The Secret Features of iMessage on iOS and Mac OS

Let's shed some light on the secrets of Messages - Photo by JuditK -

The Messages app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac is obviously used for sending an iMessage or SMS messages to other people. That’s just the beginning. You might not have noticed some special features. That’s a shame, because you’re missing out on some powerful options. Find Someone’s Location  Find My Friends has been around since […]

8 Things You Need to Know before Buying Chromecast

Ultimate Guide to Chromecast

1. How Does This Thing Work? So what are the powers of this tiny gadget? How does it work exactly? How do you connect it with your Wi-Fi network? To start with, it doesn’t come with a keyboard or a mouse. Chromecast does not have stellar hardware, as the $35 price tag would suggest. It […]

How to Move from an Android to an iPhone using Move to iOS


Every phone manufacturer these days is coming up with tools that help their users transfer from an old device to a new one. If you are switching from an older version of an iPhone to a new one, the process is as simple as using your iCloud account to sync the settings or use an […]

How to Utilize the Live Broadcast Feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+

YouTube live? Yes! | Shutterstock

Periscope came in with a simple idea. Live broadcast yourself to the world. YouTube paid attention and it seems the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ are the first 2 devices that get a live broadcast feature. We’re not clear if this feature will roll out to other devices, may be it’s all a wait […]

How to Get iPhone 6s Like Front Facing Flash on Any iPhone or Android


So Apple did it again with the launch of iPhone 6s. A new front facing flash for all selfie buffs who used to complain while taking selfies in low light conditions. The moment they mentioned that they came up with the idea of turning the front facing ‘Retina Display’ to a front facing flash, the whole […]

How to Configure Microsoft Office 365 Email and Calendar on Android

Get Office 365 for Android | Shutterstock

You joined a new school or got a new job. It was going great. The people were nice, the work was good, and then the bomb dropped. The organization runs on Microsoft’s backend, for which no one was able to give you a valid reason. Your first instinct is to run, run far away. Don’t. […]

How to Get Started with Chromecast; Customizing Backdrop and Guest Mode

Read the Ultimate Guide to Chromecast: This article and many other such useful content is a part of The Ultimate Guide to Chromecast eBook that our team has written for you. Make sure to check it out and buy it if you are serious about making the most of this tiny yet powerful device. The […]

How to Ensure Unnecessary Freeware is Never Installed with Windows Software

Be careful while installing software | Shutterstock

Every Windows users will probably have a set of programs that he’d love to set up on his system. But with every major change in technology, we have to add more and more things that enable us to be more awesome. Take Windows 10 for example, which got rid of the Charms Bar, got back a […]

How to Travel the World in Affordable Style with Stayful


Stayful isn’t your typical travel and hotel companion. You don’t just type in which dates you want to go away and then scroll through a list of dozens if not hundreds of possible hotels. With Stayful, you’re browsing gorgeous boutique hotels with rooms available in over 30 cities in the United States and Canada (with […]

How to Change the Boot Animation on Your Rooted Android Device


When we are comparing our Android to an iPhone, one of the strongest points that we argue is on the power of customization. Android is known for the level of customization one can do to make their phone stand out of the crowd. Wallpapers, themes, widgets and custom launchers, you name it. With the right set […]

How to Record Tabs and Entire Screen Right From Chrome


There’s so much stuff you can do in Chrome that sometimes it feels like it’s an operating system of its own. That’s because it is. Well, kind of (hello Chromebook users). After stuff like image editing, add the ability to record either a single Chrome tab or the entire PC screen to the list. There […]

Top 3 Apps for Learning a Musical Instrument on iOS


You can do just about anything on an iPhone or iPad these days, huh? Why stop at adding snaps to your Snapchat story or solving puzzles in Candy Crush? You can teach yourself pretty easily how to play various different musical instruments and even play some of them right from your phone. What a world […]

How to Send Mail Merge Like Mass Emails Using Gmail in Chrome


Services like MailChimp make it really easy to send out newsletters. They take care of everything and they have awesome templates. But they might not be for you. First of all, there’s MailChimp branding all over. And the emails end up in the “Promotions” tab in Gmail. Plus, if you only want to send 100 […]

How to Easily Share Files on iOS with the ThingThing Keyboard


After iOS opened up its gates for third-party keyboards, we have seen a lot of developers coming up with interesting keyboards that are not just limited to entering text.  Apart from the regular ones like Swiftkey and Fleksy, we have some hilarious keyboards that give you crazy cat GIFs to share with your friend. It’s fun, […]