How to Use Virtual Desktops to Increase Productivity in Windows 10

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

Spaces is my favorite feature on Mac. Now, Windows is natively getting a taste of virtual desktops in Windows 10. Sure, there already were third party apps that let you do this but native features make a big difference. For one, the functionality is readily accessible to millions of users across the world. Two, it’s closely […]

How to Stream Office Documents and Presentations from iOS and Android to Chromecast

Stream Office Documents To Chromecast

It’s been around a year since Chromecast got an SDK and ever since, it hasn’t stopped surprising us. Every other day, it’s graced with new integration and functionality that makes it a bit better. At this point, the $35 streaming stick seems like a no brainer. If you’re still wondering why: Check out our Ultimate […]

How to Adjust Game Emulator Settings for an Optimal Gaming Experience on Your PSP and PS Vita


As a PSP or PS Vita owner, you might have checked out some of our past entries, where we show you how to make the most out of your portable devices. In one of these entries, we also showed you how to hack your PS Vita in order to be able to run game emulators and PSP […]

How to Install and Apply Custom Fonts on Jailbroken iPhones


We humans get tired of seeing and hearing the same things over and again and that’s the reason we love to change wallpapers and ringtones of our smartphones. But have you ever thought about the fact that fonts (icons, settings, text messages, emails)  are one thing you come across all the time and yet iOS gives […]

How To Password Protect PDFs on Mac, Windows and Web

Protect PDFs

There are many reasons why you might want to password protect a PDF. It’s a sensitive work document that you don’t want anyone to see. Maybe it’s a proposal for a new project that you want people to read but not copy, or print. At the workplace, PDFs still rule, and this is how you […]

How to See Your Android Usage Stats and Get Real-Time Reports


I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they said that I use my smartphone for an average of 3 hours daily. Whatever the reason, whether it be reading, chatting or just playing games, spending 3 hours exclusively on your phone is not insignificant by any means. It’s like 12% of your entire day, while you sleep for […]

How to Lock Individual Apps on Jailbroken iPhone with iAppLock


Recently we did an article where we warned about the fake apps on the App Store that claim to lock other apps for you. Android makes it very easy to lock individual apps without any issues. But the way iOS is built, it’s not possible for an app to lock other apps – unless, of […]

What’s the New Button with Your Name on Chrome and How to Remove It

Chrome Account Switcher

In January of 2015, a new version of Chrome arrived, updated automatically for millions of users across the world. Guiding Tech team members inquired in our Slack chat about what is that new thing with our name on it? That, folks, is Chrome’s new Account Switcher, and I’m just as perplexed by its existence as […]

Should You Ditch Gmail or Google Inbox on iOS for Microsoft Outlook?


Email has evolved with our devices. In the beginning, you needed to create a local database for email. Then came Hotmail and we had webmail. Soon with Gmail, we stopped worrying about storing, saving, and backing up email. Google was doing it for us. All we needed to do was remember the username and password. […]

Desk Review: Can One Mac App Solve All Your Writing and Publishing Woes?


Take it from the guy who only writes on his Mac and has explored many options, there’s really no shortage of writing apps here. Still, the arrival of Desk sparked a fury in this little part of the internet. Was it the more than a dozen mentions I saw all over the blogosphere? Was it […]

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac Using Parallels 10 Virtual Machine

Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming soon. And it’s not just the jump from Windows 8 to Windows 10 that’s got everyone excited. It’s much more. Windows 10 finally embraces what Windows is good for. Hardcore, no holds barrel, productivity. Unlike Windows 8, which did a lot of stuff that got in the way. Windows 10 is […]

How to Root and Unroot Xiaomi Mi 4


We all know that rooting brings out the awesomeness in any Android device, but due to the fear of losing the warranty or bricking the phone we always hesitate to take the step. But if you are a Xiaomi user, you’ve got nothing to fear. The company has announced that it will cover all devices […]

How to Join Multiple Images on Web, Mac and iPhone

Join images

One of the most frequent things we do as web writers is deal with images. Resizing them, adding borders, compressing them, and a lot more. In the online world, images play a big role in how your article is consumed. They help you score high points in those first impressions. If you frequently post screenshots […]

How to Install Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine Using VirtualBox

Windows 10

Windows 10 takes a radically different approach to the operating system we’ve all come to know, and sometimes hate. It will be free for the first year for users of Windows 7 and up. What does that mean for the second year? We don’t know yet. But Windows 10 is trying to right all the wrongs […]