Top 5 Racing Games for Android (Free and Paid)


So far, we have covered a lot of geeky and nerdy Android content, but today we are going to do something different. On readers’ demand, starting today I will be covering a few articles every now and then on Android gaming. And for the first post I will be talking about Android racing games. Cool […]

How to Watch Hulu Videos on Android (Even Outside US)


In the past, we have seen some tricks using which you can watch Hulu videos on your computer after bypassing the country check. But we are not going to stop there. Today we will show you how you can watch Hulu videos on your Android and not only that, we are going to make it […]

How to Enable Auto Login To Multiple Websites On Firefox


If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the internet using various web services then I am sure you have a way of saving usernames and passwords. You could be letting your browser do it or may be you are using a password manager for the purpose. But you still have to […]

Simplenote for iOS Review: Text Only and Cross-Platform Notes App With Sync

Simplenote for iOS

Simplenote for iOS is a note-taking app that allows you to access notes almost anywhere. Yet, instead of syncing them using other conventional services like Dropbox or iCloud, it does so through the web using Simplenote’s own syncing service, which encrypts notes every time they sync across devices. A Different Approach to Accessing Your Notes […]

Manage Your PS3 Downloads and PSN Account Right From Your PS3

Manage Your PS3 Account

When I first got my PS3, one of the few things that I found annoying about it was that in order to manage my information and even to create an account, I had to do it from Sony’s PlayStation website. However, my problem was that I didn’t even know all of these options were available […]

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Firefox Over Chrome for Android


I highly favor Chrome over Firefox when I am working on my computer but when it comes to Android, Chrome is highly disappointing. Other than the advantage of syncing the computer bookmarks and running sessions, I can’t seem to find one good reason as to why I should use it. (Ok, may be for private […]

How to Use Outlook 2013 Client to Remotely Start Applications on Windows


These days most of us own and carry at least one device with an internet connection. And when your device is a smartphone you could almost always connect with your machine at home as well. But there is a chance that the device you are carrying is not smart or compatible enough for you to […]

Automatically Hide On-Screen Keyboard on Android When Using External Keyboard


Few days back, to make my workspace more portable, I bought an external Bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung Note 10.1. Everything about the external keyboard was awesome. But the one thing that kept bugging me was the virtual on-screen keyboard that kept on popping even when the Bluetooth keyboard was connected. Hiding the keyboard just […]

Flipboard for iOS Review: More Than Just a Google Reader Client

Flipboard Review

In a past entry we discussed why both Flipboard and Feedly are the two best news readers for iPhone users to get their news content on. Out of them though, Flipboard turns out to be quite more interesting due to its set of features that take it beyond a mere tool to enjoy your Google […]

How To Optimize Your PS3 for The Best Blu-ray Experience

Blu-ray and PS3

Your PS3 is a true multimedia device. It not only plays games and music, but also Blu-ray discs and even 3D content without problems. You know that of course. But do you know that adjusting a few simple settings you can dramatically improve your PS3 Blu-ray playback performance and give you the best Blu-ray experience […]

4 Little Known Advanced Tips for Safari on iOS

Advanced Safari Tips

Despite the abundance of web browsers on the App Store and alternatives like Chrome offering (in my opinion) a better browsing experience, Safari for iOS remains the most widely-used web browser, as well as the default one for all iOS devices. We’ve already shown you a few basic tips to better use Safari on your […]

How to Get Windows 7 Visual Style (Aero, Almost) in Windows 8


One of the most missed features when a user upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is the Aero effects. Windows Aero which was introduced in Windows Vista and gained popularity in Windows 7 was stripped off in the successive versions. According to Microsoft, one of the main reasons to remove Aero was to extend […]

Update Galaxy Note 10.1 to Official Jelly Bean Update Using Samsung Kies


In November, Samsung launched the Jelly Bean update for Note 10.1 Tablets in Germany and from this year it’s now available for Europe and Indian regions as well. The update is available using both Over The Air (OTA) update from the device itself and via Samsung Kies. Even though OTA is an option, as the […]

How to Easily Backup and Restore Skype Chat History


Skype is widely used for business and personal conversations that include video and instant messaging. Now, let’s say that you had an important call or a conversation which you feel might come in handy later. What would you do? As far as a video call is in question, you need to decide even before you […]