9 Amazing ES File Explorer Features That Can Replace Other Android Apps

ES File Explorer

A great way to spot an Android geek is to see if they have ES File Explorer installed. According to Google Play Store stats, apparently there are more than 50 million of them out there. Which is great. But I have a feeling that not all of them are aware of the awesome power of […]

3 Android Multiplayer Games You Can Play on the Same Device


There are many online multiplayer games available for Android. You can just hook up your phone to the internet and play a plethora of games with millions of online players. Two of my personal favorites are QuizUp and Brain Wars. These games are fun to play when you are alone, but what if you have […]

How to Back Up Games and Saves from Your Hacked PS Vita

PS Vita Manage Memory

For many PS Vita users, limited Vita memory card storage is definitely an issue mainly due to the high cost of memory cards, which are proprietary from Sony and can cost many times what conventional SD cards cost. Because of this, many Vita gamers are forced to continuously delete and download games from the PlayStation […]

How to Root OnePlus One Running KitKat (Unlock Bootloader and Install Custom Recovery)

How To root One Plus One the easy way._result

The OnePlus One is a pretty awesome phone. Especially after the Nexus 6 turned out to be an overpriced monster. And now, it’s also relatively easy to acquire. There’s an open sale every week and invites are easier to get. I like to say that OnePlus One is the new Nexus. It’s a mid-range phone with […]

How to Sync Sessions in Chrome and Firefox Across Devices using TabCloud


Cloud services make our lives so easy these days. We can save our files on the cloud and then access them on any of our devices or even public computers to continue our work right where we left off. These services are not limited to only files – people who use online sync services on their […]

3 Really Cool (and Well-Hidden) Features of Photoshop


If you visit our site frequently, then you know how versatile and powerful a tool Photoshop can be whenever you need to edit photos or images in general. We’ve posted several tutorials about it, including how to create silhouette images with Photoshop or how to manage color when printing via this app. But whether you […]

Top 5 Product Hunt and Hacker News Apps and Tools

One for Mac

If you’re a GT regular, you might know that I like to read up on technology. Especially new technology. The hottest new apps, a faster tool to get something done, problem-solving workflows, and more. One of the ways I do that is by reading Product Hunt and Hacker News (and sometimes Designer News). If you’re […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: How to Use the Edges Like a Pro


When I first heard that Samsung was showcasing a phone with touchscreen edges, my reaction was somewhere between “A what??” and “No. Just no.” How could a screen that extends along the sides of your phone be practical, and moreover, why would that increase convenience or productivity at all? Sounded rather gimmicky to me. But then I saw […]

How to Easily Control and Manage Volume on Android


One thing I like about Samsung phones that I don’t find on other devices is how they handle volume when any of the volume rockers are pressed. When either button is pressed, you first get the option to control ringtone volume, but then, using the settings button next to it you can configure notification, media, alarm […]

4 Ways to Fix OnePlus One’s Battery Draining Problems

OnePlus One Battery Issues

When I bought the OnePlus One, I was looking for a beast and not just performance wise. The reviews all reported great battery life (3100 mAh!). A friend of mine consistently gets 7-8 hours of screen time per charge. And it easily makes it beyond 1 day for him. So I was surprised when my OPO […]

Top 6 MIUI 6 Features That Make it Stand Out

Miui 6

I was introduced to the awesomeness of MIUI 6 with the Mi 4 review unit and even after using MIUI 5 for months, there was so much to explore in the new version. Everything looked more polished and features that already used to stand out when compared to stock Android, got even better with revision 6. […]

How to Securely Wipe Your Android Phone Before Selling It

Securely Wipe Android Phone

So you’re buying a new Android phone. That’s great. Congratulations. But what are you going to do with the old one now? Sell it, probably. Or hand it down to a family member or a friend. Either way, you’re going to need to make sure no personal data makes the transition. You’ll need to wipe the […]

Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Customizing Cyanogen OS 11S on OnePlus One

OnePlus One Battery Issues

One of the best things about OnePlus One is the software that comes with it – Cyanogen OS 11S (based on Android KitKat 4.4). For the uninitiated, Cyanogen OS (which is the commercial version of CyanogenMod) is a third party custom ROM for Android. OnePlus One is one of the first devices to bundle it as […]

How to Open Links Directly in Incognito on Android (Chrome and Firefox)


Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Firefox Private Window, be it on the computer or on Android, is a great way to browse the web without piling up a browsing history and to prevent cookies from being stored on the device. Once you are done browsing, even the device doesn’t remember if you have ever visited the […]

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