4 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Windows 10 PC Run Faster

Make Windows 10 Faster

If you’re running a Windows 10 PC for a while, chances are, it has slowed down a bit. This tends to happen with almost every Windows PC and besides the usual steps of cleaning up disks and dumping temporary internet files, there are some additional things you can do to ensure a speedy performance. These […]

The Best Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone


Watching online videos on smartphones are getting popular these days. While listening to music still stays as one of the most favorite things to do while commuting to work or while killing leisure time. People have started to develop an affinity towards online videos on YouTube and Facebook. However, the only point where they lag out is […]

How to Setup SSH Tunneling to Bypass a Firewall

SSH thru Wall

Today, data breaches, hacking and snooping are happening frequently. Not a day goes by without news of a company’s database getting leaked or some government censoring or controlling more part of the internet. And there is always a Nigerian prince wanting your help to free his million dollar assets. To protect your identity and other […]

How to Make Amazing Graphs From Scratch in MS Excel 2013 (and Higher)

Want brilliant looking graphs like these? Read on | Shutterstock

Have a presentation at work/school involving graphs and you have no idea how to make them? Well, step 1 would be to breathe and calm down for a bit. And the next step would be to realize that mastering graphs on Microsoft Excel is actually not all that hard. If you have your data right, […]

How to Wirelessly Stream Media to Your iOS Device: Completely Free and Without Limit


Work or entertainment, smartphones nowadays are capable of anything. Slowly, we all are moving away from desktops and laptops and are getting more inclined towards smartphones and tablets. However, one of the major sections where the smartphones are lagging is the storage space. While we have devices with up to 128 GBs, they are not […]

How to Share Your Own Music Projects Online with Acapella App


If you’re an avid social media user, you’ve probably seen a lot of videos floating around lately of people singing a cappella harmonies. (Acappella is the term for singing without instruments or any background music, and harmonies are multiple layers of notes that complement each other.) These videos often appear in the form of a […]

How to Optimize the Services Menu on Your Mac

I see you! (3 of 3)

When you right-click on most items on your Mac, the operating system gives you a menu of useful items. One of those menus is called Services. There is a ton of great stuff in there along with stuff you probably don’t need. With a few short steps, you can customize this menu. How Did Stuff […]

How to View Notification History on Android


App notifications are one of the most important modules of a smartphone. If you have never given thought about their importance, imagine how difficult it can be to open each app just to see if there’s any new update. You might even miss out on the important texts and emails that can be crucial for […]

Review of N1, an Open Source Mail App for Mac


If you have owned a Mac for quite a while, then you know that the native Apple application that has always shown plenty of room for improvement is Mail. Creating a new email application from scratch is no easy feat though, which is why the number of good ones available on the Mac App Store […]

GT Explains: What are CPU Caches and are They Really Necessary


We’ve already spoken a bit about browser cache here on Guiding Tech, so most of you must be familiar with it already. But there is another kind of cache that perhaps not all of you may know. And that’s the one associated with the CPU. If you’ve gone PC building yourself, one of the specs […]

How to Get Live Photos on Older Jailbroken iPhones


The Live Photos recently launched with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, has been gaining popularity within the iPhone community ever since it hit the market. Now, if I am not wrong, the feature of Live Photos was actually stolen from HTC. HTC came out with a feature on their camera called Zoe which delivered […]

How to Control Your Google Now Cards History on Any Android

Cards History -Google Now_1

Google Now cards have proved useful to me on a personal level on more than one occasion, but there is no denying that they can also feel weird at times. Like getting a notification telling you it’s time to leave for the airport for your flight or catch a movie. It may seem like Google […]

How to Create an Animated GIF from a Screen Recording on Mac & Windows


Animated GIFs are all over the Internet and social media these days, yet most people really don’t know how to make one. If you do know how to properly make one you probably realize it’s actually not all that easy, especially when using complex applications like Photoshop. (Of course, iPhone 6s Live Photos does make the process […]

Parchi vs Keep: Which is the Better Note-Taking App for Android

Keep VS Parchi

The mobile space for minimalist note taking apps just got a new entry in the form of Parchi, from Microsoft. With a name inspired from Hindi, Parchi, meaning a small piece of paper, it aims to compete with its main rival Google Keep. Let’s see what it offers in comparison to Keep. Look & Feel […]