How To Install Stable Homebrew and Emulators on a Hacked PS Vita Running OFW 3.36

PS Vita Install Stable Emulators 336

If you follow the Vita hacking scene closely, then you know it is pretty rare to see game exploits that allow you to run TN-V and other homebrew and emulators on the latest Vita official firmware (OFW) versions. This is the case with the OFW 3.36 for PS Vita, which allows players to run the […]

How to Easily Execute ADB Commands on Android Using a GUI Based Tool


Android Debugging Bridge, commonly known as the ADB tools among Android users, is a great way to interact with and manage Android phones, especially when it comes to advanced configuration. But like any other powerful tool, it is also based on command line arguments, so users needs to type in these commands to get the […]

Darkroom vs VSCO Cam: Which Photo Editor Should You Choose on iPhone?


VSCO Cam has been known for some time now as one of those go-to photography apps on the iPhone. Its features and design are great for regular Instagram users and professional photographers alike. New on the block is Darkroom, another app that attempts to squeeze powerful editing tools in a highly user-friendly package. Both apps are […]

Which OnePlus One Lollipop Upgrade to Choose: OxygenOS, Cyanogen OS 12S or CyanogenMod 12.1

OnePlus One Lollipop Upgrade

If you own a OnePlus One, you’re most likely trying to figure out what to do about the Lollipop update. In an attempt to Never Settle, OnePlus One is providing you with basically 3 options. And from a distance, they all look equally appealing – or equally confusing. Hopefully, by the end of this article, […]

How to Get PDF Files of Your Magazines from Magzter

Read Magazines digitally

Magzter is a popular eBook store that mainly sells magazines. You’re probably already familiar with it as you have come to this article. While Magzter has apps for iOS and Android, someone who wants to read on a dedicated eBook reader such as Kindle will require offline files, which unfortunately Magzter doesn’t provide. But we’re here to […]

8 Features That Make Mercury Your Next Default iOS Browser


The other day I was looking for a browser on iOS where I could use extensions and block ads on annoying websites. Hopefully something similar to Dolphin Browser on Android. After searching for a while I landed on Mercury Browser’s page on the App Store and I was impressed with the number of features developers have marketed. […]

Amazon Cloud Drive: Why You Should or Should Not Use It

Amazon Cloud Drive

When it comes to cloud backup, Amazon knows its stuff. AWS and S3 are some of the most reliable names out there. But till now, its cloud prowess has mostly been limited to developers and companies. Amazon never really had a compelling cloud backup product for consumers. With the newly launched Amazon Cloud Drive, it […]

How to Organize Photoshop Palettes for Maximum Efficiency

Organize Photoshop Palettes Main

Before you even start any work on Photoshop, be it a large-scale project or a simple edit, it is very important for you to organize the tools at your disposal in the most efficient way possible. Thankfully, Photoshop is not only easily customizable, but its customization options are specifically tailored for getting the tools you want […]

6 Really Cool and Useful Ideas for Utilizing Your Old Android Phone


I have 2 old Android phones (HTC Sensation and Xperia Z) that used to just lie around in my cupboard gathering dust. I tried to sell them online before upgrading, but in my experience, smartphones these days don’t come with much resale value. I was not offered even 25% of what I had originally invested in […]

3 Tips for Making Awesome Collages for Instagram Using Layout

Instagram Layout App

Collages on Instagram are really popular. I see multiple collage posts from my friends throughout the day. It makes sense, right? You go to a party, meet friends, you’ve taken like, 100 selfies. Five of which are actually good. Of course, you want to share them with your Instagram followers. But come on, you’re also not […]

How to Create a Custom Recovery Image of Windows 8.1


Windows 8’s Refresh your PC feature is very useful in times when Windows is not working properly or not booting at all. But it can also be a headache as the user has to install all his programs again. Today we will look at how to make a custom recovery image of your Windows installation, which includes […]

How To Flash OxygenOS, Cyanogen OS 12S and CyanogenMod 12.1 on OnePlus One

OnePlus One Lollipop Upgrade

OnePlus One is the geek’s phone. It’s kind of the new Nexus. So it’s a shame that upgrading this phone to Lollipop is not smooth as candy. If you’re in India, you’re not even sure if you’re going to get Cyanogen OS 12S OTA update. The rollout is slow and users get frustrated when checking for […]

How to Get Sony’s Stamina (Power Saver) Mode on Any Rooted Android

Sony Battery Life

I think you would agree that while smartphones have come a long way since they went mainstream a few years ago, one area that still leaves a lot to be desired is their batteries. Not that today’s battery capabilities are the same as what it was then, but it certainly hasn’t kept pace with the innovation […]

How to Map OneDrive as a Network Drive on Windows


These days, we are flooded with many online cloud file hosting services that we can use to save our files. But after Microsoft came up with the 100s of free GBs in promotions like Bing Rewards, I opted to go with it. The brand value of Microsoft that comes with OneDrive was an added advantage. Every […]