How to Enable, Hide and Disable Cortana in Windows 10

How to Disable, Hide and Enable Cortana

Cortana, oh Cortana. She’s pretty awesome. You can ask her to search for things on the internet, ask her questions that she will reply to, set reminders and more. She will do stuff that Google Now does as well. Give you contextual information – about when your flight is leaving or remind you to pick […]

How to Install Windows 10 on a Mac Using Boot Camp

Boot Camp Windows 10 header

If you’re looking for an authentic Windows experience on a Mac, Boot Camp is the only way to go. Yes, you can use a VM like VirtualBox or Parallels but now you’re just running Windows.. in a window. When you Boot Camp, you create a separate partition for Windows which is formatted according to Windows […]

Top 5 Ways You Should Integrate Cortana in Your Day to Day Life

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Cortana is here. It’s in Windows 10. Making this the first major desktop operating system to have a personal assistant built in. Yes, you can talk to it (if you have the proper hardware). But if you’re a normal desktop user who uses Windows to get work done, you might be wondering what all this […]

3 iPhone Apps for Building and Improving Healthy Eating Habits


Last week I finished my first ever round of the Whole30 diet that everyone’s been talking about lately. It really is terrific and I’d recommend it to everyone: thirty days of only meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats in exchange for feeling awesome and losing some weight along the way. Despite a positive outcome, the […]

How to Make Google or DuckDuckGo the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Google Search

Windows 10 has a new browser. It’s called Edge and so far, it’s doing surprisingly well. Other than the logo, it doesn’t have much common with what has now become an internet meme – Internet Explorer. The browser’s written from the ground up and opens web pages just as well as Chrome does. Other than […]

How to Flash Stock Firmware on Windows Mobile When Stuck in Update Screen or Boot Loop


Here’s a background of the story which lead me to this article. One of my friends is a die-hard Windows Phone fan and he really wanted to use the all new Windows 10 on his phone, but was not ready to wait for the official rollout. He wanted me to install the Windows 10 Technical […]

4 New Features of Google Maps You Should Utilize


Ever since Google decided that navigating the planet will be a lot easier if we had the perfect app for it, our lives have changed. Google Maps single-handedly has impacted our travels more than any other app in the same era. I’ve lived my entire life in the same city and yet there are places […]

A Quick Guide to Get the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10


Some of us can’t adjust to changes around us, even if it’s as minor as replacing morning coffee with a cup of green tea. I know, its healthy, but then we just don’t care about it, as we hate changes. Let’s take Windows as an example. With Windows 8, they dropped a bomb on users […]

Running Out of Space on Your Phone? Crunch Gallery Will Compress All Those Photos and Videos for You

Crunch Gallery Header

Let’s be honest, it’s not like we’re going to stop taking photos or even slow down. No, as time goes, we’re going to take more and more photos. But the problem is that your phone’s storage will stay the same. Now, if you have an Android phone or an iPhone with only 16 GB of storage, […]

How to Switch the Default Browser in Windows 10 from Edge to Chrome or Firefox

edge to chrome header

Let’s face it, you’re a power user. You upgraded to Windows 10, probably from Windows 7 because it finally started respecting hardcore power users. The kind who use Windows to get work down, not just browse around on Twitter using the touchscreen on their laptops. And in the same spirit, Microsoft has integrated its own […]

The Netflix Redesign: What’s New and How to Use It


If you logged onto the Netflix website lately to binge watch a new show, you may have noticed things look a little different. That’s because after years with a boring and sluggish design, Netflix finally updated the website to be modern and fast. Everything is darker, navigation isn’t the same and certain features are in […]

How to Send Self Destructing Email, Tweets and Messages

self destruct header

Don’t you wish sometimes every social network was a bit like Snapchat? That if you choose to, there would be no record of the rant you posted on Facebook or a stupid joke you made on Twitter or that email you sent where you were really angry? It’s a running meme that the Internet never […]

How to Use the Moto Assist App on the 3rd Gen Moto G


I’m still in the process of testing out the 3rd Gen Moto G, but so far everything is working pretty smooth. The battery life seems impressive, the front-facing stereo speakers are great and the clean UI is pretty snappy. There is also a handy Moto Assist app that not a lot of people know about, […]

Top 5 Wallpaper and Screen Saver Apps for Mac

Mac wallpaper apps header_result

Are you still using that default Mac wallpaper? Really? Don’t you get bored of it? Of course, you do. But like many of us, you gave up on hunting awesome wallpapers, curating a collection and remembering to cycle through them. You did that when you had all the time in the world. You don’t now. […]