How To Find and Delete the Personal Data Google Has on You


Google’s motto is “do no evil”. That was probably written when Google was a pony little startup and all it wanted to do was index all the pages of the internet. Now it wants to map every corner of the world, make self-driving cars, and do lots of other crazy things. All this costs money […]

Instapaper vs Readability vs Clearly: Battle of Web Based Reader Modes

Reader Mode

I’m sure you have that one website that you enjoy reading but the distractions on the site basically make it impossible to do so. There are ads everywhere and unnecessary “viral” content is always vying for your attention. Of course, you can use an ad blocker, but that still doesn’t fix the formatting issue. I’m […]

How To Automatically Sync Most Recent Files from Mac to Dropbox or Google Drive


I’m sure you use a cloud syncing service like Dropbox or Google Drive to automatically sync files between multiple computers. The way these services work is that you get a folder where you’re free to drop anything. All the contents of this folder get synced with the cloud and subsequently with all of your connected devices. […]

How to Save New Contacts to Different Accounts on iOS


iOS has native contact syncing for cloud based accounts. For instance, you can connect multiple accounts like iCloud, Gmail, and Exchange and display all the contacts stored in those accounts. You can also select a default account so any new contact you save won’t be duplicated across all linked accounts. While this system is simple, […]

6 Types Of Text Expansion Snippets That Help Increase Your Productivity

text glass

One word I can use to describe the beauty of text expansion is magic. But really all that’s happening is ones and zeros executing commands, converting a set of input to a different output in literally no time. But to the romantic geek in me, it does seem like magic. Text expansion works like this […]

Reviewing C Locker, a Flexible Custom Lock Screen Replacement for Android


Just recently I talked about an Android app called C Notice that can give you floating popup notifications from all the apps installed on your Android. A real bliss for users on large screen Android devices. After reviewing the app, I was looking at some other apps from the developer and found yet another interesting app called C […]

Top 3 Dictionary Lookup Extensions for Chrome


Not a lot of people know this, but Macs have a built-in dictionary that can be accessed from anywhere. All you have to do is hover over the word and tap with three fingers on the trackpad. From here you can also reference more material from Wikipedia and see the word used in different contexts. If […]

6 Great Automated Workflows for iOS to Make Your Life Easier


Apple power users have always been a fan of automation. Why do something simple over and over again when you can let the computer take care of it? Mac even includes an automation tool called Automator to get you started. On iOS though, it’s a different story. Of course you have IFTTT to automate stuff […]

How to Easily Access Notifications With One Hand on Big Screen Androids


Handheld devices are getting bigger day by day, but the developers tend to forget that our hands are not getting any bigger… ever!! The iPhone also didn’t stand up to their promise and ended up launching the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen size. But there are advantages, and I really love the big screen when it […]

How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone to Share With Friends


It’s almost every day that I see an amazing video on Facebook and want to share it with my friends on different messaging services. While we can give a direct link to the Facebook video through chat that can be viewed in a mobile browser, directly uploading the videos to the messages would be more ideal. Be […]

How To Automate Scrolling on a Rooted Android Phone


Sometimes, life feels so hard. Computers are still computers, not robots. You still have to give them commands. Sure, you can automate some software, but you still need to set it up first. I mean, we’re getting there. It’s starting to be possible to control lights from your phone, turn on your house’s heating from […]

How to Quickly Share Photos and Files Between iPhone and Android Over Wi-Fi


Direct file sharing between iPhone and Android is still tricky to figure out. How do you quickly transfer a bunch of photos and videos to your friend’s Android without uploading them to an online tool (which requires consuming your mobile data) like WhatsApp or Dropbox? Uploading them to a cloud based storage service requires a […]

GT Explains: What is DNS and How to Find and Assign the Best DNS Server on Windows


Everyone knows that whenever we are connected to a network, be it local or the internet, every computer is assigned a unique IP address. These might be static or dynamic depending upon the network you are trying to connect to. Related: We have already published an in-depth article on IP Addresses that you can refer to in case you’d […]

6 Tips & Tricks for a Better Experience on iTunes 12


For all the flak iTunes draws (some of it deservedly), it’s still a pretty good media player. The playlist view is one of the best I’ve seen, the Album view looks beautiful, and not to mention, on a Mac, iTunes is actually fast. If you recently updated to iTunes 12, you might have noticed that Apple […]