5 Things I Love And Hate About The Moto G

Moto G

I’ve been using the Moto G for about two weeks now. It’s not a new device. People who are familiar with the world of tech know that this is a good device, exceptional for its price range. I agree. But, at $179 you can’t have everything. And some of the things that Moto G doesn’t […]

How to Get Xperia Z2′s Amazing Wallpapers and Homescreens On Your Android Phone


Though Samsung sells better, Sony’s Android phones with their cutting edge body finish have always bagged the distinction of being classier. If you own one of the former (or an Android phone that’s not Xperia), there’s nothing you can do when it comes to the externals but you can get the exquisite homescreen experience of Xperia Z with […]

6 Cool Cell Selection Tips for Microsoft Excel Users


Microsoft Excel is all about working with data. Its interface consists of the ribbon, taskbar and the worksheet. The worksheet is the working area for your data and has cells that are separated by gridlines. Now, moving around the worksheet from one cell to the other or selecting one or more cells is not as easy […]

3 Best (and Yet Imperfect) Readmill Alternatives

Fastr Books

As much as I hate to type it, Readmill will stop existing on 1st June 2014. My life depends on testing and writing about apps and services, so it’s safe to say the amount of apps I come across is way north of a “butt load”. Naturally, I can’t use all of them every day […]

How (and Why) To Clean Up Dropbox Linked Devices and Apps

dropbox cleanup

Dropbox is a great tool to use on all of your devices, but the fact that it’s absolutely everywhere can turn into a serious security disadvantage. Here’s how to clean things up a little and make sure you’re staying secure. Tons of Devices and Apps If you’re a user that’s similar to the author of […]

How To Transfer Contacts From Your Old Phone To Windows Phone 8.1 Device

windows phone people

With the 8.1 update, Windows Phone can finally be considered as a mature operating system. Headlining features like Cortana that can do things even its competitors can’t only make things better. There’s a lot to explore on your Windows Phone but you can’t do that till you’ve done the most basic thing, which is importing […]

How to Enforce Secure Password Policy in Windows 7 and 8


We rely on security features like 2- factor authentication to safeguard our online data, but we tend to ignore the password policy of our personal computers (I doubt many know what it is exactly). Your Windows logon password is as important if not more, and hence not paying attention to it won’t be a wise thing to do. It’s not that Windows […]

3 Time-Saving Tips To Be More Productive On Excel for Mac


If you have a Mac, then you surely have a set of productivity apps to take care of all your work-related stuff. In past entries, we already showed you the basics of Apple’s Numbers, Pages and Keynote. But if on the other hand, you feel more comfortable using MS Office for Mac, there are some neat […]

2 Ways To Boost Windows Audio Above the Maximum Mark


When an external speaker is not around, most of us use players like VLC and GOM on our laptops just to use their ability of boosting the sound of the video/audio playing on Windows. However, that option is only limited to the file that’s saved on our computer. What about the songs that we stream on Spotify and […]

How To Recreate George R.R. Martin’s DOS Based Writing Experience On Your Mac Or PC


George R.R. Martin recently went on Conan and talked about his writing habits (video embedded below). And just like his fantasy books, they sway a bit further from reality. He uses a DOS based machine detached from the internet and runs WordStar 4.0 without any auto correct or spell check features (oh, sweet pre-iPhone era). […]

Top 9 Windows 8.1 Update Features You Should Know About


Windows 8.1 Update has landed and it attempts to right many wrongs that were introduced in Windows 8. Yes, the Start screen and Metro UI is still there but a lot of touch-only interactions have been updated to go well with pointing devices and you can now completely ignore the Start screen if you want […]

10 Must-Know Microsoft Excel Date Functions


Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers and not in the format that we see. By default, 1st January 1900 is serial number 1. So, 10th May 2014 becomes 41769. Storing dates as serial numbers makes it easier for the tool to perform date calculations. We will have a look at few date formulas […]

How to Utilize Lane Guidance, Improved Transit and Uber in Google Maps

Highway 401 and Don Mills at sunset

Somewhere between “I’m not sure how to get there” and “You have arrived at your destination”, you may have realized there’s been a change in Google Maps. Besides the improved search results and ability to save maps offline, which you can read about in this article, Google Maps has honed its public transportation expertise and integrated Uber, […]

The New Kindle Paperwhite Review – My Adventures in E Ink Land


Kindle is one of the best selling ebook readers available in the market right now. Amazon won’t tell us exactly how many units it sells but safe to say, it’s a lot. I’m not new to ebook readers. I successfully completed my goal of reading 52 books in 2012 thanks to Nook Simple Touch. So when […]