How to Get the New Android M App Drawer Right Away Without Root


On the very first day of the Google IO conference, the upcoming version of Android was released as Android M. While the official name is still a secret, we saw a lot of new features to improve the overall user experience. One of these announcements was the new App Drawer for the upcoming release. Google has […]

How to Delete Attachments the Right Way in Mac’s Mail App to Free Up Disk Space


Do you own a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air from a few years ago? Then you might have noticed your hard drive’s free space rapidly decrease, mainly due to the relatively small size of the hard drives of these Macs. Now, if you take a closer look at your Mac’s hard drive, besides the usual suspects […]

6 Chrome Extensions for Customizing and Enhancing Facebook


It’s been a few years now since Facebook has gotten a major redesign. Facebook updates its mobile apps pretty frequently, but the main website you access in a browser on your PC or Mac continues going untouched. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of both looks and function. If you use Google […]

How to Create Email Templates in Gmail and Outlook with Gorgias


My last few months with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes have been quite interesting. I was never a fan of desktop email clients, but when I started using these apps, I could never go back. One of the most helpful features these clients provide is the ability to create email templates, also known as stationery, that […]

How to Chat with Friends About a Website Right on the Website

Point header

While there’s no shortage of messaging apps, there’s really no solution for discussing, commenting and having a conversation about a website, right there on the website. Yes, you can just copy the link and share it on a Slack channel or in a Facebook chat and then talk about the website there. But then it’s […]

4 Basic, Inexpensive Cell Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only


The biggest downside to the smartphone revolution is how often we get sucked into the devices and the internet. Smartphones include so many bells and whistles that its most basic and primary function – being a phone – quickly gets buried under everything else. In times of need, it’s easier to carry around something simpler. […]

6 Useful Trello Tips to Stay on Top of Your Tasks

Trello header

Task management systems are usually overwhelming to get into. There’s just so much to do here that you end up not doing anything. But at some point in your work life, you’ll have had enough of it and you’ll want a bit of control over your work schedule. I’ve been going through that recently and […]

How to Prevent Mail App on Mac From Taking Up Lot of Hard Disk Space

Mail Attachment Downloads

Not long ago, I wanted to install Windows on my Mac and I noticed that I didn’t had enough space on my hard drive. At first, I though there was little I could do, since most of the files that are on my Mac are quite important, but on further checking I noticed that the […]

Top 7 Integrations in Sunrise Calendar (And How to Use Them)


Sunrise was one of the breakout apps last year. It took a basic calendar app and kept on adding functionality on top. All of this while being free. They were recently acquired by Microsoft and so far, it doesn’t seem to have slowed them down. If anything, the acquisition means you can reap the benefits […]

How to Migrate to SSD without Reinstalling Windows

SSD is Fast

Recently I got an SSD for my PC, so I was facing the drudgery of another reinstall of Windows. I reinstall Windows every 6 months or so because after that much time of use, having multiple programs & drivers to install/uninstall makes the PC throw random errors and messes up my registry and system components. […]

Get Daily Data Usage Reports on Android With Data Status


We have almost unlimited data download packages these days when it comes to home internet connection and that too is at blazing speed (forgive me for the generalization, I recently switched to a new apartment that has fibre and I can’t contain my happiness). But the mobile data plans are still very expensive and just a […]

How to Run Android Apps on Chrome (and Chromebooks) Easily Using ARC Tool


Given a chance, I am sure most of you would love to run your favorite Android apps on your personal Windows computer. Well, there’s always been a way to get that done, but it required installation of the entire Android SDK on programming tools like Eclipse or NetBeans. Used to be complicated process, trust me. Not […]

Top 2 Lollipop Dialer Replacement Apps for Android

dialer replacement

It’s funny how not that long ago, all that a cell phone could do was call people, save contacts, and maybe send them text messages. Now, “Phone” is just an app on your Android smartphone that you’ve probably removed from your home screen because you don’t use it that often. But from time to time, […]

How to Enable the Hidden Chromebook Developer Mode

Crosh Shell on Chromebook

Chromebooks by design are a “walled garden.” That’s a great feature. You can’t easily mess them up and security is built in. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can unlock your Chromebook by putting it into Developer Mode. It’s like rooting your Android device or jailbreaking in iOS. Why Enable This Mode? The reason most people […]