Remote Play From PS3 on PS Vita: Everything You Need to Know

Remote Play Explained

With the release of the PS Vita not too long ago, Sony really ramped up the power and capabilities of its portable gaming machine, which was preceded by its much-beloved PSP some years ago. Naturally, all this extra power and functionality allows for more than just playing console-quality games. In fact one of the most […]

Cupcloud: A Cloud Based Service to Save, Resume and Share Work Sessions


A Windows update, power failure or any other sudden hiccup causing a system restart is one of the most annoying things. I hate that not just because it takes another few minutes to put me back to work. But, the fact that I have to rebuild my work session and flow is what’s depressing. I […]

Top 3 Websites to Watch Sports Live Streams for Free


In the past few years, one of the trends that is surging the fastest is the live streaming of sports across the web. Not long ago, in order to watch a sport live on the web you had to download installers, toolbars, fill surveys and meddle with many other potential threats that could infect your […]

4 Websites That Make Learning Math Less Boring and More Fun For Kids


With the U.S. falling behind more and more over time when it comes to Math skills when compared to several countries in the world, it is of utmost importance to teach kids to love math since early on in their lives. Thankfully, children just love using computers and the internet, so it only makes sense […]

2 Unique iPhone Apps to Have Fun With Photos


In the past, we have reviewed several photo apps for the iPhone that all share one thing in common: They offer a traditional approach to the way you experience your photos, be it editing them or shooting them. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but it is definitely refreshing when an app comes […]

How to Set and Manage Reminders on Evernote Notes


Evernote does not need any introduction, does it? Most of you are probably using it already to organize your notes. The flexibility with which it allows you to clip notes, sync and share them is incomparable. While the notes help you stay up to date with the tasks in hand, Evernote didn’t have one important […]

Typist: An Excellent, Free App for Learning Touch Typing on Mac


If you do a lot of typing on your Mac, then learning to type fast without looking at your keyboard (touch type, that is) can save you some serious amounts of time. However, usually acquiring this skill requires training courses or specialized programs and applications that don’t come cheap. Another reason as to why you […]

Adobe Ideas: The Perfect Free Sketching, Drawing and Brainstorming Tool for iPhone


One of the most convenient aspects of the iPhone’s portability (which also applies to most smartphones by the way) is that it is always ready for you when you need to take a note or record an idea. However, when looking for apps to do so, you can find yourself drowned in full-featured sketching apps […]

3 Tips to Protect Your Mac Against Spam in Mail


Here is a simple truth: No matter where you stand in life, the more you use computers, the more email you will get over time. And with email (naturally) comes spam and unsolicited messages. Now, if you are careful enough about the websites you visit and the people/services you provide your email to, you won’t […]

A Review of, an Online Storage and Sync Service With 15 GB of Free Backup


We have witnessed the gradual change from storing all things local to using backup devices in the form of pen drives and hard disks, and from there the shift to using online storage and syncing data with our devices. Definitely, online storage services have made it very easy for us to share things. They help […]

Calvetica vs Agenda: Top iPhone Calendar Apps Face-Off


A few days ago, we compared the native calendar app of the iPhone to Calvetica ($2.99, universal), a third-party app which aims to completely replace Apple’s native offering. Besides Calvetica though, another very popular alternative calendar app is Agenda ($1.99, universal), which offers a similar approach to event organization as Calvetica does, focusing mainly on […]

3 Useful Tips for the Safari 6 Power User


Of all the versions of Safari that have been available on the Mac, none have brought so many changes as its latest one – Safari 6 – which was introduced with the latest version of OS X Mountain Lion. In fact, there are several features of Safari 6 that can improve your web browsing experience […]

Have Your iPhone Speak Notifications to You When in Sleep Mode


In the past, we have discussed how convenient some of the most recently-added features of iOS can be. Assistive touch, notification center and others can help you, for example, navigate your iPhone even if its Home button doesn’t work or provide you with an information hub updated in real time with important events and messages. […]

The Complete Guide to Using Parental Controls on Mac For Safety and Productivity


While Parental Controls is a feature that has been available on Macs for years now, it is often overlooked by most Mac owners. Naturally, one of the greatest advantages of the Parental Controls feature is that it can help you guide your children through a far safer experience whenever they use your Mac, among other […]