Here’s Why You Should Switch From CyanogenMod 12.1 to Exodus (On OnePlus One)

Exodus ROM

When I got my OnePlus One, it didn’t take me long to root it and flash a custom ROM. I went with CM 12.1 because what better to use on the OnePlus One than a Cyanogen ROM itself? And I was really happy with it. Until I wasn’t. Once the rapid battery drain, random reboots, […]

3 iOS Apps That Turn the Drudgery of Email Into the Simplicity of IM

Email Blues

Email is an awesome protocol in many ways. It’s actually one of the few totally open and decentralized protocols available right now. Of course, that has its downsides. Spam being the biggest offenders. But there’s something beautiful about email being an open protocol. You can mould it, make it your own. And trust me, email […]

Getting Started With Zooper Widget on Android


One thing I like about Android that I always miss on other mobile operating systems is the support for home screen widgets. Every morning I dedicate 15 minutes to my widgets to get information like weather, news and my upcoming events and meetings right on the home screen. The second thing that’s great about them […]

Differences Between Moto X Play, Pure & Style Explained


Motorola went ahead and released their flagship of 2015 before Google got a chance to roll-out their latest Android OS – the M. But, wait, we don’t have one, nor two, but three different Moto Xs this year. That’s right, the company has released 3 different models, with different specs and in the midst, has […]

Windows 10: A Quick Round-Up of What You Really Need to Know

Windows 10 family

29th July 2015. The day when Microsoft re-imagined their own OS and released it to the world. They skipped a number and from Windows 8 went to Windows 10, but so far, we’ve liked what we’ve seen. I’ve personally been waiting for it a while, right since I saw this heart-felt response from a Microsoft […]

Quick Look at Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android


Microsoft is on fire. Right before the release of Windows 10 for computers and smartphones, and Office 2016, they have released an all new launcher for Android, called the Arrow Launcher. It has been a while since I’ve tried a new launcher especially since I was convinced by Khamosh that EverythingMe is the ultimate launcher one would want. Therefore, […]

12 Ant Man Wallpapers for Every Kind of Device


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite good at churning out movies based on Marvel Comics. Stan Lee’s imagination with all these wonderful characters is finally reaching out to a major wider audience, thanks to the movie adaptation of these comics. Ant Man was the latest movie in this line-up and today we’re gonna crawl the […]

Cloudo: A Powerful Keyboard Launcher for Chrome With Actions for Google Drive, Todoist and More

Cloudo header

Mac OS X (Yosemite) comes with a keyboard launcher called Spotlight. It’s really useful for searching the web, unit/currency conversions, searching and launching files and more. Now there’s something even more powerful alternative designed to do the same thing for web services, available right inside of Chrome. Let’s be honest all of us use at […]

5 New Addictive iOS Racing Games Off The Usual Track


I love racing games, in fact it’s my favorite genre of games be it computer or smartphone. However, whenever we talk about racing games for iPhone, or even Android, only a few names share the limelight. The top few recommendations are Asphalt 8, Real Racing, Need for Speed etc. No doubt these games are great when […]

Top 7 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter


For someone who just listens to Apple related podcasts, it’s possible to believe that podcasts are just a couple of dudes talking about technology every week. But Podcasts are also the digitization of radio shows. And if you know where to look, you’ll find podcasts that are not only entertaining but also educational. Now, we’re […]

Quickly Archive and Mark Emails as Read Directly From Notification Center in iOS With eMail Widget

eMail Widget

Let’s face it, email doesn’t get easier as time goes on. It gets worse. You get more of it. And a lot of it is stuff you either can’t act on or don’t need to read at all. This can be company newsletters, updates from colleagues, anything. There are awesome email apps available for iOS […]

8 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung Galaxy S6


There are polarizing opinions about the sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Some are speaking of them being disastrous, while others are singing to a happier tune. Whatever the case, there are more than 10 million of these smartphones out there, mine being one of them. Much like any geeky user, I am inclined […]

Chromebook Accessibility Options That Everyone Can Use

Handicap Sign

The Chrome OS running on Chromebooks has lots of Accessibility options for people with disabilities. This week in the United States, we’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act. Even if you don’t need these features on a daily basis, they’re handy for specialized use for everyone. Enabling Accessibility Options And […]

How to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu the Way You Want


Windows is known for it’s Start menu and the good ol’ start button for ages. But in the last variant of Windows, Windows 8, it dropped a bomb on its users and came out with a full fledged Start screen for tablet support. Moreover, the Start button was missing, the power option were gone and everyone was […]