Top 5 iOS Apps for Taking Selfies Like a Pro


Selfies are the new world order. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing you can’t do is ignore them. They’re everywhere. Even if you don’t ascribe to the selfie nation, the average person has likely been asked to partake in a group selfie a countless number of times. Which does lessen the self-centered stigma attached to […]

How To Save Links And Pages For Later Use With Facebook Save

Facebook Save

When Facebook releases a new feature or product, it tends to make sure every one of their 1.5 billion users are aware of it. There are banners on the front page, press and videos flowing about. This time it was different. Facebook quietly launched a read-later service for the web and all of its apps […]

VSCO Cam vs Aviary vs Litely: Battle Of The Free Photo Editors For iPhone

photo editor

We can’t all be great photographers. But with the iPhone, we do carry a better camera in our pockets than the point-and-shoots we owned years ago. Plus, now we have technology to do the heavy lifting for us. The iPhone’s camera is one of the simplest things out there and the most suited for the “flick […]

A Comparison of the Best Minimal Cross-Platform Note Taking Apps


There are note taking apps and then there are note taking apps. Let me explain. You must be familiar with note taking behemoths like Evernote and OneNote. The kind of apps where you log details of your life using other services, where you archive things from the internet, create and share notebooks, collaborate with your […]

Top 3 Ways To Enable Immersive Mode For Any App In Android

immerse header

One of the big features for Android KitKat’s release was a fullscreen mode for apps. This fullscreen mode was dubbed as “Immersive Mode”. It only worked with a handful apps at the time, with Google Play Books as the highlighted app. Google promised that they’d roll out the feature for more apps, and third party apps […]

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SpiderOak: Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You?


It feels like cloud services have plateaued. We’re all familiar with how Dropbox works and how documents are stored in Google Drive. We’re more than happy to work on them online rather than deal with local copies. Other than price drops in cloud storage and the ongoing privacy debate, nothing much has been going on. Now […]

How To View the Full Source of an Email in Outlook 2013

Email security

The ability to view the full source of an email can prove invaluable in a world in which phishing messages are everywhere. Doing this in Outlook 2013 is a bit more complicated than it is for your average webmail service, but it’s still pretty easy to do. If you’re an Outlook 2013 user, learn how to […]

7 Amazing Tips to Get the Most Out of Unified Remote Full For Android


Previously I told you about Unified Remote for iOS and Android and how you can use it to control almost everything on your PC right from your phone. Unified Remote 3.0 packs a lot of punch and as I mentioned in the previous article, the paid Android app gets a lot of advanced options that […]

How To Schedule SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook Updates On Android


We’re bound to forget things. It can be our parent’s anniversary or the deadline to submit a project. Facebook surely helps us remember birthdays – but not much else. If you’re the forgetful kind or you tend to miss deadlines due to a heavy workload, your best bet is to schedule messages, especially emails, ahead of […]

How to Control Everything On Your PC or Mac With iPhone or Android

Unified Remote

Ok, I have to admit, that headline sounds like a click bait. You can’t control “everything” on your PC or Mac with iPhone or Android but you’d be surprised how damn close you can get. I was. I’ll admit that it was the closest I ever got to a tech orgasm. Granted, that says more […]

3 Advanced Wi-Fi Tips for Mac and iOS Users


If you are a happy owner of a few (or several) Apple devices, then you know connecting to the internet with any of them is as simple as it gets. However, there are a few things you can do with your Internet connection and access points at home to get the most out of them […]

2 Best Apps To Scan Business Cards On Android and iPhone


In the fast-paced business world of today, keeping track of new contacts can be daunting. For example, when you go to a convention and return with 50+ business cards, they’ll often be thrown in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. Because who is going to manually input the data from all those cards into their phone? That […]

Top 6 Apps To Make A Frequent Custom ROM Flasher’s Life Easier


If you’re an Android enthusiast, you’re probably running a custom ROM right now. While that’s awesome, the process it takes to get there is rarely as fun. The issue only compounds upon itself if you’re what people call a “frequent flasher”. But whether you only flash new ROMs every now and then or you like […]

5 Amazing Searchr Features to Improve Search on iPhone


Launchers mean something completely different on iOS than they do on Android. On Android, homescreen launchers let you launch apps, specific shortcuts, toggles etc. On iOS, launchers have been affiliated with apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts. They aren’t a homescreen replacement; instead they provide specific options to get you somewhere faster and more easily than you […]