How to Disable Lollipop Heads Up Notification and Get Back Ticker Notifications


With the Android Lollipop update, lockscreen and heads up notifications were introduced as one of the major updates and most of the users liked it. I too loved the idea of viewing and interacting with the notifications directly from the lockscreen. But the heads up notification was rather getting annoying than proving useful. I would appreciate […]

All You Need to Know About the New Physical Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad on iOS 9

iPad iOS 9 Physical Keyboard Shortcuts

As the iPad becomes more and more capable as a productivity device (as evidenced even more by the new iPad-exclusive features added in iOS 9), more iPad users rely on it to do most of their work. This might not yet be your case if your daily tasks require a lot of computing power. If, however, […]

GT Explains: What is iCloud Music Library and Should You Be Using it?

iCloud Music Library

When you launched the new Apple Music service on your desktop or iOS device, you were asked to enable iCloud Music Library. This was the first time you were hearing about this and it was standing between you and Apple Music so you just agreed and went forward. You didn’t think anything of it till […]

Take Per App Settings to the Next Level on Android with this Xposed Module


When compared to mobile operating systems like iOS and Windows, Android is all about freedom. By freedom, I mean the ability to do anything and everything on the device. Android makes you feel that the device is yours and you can make it look and feel like the way you want. It even acts as a helping hand […]

5 Tips to Discover New Music in Apple Music

Apple Music Discovery

Apple Music is the most feature rich music streaming service available right now. It’s the sum total of every other service out there, plus more. There’s 30 million songs, plus human curated playlists, live and genre-based stations and I can go on and on and on. But before you get scared, let me tell you […]

Bittorrent Shoot vs SHAREit: Which is Better for File Transfers?

Shoot vs SHAREit

For the past couple of months, we have seen a lot of apps that make the transfer of files between smartphones a breeze. Apps like SHAREit and Feem save an iPhone user like me from embarrassment when a friend on Android asks for a couple of photos from their camera roll. Shoot from Bittorrent, an […]

How to Pick an Android Launcher That’s Right for You

Android launchers

Android is an open, infinitely customizable platform. This provides developers and users alike with many opportunities to try different things. There are more than 1 billion Android users out there and different users have different tastes, different needs. Usually, choice is a good thing. But when it comes to Android launchers, sometimes I wish it […]

Differences Between Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music Radio: Explained


So, you downloaded iOS 8.4 on your iPhone or iPad and there it is, Apple Music. It’s hiding behind that new white Music icon on your home screen. You tap the Radio tab to see what’s changed and there isn’t a whole lot new, but Apple is heavily shoving this Beats 1 radio station in your face. Furthermore, […]

How to Back Up and Restore Hangouts Messages in Android


While today almost everyone has switched over to instant messengers, you still get some important updates and notifications through SMS’. As with all data, if you have some important SMS, backing them up would be a nice idea. In the past we have already covered some apps, but after Google forced Hangouts on everyone with KitKat, […]

How to Use the New Music App in iOS 8.4 (Along With Apple Music)

apple Music iOS

When you updated your iPhone to iOS 8.4, you were greeted with a new Music app with a brand new colorful icon. It was intriguing. You clicked it. It asked you to try out Apple Music streaming service. 30 million songs for 3 months, all for free. So you signed up. But now there’s all this new […]

USB Type-C Explained: What it is and What it Can Do


Every few years a new kind of technology is developed which sets tech writers/analysts into overdrive, explaining what it’s all about and non-tech people scrambling to sites (like ours!) to understand what it really means. And even though USB Type-C isn’t exactly yesterday’s news, we’d still like to explore this more in detail now that […]

4 Unique and Helpful iOS Apps for People With Accessibility Needs


Every person in this world faces challenges of different kinds, and in special situations, some people need assistance in order to be able to overcome what they are facing. Apple also has the accessibility needs of its users in mind, which is why there are plenty of native accessibility options available, which in turn has motivated […]

Killing Running Apps on Your Smartphone: Is It Necessary?

Don't Fear Running Multiple Apps | Shutterstock

More myths get propagated about technology than anything else, it would appear. How else can anyone explain the randomly strange questions and statements that are posed to people like me on a daily basis? We’ll tackle the myth surrounding running apps in the background today and deconstruct what it really is and if killing these […]

How to Paste Copied Text Directly in Android Apps

Copy Pasting on Android apps is Easy

The only inevitable action that’s certain to happen once you copy an item on your clipboard is to paste it. Thank God for Larry Tesler coming up with the idea of copy/paste or the entire digital world would have been different. From simple text to thousands of lines of codes, copy/paste function indeed makes our […]