Flow For Instagram Review: The Best Way To Browse Instagram On Your iPad

Flow Feed

Instagram is a hugely popular photo sharing app, with 150 million active monthly users. It seems odd then that their iOS client does not have iPad support. Yes, you can use the iPhone app blown up 2x on your iPad or access their website from a browser but none of these experiences are anywhere near […]

Medium Vs WordPress.com – Which Blogging Platform Is Right For You

Medium home

When it comes to blogging there are lots of alternatives available and more platforms are released every week. In this article we will focus on the heavy weight champion of the blogging world – wordpress.com going against the new age alternative – medium.com I’m sure you must have heard of Medium by now. Either from […]

How to Install Themes to Give Your Jailbroken iOS 7 iPhone a New Look


With iOS 7, Apple provided users with a fresh, new look to the OS that marked a radical departure from previous versions of it. However, besides upgrading to iOS7, iPhone users have no way to customize the icons or UI elements of the system. This is where Winterboard comes into play. Winterboard is a customizing […]

Top 3 Journal Apps for Android With Excellent Features


We carry our phones everywhere these days. Whether we are experiencing a life altering moment or just relaxing on the couch watching an indie movie, our smartphones are always with us. So it makes sense to use them as a journal. Yes, not a lot of us write in journal these days, instead opting to […]

How To Fix Three Annoying Default Settings of OS X Mavericks


While OS X Mavericks arrived with a series of new, convenient features, the default behavior of some of these and of some new ones has been changed by Apple. While some of these changes might make sense sometimes, in some cases they can be in fact, quite inconvenient. With that in mind, here are a […]

Using Free Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio or Video (Part 2)


So let’s continue on our quest on removing unnecessary background noise from the videos that we record on our phones (or tablets or other portable gadgets). We are going to extract the audio from the video, process and remove its background noise and then join the audio and video file. In our last post we saw […]

15 Features That Make MIUI 5 The Best Android ROM Out There


MIUI was inspired by iOS but with each update it has developed its own personality, shedding the influence and paving a way on its own. Just like Android and iOS have been involved in a lot of give and take these last few years, so has MIUI and depending on who you ask (MIUI fans), […]

Airdrop on iOS: Setting Up, Sharing Files and Troubleshooting


With iOS 7, Apple introduced a really cool way to share files across iOS devices called Airdrop. With it, you can share photos, videos, Voice Memos and even Passbook passes, locations on Maps, Safari links and more. Let’s take a look at all you need to know about setting up Airdrop and sharing files with […]

How to Set App-Specific Screen Brightness and Timeout on Android


Screen timeout and brightness for Android has always been an issue for me. While for some of the apps – like ones that are mainly for reading – I prefer low backlight with long screen timeout time, for others that have more visual elements and colors (Gallery, for instance) I need just the opposite. Samsung […]

How to Play iOS 7 Games On iPad and iPhone with PS3 Controller

PS3 controller

With iOS 7 Apple made a big foray into the world of portable gaming. iOS was already the leading platform for console quality and indie games but last year Apple took another step to dominate this field. It officially released support for third party controllers baked into iOS 7. Prior to which you had to […]

How to Connect To a Custom, Free VPN on Your Mac


A Virtual Private Network (or VPN service for short) is a way to connect to the web securely. While at first mostly used by businesses to connect to remote data centers, VPNs have now become very popular among individuals mainly because they allow you to access content and websites that might not be available in […]

How to Automatically Organize Files and Folders On Your Android Device


When we buy a new smartphone, or a new SD card for that matter, we usually create folders to sort our files and keep the data organized. But from what I have seen (and experienced), with time we tend to forget about these folders, thereby creating a mess of files. It’s also about the files […]

4 Must-Have Free Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone (iOS 7)


With the release of Cydia for jailbroken iOS 7 devices, a whole new set of features and options have become available for iPhone and iPad owners that were previously just impossible to even think of making an appearance on the latest version of iOS. Even better, now that this important jailbreak tool is available, several […]

How To Run Chrome OS in Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1)

Chrome App launcher

You always could use Chrome as a Modern UI app in Windows 8 but with the recently launched version 32, Google has now given you the complete Chrome OS experience in a Windows shell. Before, all you got was a blank screen and a Chrome browser window. But not any more. Now you get a taskbar […]