Top 3 Websites to Discuss Health Concerns and Get Reliable Answers


You’ve probably heard that it’s pretty dangerous to go online and search for answers about your health as opposed to going to a doctor. In many cases, this is true because it’s never a good idea to self-diagnose yourself. Plus, search engine results tend to exaggerate the problem and will probably get you nervous about […]

How to Use Split View in El Capitan for Split Screen Multitasking

split view header

If you recently upgraded your Mac to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, you might be scratching your head a bit when it comes to new features. Yes, the font is new and it looks great. There’s a handy little trick of moving your finger on the trackpad really fast to find where the cursor is. […]

How to Create an Unattended USB Drive for Windows 10 Installation


Let’s face it, we all hate to format our computers and reinstall Windows even when we know, it’s the last resort to fix persistent problems. Some don’t like the aftermath of installing drivers and configuring software. But most of us don’t like to sit through the entire installation process and answer questions like your name, preferred […]

How to Optimize Internet Bandwidth Usage on a Chromebook

Don't be sad just because you have a  data cap Photo by kjarrett -

Whether you are tethering your phone or you’re lucky enough to have LTE built into your Chromebook, you probably have a data cap. Some careful planning will make your Chromebook useful without blowing through your data plan. Begin With the End in Mind – Use Offline Apps Whenever possible, search for an offline alternative for […]

Start10: A Better Alternative Start Menu for Windows 10


The comeback of the Start Menu was one of the major changes in Windows 10. It got the modern styling from Windows 8 while keeping the same functionality as before. But Microsoft didn’t gave us many options for customizing it to our liking. Also the modern-design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for users […]

How to Integrate KeePass with Chrome and Firefox


So LastPass has been sold to LogMeIn and as we can see, not many LastPass users, including me, are happy about it. LogMeIn reputation is hunting them now and no amount of assurance from the company can fix the trust that was broken. My friend Khamosh recently covered an article on top password manager services you can […]

Top 3 LastPass Alternatives: Password Managers Done Right


If you haven’t heard, LastPass has been sold to LogMeIn. Now, in tech circles, this happens all the time. But if you’re a LastPass user, you need to care about this sale because it could lead to problems in your future. LogMeIn has a bad rep. The service used to be free with a pro […]

How to Customize Actions and Notification Center in Windows 10


One of the new features added in the Windows 10 is the Action and Notification center and you can activate it using the Notification button next to the clock in the System Tray. For those of you what it might be, for the easiest understanding, you can compare it with the Notification Drawer in Windows […]

How to Get the Most Out of the Camera on the Galaxy Note5/S6 edge+

Photography Tips

More smartphones, more cameras, more pictures. But how many of these are actually good? It seems that a lot of users on Instagram are happy to use hashtags like #like4like just to increase the number of likes, rather than read a bit and invest in actual photography. Both the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ […]

How to Find Top Rated Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Stream


You finished all your work for the day, it’s time to unwind with some Netflix. You just finished binge-watching an entire show and a trilogy of movies, but now you don’t know what to watch next. One of Netflix’s biggest downsides is discovery. Sure you can browse new releases and regular genres, but it’s difficult […]

How to Completely Back Up your Windows Phone Before Upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile


One of the best features that was added to Windows 8.1 Mobile was the ability to take a backup of the entire phone. Which means, the new backup feature not only lets you back up data like contacts, messaging and apps, but also related settings and data of each app. Apart from that, you can also […]

3 Easy to Use Online Tools to Fix Acne and Blemishes on Photos


Do you suffer from acne and blemishes on your face, and every time you take a photo or a selfie, you just don’t wish to upload them on the web? Well, it’s human tendency. As Leonard Cohen stated in The Favorite Game “It is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. It is hard […]

Top 3 Websites to Sell Your Old Smartphone for Money in the U.S.


There are probably more ways than you think to get rid of your smartphone and get cash for it instead. Smartphone technology advances pretty quickly and year after year manufacturers like Apple and Samsung introduce new models that make the ones from last year look like junk. However, many of those phones from last year […]

How to Access all the Files on your Windows 10 PC from Anywhere using OneDrive

OneDrive does more than just syncing files

OneDrive is a love it or hate it affair. Some like it for its robustness and tight integration in Windows 10 while others consider it as Microsoft’s attempt to take a sneak peek into their latest holiday photos. For the people in the former camp, today we are going to see one of OneDrive’s nifty feature which […]