How to Restore Moto G 2014 Back to Stock or Install Titan Prime Custom Recovery


In my last article about the Moto G, 2nd generation, I talked about how the all-new Lollipop updates on the device didn’t get a warm welcome from users, at least not the kind we were expecting. With many bugs in the release and lots of issues with the user interface, most users are thinking of […]

How to Easily Design Awesome Posters and Images Online with Canva

Canva Header

The internet gives you plenty of tools to solve your problems. It’s really good at that. Every year we find we’re able to do things that previously only a “pro” could do. Want to publish a beautiful blog post? There’s Medium. How about collaborate with others over the web? There’s Google Drive. This year’s big thing […]

Here’s the Only Guide to Chromecast You’ll Ever Need

Ultimate Guide to Chromecast

There are two kinds of gadgets: One that become really popular really fast with the (much deserved) hype, like the iPhone, and other that become really popular really fast without the hype. Chromecast is clearly in the second category. Millions of these tiny devils are already in the market. And not without reason. Media streaming […]

How I Read on the iPad – My 10 Favorite Apps

iPad mini impressions

I recently updated to the iPad mini 2 (Retina) from the first generation mini because the Retina screen is awesome for reading. Reading is what I use the iPad for. The MacBook is for work, the iPhone is for communication and productivity on road but the iPad is my designated reading and research machine. I […]

3 Cool Free Mac Apps Every Mac User Should Try


Over the years, Apple has provided their Macs with more and more great applications that, for most people at least, have truly made them a seamless experience that works right out of the box. However, if you really want to make the most of your Mac, nothing stops you from hunting around for some more […]

How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Moto G 2014 Running on Lollipop

Moto G

Motorola recently pushed the Lollipop update to their Moto G 2 2014 devices and things didn’t really go as planned. From the stripped power menu to dual SIM data bugs, there have been some issues that has caused some outrage among Moto G loyalists. The best way out of such a situation would be to […]

How to Get One-Handed Operation on Any Android Device

One Handed Operation

I’ve been playing around with the Xiaomi Mi 4 review unit for sometime now. During my usage, I noticed that the screen would shrink to the bottom left or right edge of the phone. I almost thought this might be a bug until I found that this was one of the new features of MIUI 6, […]

How to Automatically Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone

Near Lock

If you use your Mac at work, you lock that thing pretty hard. It’s not just your work stuff or personal details at risk, it’s your browser with all the important sites logged in. You really don’t want an angry, or worse, a mischievous coworker to get their hands on such a gold mine, do […]

How to Manage Color for Printing in Photoshop


If you use advanced image editing applications like Photoshop regularly, then you should know that there is more you can do in order to get the most out of the colors in the files you print. Let’s take a brief look at the reason behind this and how you can manage colors in Photoshop for […]

4 Ways to Solve iOS 8’s Autocorrect Problems

iPhone autocorrect

Ever since it was released, Autocorrect has become the poster child for everything you’ve ever typed wrong. It has also lead to some of the most ducking hilarious jokes and memes on the internet. It’s good for a laugh but as they say, it’s not funny when it happens to you. And I’m sure it […]

How to Fine-tune Colors to Dramatically Improve Images Using Photoshop

Photoshop Adjustment Tools

We all hear every now and then that if you want your photos/images to look perfect, Photoshop is the way to go. Now, not all of us are exactly well-versed in this popular image editor. However, there are a few techniques and adjustments that are simple enough for anyone to use in order to dramatically […]

One Month with iPad Mini 2 (Retina): More of the Same Is Not a Bad Thing


I bought the first generation iPad mini a couple of months after it came out. In hindsight, it was a rookie mistake. At the time, the mini looked like a no brainer. It was super thin and light. Unlike the bigger iPad you could use it with one hand. But it had the guts from […]

Only Want to Share Links Between Android and Computer? Ditch AirDroid and Pushbullet


Sharing web links between my computer and Android is something I do on a regular basis. Makes it easy to continue reading whatever I was reading on the web while commuting to the office. Then later, when I’m at my desk, I transfer the link back to my office computer. The bigger screen is good […]

GT Explains: What’s the Difference Between Vector and Bitmap Images?


Talking about the difference between bitmap files and vector files could be the same as talking about two different, but very popular image editing applications: Photoshop and Illustrator. In the past, you might have heard that Photoshop is a bitmap tool and that Illustrator is an app that works with vector files. Both of these […]