problems. Even the most innovative, advanced and sophisticated pieces of software. It’s the reason there’s security hack in a big company every week. Even iOS 7 isn’t without its problems. Bugs have lead to some phones to restart randomly. Samsung Galaxy S5 and TouchWiz are no different. Although, if I’m being honest, the S5 […]

The Best Fan Made and Official OS X Yosemite And iOS 8 Wallpapers


OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 won’t be with us until the fall of 2014. That’s a couple of months of wait. It can get pretty tough, waiting that long. We’ve already told you about all the great things in Yosemite and iOS 8 and frankly, there’s a lot to look forward to. Till the final release […]

A Review of CSI Hidden Crimes Game for iOS


Known as perhaps the most popular TV crime series in the world, CSI entertains millions of viewers with its intricate crime scenes, smart clues and cutting edge crime-solving tech. So it is no wonder I felt at least a bit curious when none other than Ubisoft released CSI: Hidden Crimes, an official game set in […]

How To Get Windows Phone’s Cortana Outside US


After you use it for a while, Cortana’s beta tag seems like a placeholder. Something they can point to in defense if there is any major blunder. After a month in the wild, there hasn’t been any. Cortana beta is awesome. But it is restricted to the US right now, to limit the testing base. […]

How to Edit or Delete Contacts in iOS 7 (Plus More Tips)

Delete Contact

Contacts are important. Not only for your personal life but your professional lives as well. Losing contacts can lead to missed opportunities and problems. Which is why it is always safe to sync your contacts with multiple accounts or to keep a backup file somewhere safe. Something iOS does not make easy is managing and […]

How to Easily Type Special Font Characters in Windows Using Excel


I always wanted to learn the art of typing any character from a given font set. Take for example, ¤. But, how do I do it, was the question? Now, have a quick glance at your keyboard. Do you see ¤ character? You don’t, right? Actually you didn’t look properly, it is there. Open a […]

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Switching to Mac From Windows


OS X, the operating system that all Macs run, can be confusing and overwhelming at first to Windows users who’ve just made the switch. In fact, perhaps the hardest part of switching to a Mac is not the system itself, but the habits that most of us carry from using Windows for years. So, if […]

9 Totally Legit Reasons That Make Moto E The Best Backup Phone

Moto E

The connected man should always have a backup phone. Your primary phone might slip out of your hands and crack its screen open, ending up at the service station for weeks at end. Or your beloved Nexus 4 might be stolen from a busy Metro station from the city you just learned to love (no, […]