How to Easily Download Songs From MySpace as Mp3 Files

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Though Facebook has overtaken MySpace to become the most popular social network, one area where MySpace still has the lead is music. It lets users upload music, create playlists and stream tracks online.

However, one missing feature is the ability to download a track. And that’s what we’ll discuss here.

GrabThatFile is a nifty tool which lets you download songs in MP3 format from MySpace. Only thing you need is the MySpace URL of the song. It allows you to download 4 songs a day. You can download unlimited songs also but you’ll have to donate 2 Euros to the developers of this tool, which isn’t much for the service.

1. To start with this tool, go to the official site. You’d be asked to login using your Facebook account. (yeah, funny,we know :) ).

grab that file download mp3 from myspace

facebook login

2. It will ask for your permission to access your public information. Click on “Allow” button.

grabthatfile myspace songs download

3. Now you’ll be redirected to the GrabThatFile site again.

4. In the next step you have to go to MySpace and search for songs. On the top right there is a search box present. If you want to search for a particular song then select Music from the drop down and type the name of the song.

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download myspace songs

5. Click on the result.

myspace search songs

6. Copy the URL of the song or artist. In the example, I searched for Usher. I clicked on official Usher page and copied its URL.

myspace URL

7. Now paste the copied URL in the Grab that file MySpace URL box. The songs will appear. Click on the “Grab That File” button next to the song which you want to download.

download myspace songs

8. The song will line up in the pending list. Now type the URL of another song. When you’ll grab that another song, the download link for the first song will appear. Click on the link and download will start immediately.

usher songs download

Though it’s kinda ironic that you need a Facebook account, and not a MySpace account to use this service, it’s worth a shot nonetheless.

Check out GrabThatFile to download songs from MySpace.

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  1. EvolutionVII says:

    No thanks, but “RTMP dump” is a free way to do this and it does not log my personal information.

  2. Mike D says:

    Uh, yeah, don’t be silly guys, don’t give out your facebook logins to just anyone!
    and then give random services permission to access YOUR information.

    Addresses, Phone Numbers, Birth Dates and Email addresses are just some of the personal information that can be revealed

  3. trabakoulas says:

    good good! :)

  4. Works like a charm! They also have Twitter login options now.

  5. Gulludadaa says:

    thanks it works but having limit of 4 downloads daily

  6. elhaha1001 says:

    ok, i don’t get it..

    when i download the song, they reduce the song duration??

  7. Anna says:

    naaaaa, it only downloads like 1/3 of the song.

    i DO NOT recommend it.

  8. This shit doesn’t work !

  9. The BSPlayer can’r open the files

  10. This shit WORKS! Thanks!

  11. esteban says:

    This shit fucking works!! it downloads full songs, i even bought a premium account for only 2.69 😀

  12. EDUMACRO says:


  13. atseaconfused says:

    You may use Allavsoft to easily download songs from MySpace as Mp3 files

  14. atseaconfused says:

    You may also try Allavsoft which can directly and batch download videos,
    music video from Myspace to MP4, MP3, FLAC, AVI, AAC, WMV etc.