True Dialer for Android Review: A Dialer That Integrates True Caller


A missed call from an unknown number on my droid always leaves me in a state of dilemma. With so many telemarketing calls that come in, I am always reluctant to call back and hence stand the chance of ignoring people calling with genuine reasons. Exactly why I started using the True Caller app, an app that […]

How to Make Mac’s Spotlight a True Powerhouse With Flashlight

Flashlight For Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search in Yosemite got a big update. It went from a small search utility that lived in the corner of the desktop to a floating window smack in the middle of the screen with rich previews. It was clearly inspired from keyboard launchers like Alfred, Quicksilver and Launchbar. But while Spotlight Search looks like […]

Easily Create GIFs Using Video or YouTube On Android


When compared to video and flash animations, GIF files have quite an advantage. They don’t require any additional plugins to play on a device, are comparatively very small in size, and can be easily transmitted to other devices without worrying about the data transfer rate. And though these GIF images don’t provide extremely smooth transition effects, they […]

How To Get World Clock, Calculator, Social And Package Tracking Widgets In Yosemite

Notification Center Widgets

So long and farewell Mr. Dashboard, we loved you. Well, we still kind of do, and you’re still kind of here but it’s increasingly becoming clear that the word widget in OS X land will soon default to Notification Center widgets and not Dashboard widgets. To help along with what is clearly going to be a […]

Beautifully Informative – See Our Ultimate Guides and Ebooks Section

GT Ultimate Guides and Ebooks

Yes, beautifully informative is the apt phrase to describe our new Ultimate Guides and Ebooks section. Top notch content packed in a superb design! We’ve been working hard on this for the past few months, and it has turned out quite well I’d say. The idea behind this new section is to showcase stellar content on a particular […]

How to Get an Adaptive Color-Changing Status Bar on Android


Ever since I installed Xposed on my Android, I started loving it even more. Now I no longer regret my locked Xperia Z bootloader, and the fact that I cannot install a custom ROM with added functionality. With just root access and Xposed modules, I can get all the awesomeness of some of the best custom […]

Top 4 System Monitoring Notification Center Widgets For Yosemite

System Monitoring

Notification Center in OS X Yosemite, just like iOS 8, got widget support. Veteran Mac users will instantly laugh it off. They’ve had widgets in the Dashboard for a good decade now. But Dashboard widgets are ugly and completely dependent on web languages like HTML and JavaScript. On the other hand, Notification Center widgets are […]

How to Get Contact Specific Pop Up Notes During Calls


Note taking has usually been an integral part of our lives. Be it paper stickies or note taking apps. We rely on them to remind us about important details at the right time. Now we all know about most of the famous note taking apps out there like the Evernote and Google Keep, which take care of […]

How To Manage Your iOS 8 Clipboard Right From Notification Center


There are many great apps for managing clipboard history on Android. We’ve talked about two of these great apps before. And some Samsung phones even come with this functionality built into their keyboards. But while there have been clipboard management apps before, they were often limited to the app themselves. So you’d have to open the clipboard […]

How to Lock Android Apps with a Volume Button Pattern


In the past we have seen many Android apps that can put a password or PIN lock over the other apps on your device. This way, you can provide an additional layer of security for some of your sensitive apps like Messaging, and WhatsApp. There were even features to hide the master app from the app drawer […]

How To Track Time Spent On Social Networks On Android

social addict

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. How many times have you found yourself lost in this loop? I sometimes unlock my phone to do something productive, only to be be distracted by a notification and.. I’ve lost 30 minutes of my life. Not to mention I forgot the reason I originally picked up my […]

How To Take Notes Directly From Notification Center In iOS 8


When widgets for iOS 8 were announced in WWDC 2014, I, like many, jumped up in the air and gave myself a high five. But then the Apple-ness of this decision dawned on me. I knew too little about this potentially powerful feature. It was best not to jump to high-five worthy conclusions. Now, with iOS […]

How to Manage Android Startup Items with BootManager


Just like Windows or any other operating system, Android too has to load some files and apps as soon as the phone boots up for smooth functioning. However, with the more apps you install and use on your device, the more likely your boot time will be affected and your free RAM percentage will take […]

How To Rebuild Spotlight Index in OS X To Solve Mac’s Storage Hogging Issue

Dark Mode

Spotlight Search is one of the best things about OS X and with Yosemite it got even better. It can do calculations, conversions and even look up movie information for you. But it’s best used to find and launch obscure files and folders instead of looking for them on your system. Spotlight is also very […]