How to Color Alternate Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

Google Sheets can be just as good as MS Excel | Shutterstock

Microsoft Office is a powerful tool to get things done, but Google isn’t all that far behind with its Google Docs offering. The latter is not only free, but also saves you a backup on the free app on Android and iOS devices. While MS Office has some great features which are not easy to […]

3 DIY Smartphone Docks You Can Make at Home


You don’t need to spend $40 or even $50 on a fancy smartphone dock when you probably have all the tools necessary to create a dock surrounding you. Even then, you’re probably telling yourself you’re not about to sit for 30 minutes and try to put together something that resembles a dock with a bunch […]

How to Get Remote Assistance for Your Android Using Chrome


We have covered quite a lot of apps so far using which, you can control your Android device from your computer. There were some dedicated tools for Windows and some which simply run on your browser. We also covered an app called TeamViewer remote using which one can allow others on the web to take […]

2 Fastest Ways to Join Images Horizontally and Vertically on Android and iOS

Join Images

As a citizen of the internet, you come across joined images all the time. Two or three screenshots merged into one images. A long conversation thread joined horizontally (9gag anyone?). Maybe a collection of memes. Joined images are everywhere. We’ve already told you how to create them on OS X and on the web. Now […]

How to Get an External Hard Drive to Work With Mac OS X (And How to Partition It)

External hard drive with Mac

When I bought the WD My Passport Ultra drive, I was surprised to see that it didn’t support OS X out of the box. Yes, it had some software specifically made for OS X on it, but even that didn’t help. Turns out, it just wasn’t in the right format. These hard drives are customized […]

How to Easily and Securely Send Money with Square Cash


A dilemma many people face is owing someone money and having no means to get it to the person in a timely manner. The truth is there are a number of solutions available online for quickly and securely sending money to friends or family. But that brings us to another dilemma. There are still skeptics […]

The Complete Guide To Using Time Machine For Backup On OS X

Getting Started With Time Machine On Mac

If you store anything on your Mac that’s even remotely important – your photos, documents, anything, you need to back it up. Sure, you can use Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive or Backblaze but one of the simplest options is built right into OS X. It’s called Time Machine. All you really need to do is […]

How to Create Your Own Animated GIFs with Giphy Cam for iPhone


Animated GIFs are making a comeback. Once a cool website decoration in early days of the Internet, GIFs are booming in a totally different way. People post animated GIFs on social networks or send them in messages and typically use them as a quirky way to react to someone else’s comment. Despite the growing popularity, […]

Selectively Control Volume of Modern and Desktop Apps on Windows 10 Simultaneously


Microsoft has created two different worlds for Windows user. One is the good ol’ desktop interface which we are all familiar with along with the Modern Apps that were introduced with Windows 8. The modern interface was launched targeting the tablet and touch enabled users. But Microsoft never drew a line between the two different worlds […]

3 Amazing Photos for Mac Tips That You’ll Wish You Had Known Before


When Apple made the move to Photos on the Mac, the new photo management application proved to be quite useful, and because of its similarity to the iOS app, most users were instantly familiar with it. However, as is the case with various Mac applications, there are quite a few features and tricks that are […]

Limit Your Android Phone Gallery for Friends Who Snoop Around (Trolling Additional)


Photo sharing has changed drastically in the past few years and we can now instantly share them with friends and family easily and comfortably. However, there are times when a friend of yours cannot wait for you to share the photo on a social network, or let’s say, you are in a group where someone wants to […]

Convert Your iPad Into an Information Dashboard With These 2 Apps

Information Dashboard

I’m fascinated by those cool looking information displays in movies and TV shows. You know, the ones that are in control rooms and cycle through all the important information. Some of them even show live stats and graphs. How exciting! But all that just feels like hard work, right? Like you’d need to learn how […]

How to Overcome Lack of Guest Mode on the 3rd Gen Moto G


I was very happy with the fact that finally we had a Guest Mode on Android devices. As a reviewer, I’ve had to set up my account on dozens of phones in a year and naturally friends and family liked to have a look at it by snatching away the phone from me and having a look themselves. […]

How to Download Entire Web Pages for Offline Use on iOS and Android

Offline Browser

Sure, you’ve got Wi-Fi everywhere, the 3G/LTE connection is also pretty reliable. Until it’s not. And when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work at all. Let’s face it, the internet is our lifeline. So many of us get stuck in limbo when we can’t access the internet. Now you can do things like use Pocket […]