How to Easily Record a Screencast and Share it as a GIF Online


Sharing looping, moving pictures online. To be honest, GIF isn’t the best format for this sort of thing. I’m sure you’re aware by now – GIFs are what you see on those Top 10 Things You Must Feel If You’re A Human kind of posts. You’ll also know that GIFs are usually blurry, pixelated and […]

Evernote Scannable vs CamScanner: Going Paperless with Ease on iOS

Scannable vs Evernote

Evernote is the latest app to join the scanner app party. And it’s a good one to have. Evernote has supported photos in notes for a long time. It even supports physical scanners that upload digitally scanned copies to your Evernote account, where you can search through them. Another good thing about Evernote is that […]

How to Add Custom Codec to MX Player to Support DTS and AC3 Audio

MX Player on Android

If you ask me, MX Player is the best video player on Android. With tons of features packed in the app, it is a must-have on any Android device. But recently, it hit a snag and drew flak from the users. Everything was going smooth until the last few updates of the player rolled out. Suddenly, after the […]

How to Root and Unroot Your Redmi Note 4G


If you can cope with the massive 5.5” display, the Redmi Note is one hell of a device. At just INR 9,999 it’s a real steal. We’ve already done a comprehensive review of it, do check it out. Now about the device, when you unbox it, it’s like Bruce Banner. It has immense power, but […]

3 Powerful Clipboard Utilities for Mac for Better Productivity


Copy and paste is essential to life. Either copying text from Wikipedia and pasting it in your research paper or copying lines of text from Office documents and merging them in a different document. If you work with text, copy and paste is a part of your daily routine, and sometimes, your life hangs in […]

How to Fix Your iPhone When it Doesn’t Charge Anymore


A few weeks ago, I awoke and picked up my iPhone 5 to check my email after unplugging it. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the phone was completely turned off. At first I thought I might have accidentally switched it off at night, but on further inspection I realized the battery was just completely […]

5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know MIUI 5 Can Do


With Xiaomi devices getting popular due to unbeatable budget pricing and tons of features, MIUI is also gaining considerable recognition. However, for many Android users the MIUI interface might be confusing. To ease things up, we have already written an article on 15 features that make MIUI awesome. After using my Redmi Note 4G for a few […]

How to Create a Button in Excel or Word to Apply Multiple Formatting


Formatting a document definitely increases its readability and visibility. I am sure you highlight pieces of text by applying different types of formatting. Now, let me ask you a question. How often do you need to apply bold, italics, and underline formatting (all at once) to text in your Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document? If […]

How to Reduce Image, PDF, MP3 File Size with FileOptimizer


The rules of internet bandwidth and donuts are the same really, you can always have more. In the case of internet bandwidth, the situation can get pretty dire. Especially when you’re serving the same data to thousands or millions of people across the internet. Saving 100 KB on an image file when served to a […]

How to Use Field Codes in MS Word to Show Only Even or Odd Page Numbers


Back in my schooling days, the thought of writing page numbers on a Word document used to ring alarms in my head. That is because I did not know about the Insert Page Number feature. Yes, it’s hard to believe that I used to do it manually. Time started giving me tougher requirements; like showing […]

How to Organize iOS Photos With Albums Easily Using Tidy App


We take a lot of photos on our smartphones these days. While some of them are just some random moments that we share on Facebook and WhatsApp, others matter as important memories. But when you check back on your iPhone camera roll to relive your memories, you are more likely to see a mess in […]

Top 2 Ways to Track TV Shows in Chrome

TV Show Tracking

SeriesGuide is the best TV show tracking app for Android. The same can be said for TeeVee 3 and TV Show Tracker 3 on iOS. But if you’re like me and don’t live in the US, you watch TV shows on your computer. The “download” or streaming of a TV show usually happens via an […]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review: A Complete Pizza for the Price of a Slice


After a few setbacks, Xiaomi has returned to the Indian markets and this time they have unleashed the beast. The Redmi Note 4G, a 5.5” Phablet with LTE capability and a 1.6 GHz quadcore processor priced at just Rs 9,999 might come as a surprise to its competitors. So let’s dive into a review of the […]

How to Add Power Features to Finder in Mac Using XtraFinder


XtraFinder is a free utility for Mac that adds powerful features to the existing Finder app. It’s not a whole different app. You’ll still be using Finder, just a supercharged one. Mavericks brought support for tabbed browsing but to be honest, I never really used the feature. It was just not intuitive. XtraFinder’s implementation is […]

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