Halftone 2 Review: Simple and Intuitive Comic Book Creation For iPad


  Who of us haven’t enjoyed comics at some point of our lives? In fact, I remain a big fan of a few series that I constantly read. However, I’ve always considered creating them difficult and have admired the people who create them if only because of the sheer amount of work and talent it […]

How To Sync Ebook Read Positions Between Devices

ebook syncing

The last decade has been kind to us. Households went from one desktop that used to sit in the living room to multiple laptops/tablets/cell phones. These days, it’s not odd to find 3–4 devices to one name. All that access to technology is great but it brings up a big issue of syncing data. Today […]

How to Know if Your Windows PC Can Run a Game

PC gaming

Knowing whether your PC can actually run a game before going out and buying said game (or getting it from an online store, like Origin) is absolutely essential. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spend money on something you can’t use, would you? Well, there is a solution that can assure this won’t happen. Of course, […]

2 Best System Monitoring Apps For Mac

Mac Monitoring

A lot of Mac users have a “live and let live” philosophy when it comes to their Macs. They know their Mac is more than equipped to take care of performance issues on its own so they mostly leave it alone. But if you use your Mac for more than just surfing the web or […]

4 Great Time-Saving iPad Tips for Beginners


If you are rocking an iPad for the first time, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. This is true even if you already had a tablet from a different brand before, since the operating system the iPad runs is different. The funny thing is, even if you have an iPhone and think that you […]

How To Get iOS 7 Control Center Like Functionality On Android

Quick Control Panel

One of my favorite things in iOS 7 is the Control Center. I didn’t expect to get so much use out of it but I find myself flicking my thumb from the bottom of the screen to resume a podcast I played last night, to disable Wi-Fi when I’m heading out or just to open […]

How to Auto Silence Your Android For Specific Contacts, Time, Location


Task automation is one of the most loved features of Android; it’s way better than anything similar you would find for iPhone and Windows. We have talked about apps where you can create automated tasks for activating silent mode on your phone based on a specific time or location. While those apps still work flawlessly, today I am […]

3 Enjoyable Android Apps to Design and Order Custom T-Shirts

Tee Design

The future is always near. Advances in ubiquitous computing are especially astounding. But when the use of technology pervades something so personal and commonplace as the clothing you wear, that’s when it really hits home. For example, there are multiple apps that allow you to design and order custom apparel straight from your mobile device. Imagine, you’re running in […]

How Contact Center Can Replace Phone and Messages App on iPhone

contact center

The iPhone’s Dialer app is far from optimal. So is the Contacts app. And the Messages app. If I’m being honest, other than Safari, I don’t remember using any default iOS app recently. Many developers have tried to solve this problem and we’ve featured many solutions before. Contact Center is another one. It will take […]

How To Use Screen Filter Apps On Android To Reduce Eye Strain

CF Salmon

Studies have shown that looking at your bright and colorful cell phone display before going to bed makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Some people recommend you don’t touch your phone for an hour before going to bed or use an E-ink device like Kindle to do your reading. But what if you’re […]

5 Helpful iOS Apps When Visiting a New Country


For most of us, being in a new country can be a unique, unforgettable experience. Especially if said country is radically different from ours. However, how much you enjoy the experience depends on how prepared you really are, otherwise you can miss out on a lot of things and end up spoiling a perfectly fine […]

Relive The Best Of Pop Culture With These Wallpapers

pop culture wallpaper

Pop culture is pop culture for a reason. We use clichés from pop culture movies as references and inside jokes because everyone gets them by now. I admit, some pop culture references do get stale over time. But we’re not going to get hung up on that today. The reason we come back to a […]

How To Use Virtual Desktops On Windows To Improve Your Productivity


Mac and Linux have “workspaces”. Known as virtual desktops in the productivity circle, they allow you to use multiple desktops at the same time. So you can have an entire desktop running a set of programs while your current desktop has no clue about it. Of course I can joke about how you can use […]

How To Stream Internet Radio On Android And Download Songs

internet radio

Streaming services are great but these days you can’t find one outside US without stumbling across a lawsuit. Sure, you can try Spotify and Pandora for free outside US but then suddenly the apps stop working because “your country is not supported”. So now you have to play the game of cat and mouse all over again. […]