4 Better Alternatives to the Now Pesky ES File Explorer for Android

So Long ES

You might have noticed  a trend recently. Beloved and widely used free Android apps either going paid, being sold, going bust or stooping down to spammy techniques. QuickPic. EverythingMe (RIP you beautiful bastard). Pushbullet. It’s sad really, but it makes sense. At first, startups only focus on gaining a buttload of users and nothing else. […]

How to Take Screenshots From the New Apple TV


One of the great new features of the Apple TV is the ability to take a screenshot. Previous Apple TVs didn’t do much more than play videos. Now with so many apps, you might want to save what’s on the screen. Right now, there are two main ways of doing this. Both of these methods […]

GT Explains: What is Li-Fi and How Can it Be 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Data in LED Bulbs

We all have a pretty good idea about how the internet works. Giant fibre lines crisscrossing the oceans and the continents are relaying signals in 1’s and 0’s at lightning speed to ensure we can enjoy the latest YouTube cat video that went viral. But what if light itself conducted this internet? At its own […]

Fracture vs Woodpost: Your Photos on Glass or Wood


A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve probably heard that saying at some point in your life. But for some reason when we use our smartphones, we tend to take more and more photos out of convenience and forget to ever go back and really cherish them or get creative with them. Two companies […]

Top 3 Issues with Windows 10 and Their Easiest Solutions

Windows 10 Problems

Windows 10 has been around for a while now and some users have also got the first major update that Microsoft has rolled out. Or did they roll it back? Anyway, there are still some things about Windows 10 that are annoying. Or possibly the same old Windows problems manifested in a different way here. […]

3 Best OCR Apps for Extracting Text from Images on Android


Last week my wife got an assignment at her workplace that required her to work on scanned documents and then make a presentation out of it. As the documents were scanned, she was having a tough time in rewriting everything again as points in the presentation slides. After a few hours of frustration, she came out […]

How to Upgrade the Firmware of Your SSD on a Windows Machine

Do the right thing, before you get an SOS | Shutterstock

A Solid State Drive (SSD) has many advantages over a traditionally spinning hard drives with moving parts. It’s faster, sleeker, lasts longer and generally is easier to maintain. Did I mention it’s faster? There might be one little thing, however, that some owners may neglect. That’s the firmware. Since Windows 10 has been launched, a […]

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Display to Windows for Free


Mirroring mobile display to a computer has its advantages and the best one is that you can easily record screencasts or present the iPad and Phone to a projector in a meeting. We have already shared some of the free methods using which one can stream the Android display to a computer and they are really very […]

How to Track the Best Black Friday Deals Online


Black Friday is right around the corner. It has become a staple U.S. holiday when the best deals year-round are offered the day after Thanksgiving in stores across the country. Between all of the different Black Friday ads that come out, it can often be difficult to filter through all of them and find the […]

4 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Windows 10 PC Run Faster

Make Windows 10 Faster

If you’re running a Windows 10 PC for a while, chances are, it has slowed down a bit. This tends to happen with almost every Windows PC and besides the usual steps of cleaning up disks and dumping temporary internet files, there are some additional things you can do to ensure a speedy performance. These […]

The Best Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone


Watching online videos on smartphones are getting popular these days. While listening to music still stays as one of the most favorite things to do while commuting to work or while killing leisure time. People have started to develop an affinity towards online videos on YouTube and Facebook. However, the only point where they lag out is […]

How to Setup SSH Tunneling to Bypass a Firewall

SSH thru Wall

Today, data breaches, hacking and snooping are happening frequently. Not a day goes by without news of a company’s database getting leaked or some government censoring or controlling more part of the internet. And there is always a Nigerian prince wanting your help to free his million dollar assets. To protect your identity and other […]

How to Make Amazing Graphs From Scratch in MS Excel 2013 (and Higher)

Want brilliant looking graphs like these? Read on | Shutterstock

Have a presentation at work/school involving graphs and you have no idea how to make them? Well, step 1 would be to breathe and calm down for a bit. And the next step would be to realize that mastering graphs on Microsoft Excel is actually not all that hard. If you have your data right, […]

How to Wirelessly Stream Media to Your iOS Device: Completely Free and Without Limit


Work or entertainment, smartphones nowadays are capable of anything. Slowly, we all are moving away from desktops and laptops and are getting more inclined towards smartphones and tablets. However, one of the major sections where the smartphones are lagging is the storage space. While we have devices with up to 128 GBs, they are not […]