3 Quick Tips to Fix the Delayed Notification on Android


One thing I like about iOS is the instant notifications you get from every app. It doesn’t matter if the phone is in use or sleeping in your pocket, you will always get app notifications almost immediately. But the same is not the case for many Android users. They complain that they don’t get notifications […]

5 Reasons Why You Ditch Facebook’s Bloated and Slow Official iOS App for Friendly for Facebook


The Facebook app is the devil. And we’re not even going acknowledge Facebook itself. Let’s just focus on the app. A friend of mine who owns the latest iPhone 6 asked me if there’s a Facebook Lite app for iPhone (Facebook released it only for Android). The Facebook app is infamous for draining your battery, […]

How to Manually (and Offline) Update to Any Specific PS Vita Firmware Using QCMA

PS Vita Update Main

If you have your PS Vita hacked in order to run custom emulators (we explain how to hack yours in this entry and how to install emulators in this one), then you know that you cannot update your Vita’s firmware to the latest one. If you do, the update will break your hack and all […]

How to Create a Custom ISO of Windows 10


Recently Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 (build 10041) with many new features and stability improvements. For all those early adopters and also those who want to switch to it in near future, today I show you how to create a custom ISO of Windows 10. This process will automate some steps of […]

How to Use Folder Lock on Windows to Lock and Secure Files


We have covered a lot of apps for Android and iOS that can lock your Apps, save photos in a vault and even encrypt the entire memory. But that’s just for your smartphone. If we need something to secure the mere 8 to 16 gigs of memory on our phones, there might be a lot of things you […]

How to Get the Most Out of CyanogenMod’s Privacy Guard Feature

Privacy Guard

Android has a permissions problem. In iOS you can choose which apps can access your location, which apps can send you notifications, and so on. On Android, there’s no nitpicking like this. You’re either all in, or you’re not cool at all, bro. In a version of Android 4.3, Google snuck in a tool called […]

How to Automatically Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows on Android

Subtitles on Android

Ever since I got the OnePlus One with 64 GB internal storage, I’ve had the itch to fill it up. I’ve added some my favorite movies and TV shows and still it’s far from being full. Phablets with sizeable internal or external storage are great for consuming media. No matter if you’re catching an overnight […]

How to Post Images and Videos from Two Instagram Accounts on Android

Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android

Instagram is the cool new kid. Millennials are moving away from Facebook, but they’re still pretty stoked with Instagram. It’s a visual medium and, of course, #brands want to get in on the action. It’s only natural. But the cool kid that Instagram is, it’s being totally chill about the whole thing. Instagram’s like, whatever […]

How to Create an Interactive Slideshow or Storybook Using Keynote

Interactive Keynote Slideshows

Sometimes when facing a project, we tend to think of specific go-to software to take care of it. Most of the time, that piece of software is complex and intimidating, making such projects seem difficult to accomplish. Take an interactive slideshow or storybook for example. When planning to create one, you might think of advanced graphical […]

5 Ways to Test the Hardware of Your New or Used PC


Before buying a PC, you check out every store and every online deal to find the best price. If not new, a used PC from a friend or colleague may offer the best value for your money. But do you thoroughly check its every component before actually buying it? In the excitement of getting a […]

How to Unlock Windows Phone and Turn on Developer Option


It’s been a few weeks since I started exploring Windows phone. But coming from an iOS and Android background, I am really not impressed with the kind of apps I get on Windows Store. For example, the YouTube app is just an IE shortcut that opens up the website in the browser. When I researched, […]

9 Amazing ES File Explorer Features That Can Replace Other Android Apps

ES File Explorer

A great way to spot an Android geek is to see if they have ES File Explorer installed. According to Google Play Store stats, apparently there are more than 50 million of them out there. Which is great. But I have a feeling that not all of them are aware of the awesome power of […]

3 Android Multiplayer Games You Can Play on the Same Device


There are many online multiplayer games available for Android. You can just hook up your phone to the internet and play a plethora of games with millions of online players. Two of my personal favorites are QuizUp and Brain Wars. These games are fun to play when you are alone, but what if you have […]

How to Back Up Games and Saves from Your Hacked PS Vita

PS Vita Manage Memory

For many PS Vita users, limited Vita memory card storage is definitely an issue mainly due to the high cost of memory cards, which are proprietary from Sony and can cost many times what conventional SD cards cost. Because of this, many Vita gamers are forced to continuously delete and download games from the PlayStation […]

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