Features Missing from Windows 10 (and the Possible Alternatives)

Win10 Features

Windows 10 releases on July 29. With the date coming near, most of us are focused on all the new features it brings to the table. Among all the news regarding the insider previews, different editions of Windows and confusion regarding the upgrade, no one may have noticed that Microsoft is removing certain features in Windows […]

Top 4 Apps for Taking Handwritten Notes on an iPad Using a Stylus

iPad Handwriting Apps

It’s been around 5 years since the iPad came out and now there’s no doubt the iPad is more than just a consumption machine. It’s great for doing everything from editing videos, email, task management, writing and taking notes. Yes, the iPad doesn’t have a digitizer. Yes, there’s no underlying technology that makes for a […]

How to Create a Cinematic Movie on Your iPhone with Cameo


Every so often we all want to be able to shoot a video on our phones that has a little bit more pizzazz than a 10-second pixelated mess on Snapchat. But Snapchat’s convenience and ease of use is what makes it the popular choice for video these days, despite being impermanent and of low quality. […]

Complete Guide: Working with Subtitles on MX Player for Android


I prefer watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, and the joy when they are absolutely in sync is priceless. These subtitles simply act as a helping hand most of the time. But then there are shows like Sherlock where they’re a must to follow what’s going on, at least in my experience (or maybe I am one […]

5 Excellent iOS Games Based on Popular Console Franchises


One of the great aspects of gaming on consoles such as the latest PlayStation or Xbox is that those systems carry games with established franchises and deep storylines that can be incredible immersing. Now, with all the progress being made on the gaming side of smartphones, some of the most popular franchises in gaming are […]

How to Upload All Your Photos from Everywhere to Google Photos

How to Upload Your Entire Photo

Google Photos is free and awesome. As we’ve decided before, it’s not going to hurt you to try it out. But trying it out means uploading hundreds or thousands of your pictures to Google Photos. And because Google Photos didn’t exist till now, your photo collection is messed up. Your iPhone photos might be in […]

How to Optimize Your Listening Experience on Earphones/Headphones


Every time I move around the crowded streets of any major metropolitan city, I cannot help but notice the number of people wired with earphones/headphones. They might be catching up on the latest songs on Spotify or enjoying their favorite podcast. Either way, not too many seem to be wearing the right equipment. Or they […]

The Definitive Guide to Using Flash in Smartphone Photography


More photographs are now being taken in the history of human kind than ever before with our handy lil’ smartphones. Most people seem to be very trigger-happy when they feel like their phone’s flash can brighten up the subject that they are clicking. Flash doesn’t always prove to be useful, though. In fact, most professional cameramen […]

How to Use WhatsApp as a Desktop App on Windows, Mac and Linux

WhatsApp Dekstop

When WhatsApp for Web arrived back in January, millions of users across the world sighed simultaneously (well, not iPhone users). It wasn’t much. It wasn’t a standalone full-fledged desktop app like Skype. But it was something. Although heavily reliant on the Android phone for authentication and internet connection, it still gave users an easy way […]

How to Use Different Calendars in One App on iOS with Timepage


Moleskine is known more for its notebooks and less for its iOS apps, but that could be changing. It launched a new calendar app called Timepage with a unique design that fuses together a comprehensive look at the weather and your calendars to help you make better scheduling choices. If you’re like many calendar users […]

How to Save Data When Tethering on Mac by Automatically Disabling Certain Apps

Mac Save Data When Travelling

Sadly, the world is not a giant Wi-Fi access granting factory. Companies like Google and Tesla are surely trying, but it’s going to be a long time till you can travel in a fast train while also comfortably working away with an adequate internet connection. Till then we’re left to our own devices – over […]

The Best App to Torrent on a Chromebook

JStorrent options

We’ve covered a bunch of torrenting apps for Windows, Mac, and Android but you can also torrent on a Chromebook. With solid protection against viruses, you’re less likely to run into problems with torrenting and malware. The best Chromebook-compatible app I found is JSTorrent, so here’s how to set it up. If Your Chromebook Does Get […]

Pushbullet Portal vs AirDroid: Which Wi-Fi File Transfer Manager is Better?


Whilst there are plenty of apps that let you back up and share files between Android devices, there are few that let you transfer files wirelessly from phones to computers (or vice-versa). AirDroid immediately springs to mind, with very few alternatives around. Recently, Pushbullet announced their new app, Portal. And yes, it does let you […]

How to Back Up Windows App Settings Before Upgrading to Windows 10


Now that we all know the upcoming version of Windows, i.e. Windows 10, will be free for anyone, it gives us even more reason to upgrade. Time and again, I have always mentioned the fact that flashing an Android OS is way easier than formatting/upgrading a Windows operating system. Data backup of photos, music, and […]