How To Use AVG Rescue CD For Virus & Spyware Removal

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If a virus or spyware has crippled your PC to an extent that it won’t boot up normally to Windows (not even in the safe mode), then using a bootable rescue CD could be the last resort before you reinstall the OS.

You could use AVG Rescue CD (now available to AVG free users too) in such situations to repair your infected PC.  It is a portable version of the AVG Antivirus and can be used as a bootable CD or USB flash drive.

There are four other tools are available in the package which you could use to perform some other necessary functions. They are:-

  • Midnight Commander
  • Windows Registry editor
  • Ping
  • TestDisk
    Here is the step by step guide for creating AVG rescue CD/USB flash drive and removing viruses or malwares with its help.

How to create AVG Rescue CD (for USB stick)

Following steps tell you how to install AVG Rescue CD files onto a USB pen drive. The steps for installing it on a CD would be a bit more complex because you would need to download the iso file and then burn it onto the cd and make it bootable. Doing it on a USB drive is easier though.

1. Download AVG Rescue CD (for USB stick).

2. Plug USB flash drive in the USB port of your PC.

3. Now extract the downloaded AVG rescue RAR file in the USB drive.

4. Open the drive by double clicking on it to see all the files inside it.

5. Locate the “Makeboot.bat” file and double click on it to launch it.

Warning: Never launch this “Makeboot.bat” file from any other drive other than USB drive. If you launch it from the system drive, it will make it unbootable.

6. A command line window will appear.

avg-rescue cd

7. Press any key of your keyboard. Wait for few seconds. After some time a message will pop up saying “The AVG rescue USB should be bootable now”.

How to Remove Virus or Spyware using AVG Rescue CD

1. Insert the AVG rescue CD (bootable flash drive in this case).

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2. Go to the boot menu in BIOS settings.

3. Select the source (CD-ROM drive or Removable devices) you want to boot from. It will depend on the method you used to create the AVG rescue CD. In my case, I selected removable devices because I’ll boot it through  the USB flash drive.

4. AVG welcome screen will appear. Press enter key or wait for 10 seconds to boot AVG rescue CD.

avg-welcome screen

5. Accept the license agreement.

6. Run the update of AVG. You can update via internet. If internet connection is not available then you could update it from previously downloaded files(stored in your computer) from the AVG website. If there are no update files saved then you can’t update it. Proceed to the next step.


7. After updating, main menu will appear. Select “Scan” option (selected by default) and press enter key to start the scan process.

arl_menu avg

8. Choose between two options – scan the volume or scan directory.

9. Run the scan.

10. After scanning is complete, scan report is displayed on the screen. You can take following actions: Report file, Delete all, Rename all.

So that was how you use AVG Rescue CD to boot into Windows and clean it up. Let us know your thoughts about the article in the comments.

Get the AVG Rescue CD [via QuickOnlineTips]

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  • http://[email protected] Christopher Barth

    Nice. I’m a fan of syslinux. With some easy modifications to the menu you can also boot ubcd and other livecd distros right from the .iso.

  • Johnny

    Nice and concise article. Anyone should be able to follow those instructions. How about unpacking it to a drive that is already bootable, will the menu be available by browsing to it?

    • Abhijeet

      Well, you gotta try it out Johnny. I think it should be but not sure. Why don’t you try and report back here telling us how it worked. :)

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  • Johnny

    I believe I will give it a go. I carry a 16GB stick around my neck everyday and it boots to Parted Magic. I love those tools and they have save the day more than once. I’ll post the results when I’m finished.

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  • jun

    hi. i was able to progress until step #4 where after I press enter, the usb processes but stops at “cpuidle: using governor ladder”. am using an msi ex400. Any help pls?

    • Abhijeet

      Not aware of this error, Jun. Try it again and see if it works.

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  • Johnny

    I cannot see a way to add it to Parted Magic. The executable is wrapped in a lzm package. I’m not familiar with these. I’ll keep experimenting though.

    • Abhijeet

      Hmm, ok. May be something else, other than Parted Magic could work with it. Let us know whenever you get a favorable result.

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  • Evandro

    I have done CD bootable from the file avg_arl_en_90_100114.ISO.
    It worked on a desktop with WinXp 32 bits.
    But it doesn´t boot in a desktop with WinXP 64 bits.

    Please what should I do to it boot with WinXp 64 bits?

    • Himanshu

      @Evandro In 64 bits, it is only supported by Windows XP professional. Which version of XP you are using? Here is a list of all the supported OS and system requirement

  • Evandro


    Thanks, you have helped me solve that problem. Now I have another problem.
    I have followed your instructions. I have done a AVG rescue for USB Sitck from the file avg_arl_en_90_100114.rar. But it doesn´t boot, would you help me again?

    • Himanshu

      @Evandro Make sure you perform the step 5th “Locate the “Makeboot.bat” file and double click on it to launch it.” If you still find problem then you can watch video tutorial here . Check the video no. 2816. Hope it will help you.

  • Varinder Singh

    I did not find the option to remove virus. The only option i can see is for me to delete the files. I deleted the files and now My pc is restarting automatically. Is it normal. Any body can explain why it has no options to remove virus as well.?


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  • Bob

    This is the only complete explanation I have found on the web – thank you! You might want to be aware, though, that the makeboot.bat file has been replaced with setup.exe. Under this new system, you have to extract the RAR or ZIP file to a folder on your computer and then let setup.exe configure the USB drive and make it bootable. There is no chance of overwriting your computer’s boot-up because the setup.exe file will only select removable USB devices for the process.

  • Paula


  • Paula

    i only access the boot up menu by selecting f2. when i select to boot from cd and hit enter….the screen you show in ur video tutorial doesnt show up for me to be able to accept the license agreement???

  • dofoxaz

    Mine finds over 29 virus but will not do a thing….is it because I have a 64 bit system? I really need some help here. It finds the virus but then locks up and when I look at the report, it says no virus files were found. It says I have MANY in my win32/heur and win32/heur.dropper. Can anyone help? I cannot connect to the Internet to update dat files as I use wireless and it’s about impossible, if not completely improbable.