How to Play iOS 7 Games On iPad and iPhone with PS3 Controller

PS3 controller

With iOS 7 Apple made a big foray into the world of portable gaming. iOS was already the leading platform for console quality and indie games but last year Apple took another step to dominate this field. It officially released support for third party controllers baked into iOS 7. Prior to which you had to […]

How to Connect To a Custom, Free VPN on Your Mac


A Virtual Private Network (or VPN service for short) is a way to connect to the web securely. While at first mostly used by businesses to connect to remote data centers, VPNs have now become very popular among individuals mainly because they allow you to access content and websites that might not be available in […]

How to Automatically Organize Files and Folders On Your Android Device


When we buy a new smartphone, or a new SD card for that matter, we usually create folders to sort our files and keep the data organized. But from what I have seen (and experienced), with time we tend to forget about these folders, thereby creating a mess of files. It’s also about the files […]

4 Must-Have Free Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone (iOS 7)


With the release of Cydia for jailbroken iOS 7 devices, a whole new set of features and options have become available for iPhone and iPad owners that were previously just impossible to even think of making an appearance on the latest version of iOS. Even better, now that this important jailbreak tool is available, several […]

How To Run Chrome OS in Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1)

Chrome App launcher

You always could use Chrome as a Modern UI app in Windows 8 but with the recently launched version 32, Google has now given you the complete Chrome OS experience in a Windows shell. Before, all you got was a blank screen and a Chrome browser window. But not any more. Now you get a taskbar […]

Using Free Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio or Video (Part 1)


The other day one of my friends in the office wanted my help in removing background noise from the videos he took on his phone (I am usually the go-to guy for all such problems at home and office, as you can imagine). I could have given him names like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Elements, but […]

5 Power Tips to Get the Most Out of Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Curstomized Start screen

You upgraded to Windows 8 and then to 8.1 and for good reason – Windows 8.1 is faster and more secure than previous versions. But you know what, there is no going back. We all love to hate Windows 8 (and 8.1 too, to some extent) because it brought along something that we humans are […]

How to Create NFC Based Automated Tasks on Android Using Trigger


In the past we have seen many automation apps for Android using which we could easily create trigger based automated tasks. These tasks would get executed automatically depending upon the time or user location. But let’s face it, these triggers don’t usually work accurately, especially the location based ones. I have frequently found the apps […]

Top 10 Tech Magazines to Subscribe to on the iPad

Shift Magazine

When iPad came along, every publication rushed to provide their magazine on the iPad. There was only one problem: They were just the PDF versions of the print magazine and were plain awful. You had to zoom and scroll to read stuff properly, there was no way to expand images and each issue was around […]

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad Running iOS 7 or Higher


While it took them quite a while, the team behind the extremely popular jailbreak tool Evasi0n has finally released a jailbreak tool compatible with iOS 7 running even on Apple’s most recent devices, like the iPhone 5S or the iPad Air. So if you own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with the latest iOS […]

How to Make the Most Out of Snapseed for Android: Part 2


Photo editing on smartphones and tablets has always been a pressing issue. Time and again we have talked about Android apps that help you edit the photos you have shot on your mobile and make them look better. Last week we talked about an app called Snapseed, discussed some of the basics of the app and left […]

6 Amazing Mac Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know


Keyboard shortcuts on the Mac are some of the most loved features among Mac users. We’ve reviewed a few of them in past entries, but there are so many useful ones that are often overlooked or simply unknown, and definitely deserve to be mentioned. This time, let’s take a look at a few of them […]

4 Brilliant Tips to Tackle Your iPhoto Mess and Find Photos Quickly


For Mac users, iPhoto is easily one of the most useful default apps that come with every Mac. This is even more true if you use iCloud, since Apple’s cloud service keeps your photos synced across your Macs and iOS devices if you have them. The downside to this, though, is that you end up […]

How to Control Screen Timeouts on Android With the Gravity Screen App


After Samsung came out with its revolutionary Smart Stay concept in its high-end Android phones, developers have been constantly trying to mirror the concept in their apps for other phones. The whole concept of having the screen timeout controlled through the movement of your eyes, and having it on only when you’re looking at it […]