Pixelmator vs Gimp: Comparing Inexpensive Photoshop Alternatives for Mac


Alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop are all the rage and always have been, mostly due to Photoshop’s staggering price, which as of now can cost as much as $29.99 per month. That’s quite a bit of money to spend if you’re someone who needs to make a quick but effective edit here and there. Perhaps you do […]

How to Find Who’s Tracking You Online (And How to Stop Them)

So long, trackers!

Everyone wants your data. From NSA to your local government to Google and everyone in between. Of course, not everyone cares about data tracking. Not unless you tell them the government is seeing your dick pics. But there’s more than one kind of data tracking on the internet. Maybe something that’s not as grandiose but […]

2 Video Resizers for Android that Actually Work


Moments are meant to be shared – be it photos or videos, they bring happiness without a price tag. I can bet, nothing brings a bigger smile to our parents far away from us than a video of their grandchild blowing out the candles of his/her first birthday cake. Online social networks like Facebook and YouTube have literally no limits […]

How to Use Scheduler and Grabber in IDM


Internet Download Manager is one of the applications I swear by. Sure, there are other download managers for Windows, but for me, nothing is as good as IDM. Many people who use IDM might not be familiar with the additional features it offers, the major two being Scheduler and Grabber. Scheduler, true to its name, schedules […]

8 Cool (and Useful) Ways to Use Google Now Voice Search

Google Voice Search Text

Google Now’s voice search engine might not be as cheeky as Siri or Cortana. It doesn’t have their personality or charm. You’re not going to get funny replies, it won’t tell you jokes. But there are a lot of useful things you can do with it. And the list keeps growing with time. If you’ve […]

How to Clone and Run Multiple Instances of the Same App on Android


Have a split identity on social networks? Perhaps you have two accounts for Instagram and Facebook each so that you can easily manage your personal and professional life? Coping with multiple accounts is easy when it comes to computers, but on Android it’s a whole different story. There are app alternatives, like those we have for Facebook and […]

How to Create Recovery Media on a Chromebook

Chromebook Recovery Utility at Chrome Web Store

Chromebooks are cheap and reliable, except when they have a problem. If that happens before a presentation or a paper, you have to go through the hassle and delay of downloading a new Chromebook image. This assumes you even have an internet connection. Save yourself from this crisis by creating the recovery media in advance. Did you […]

How to Get the Most Out of Chrome’s New Bookmarks Manager (and How to Switch Back to Old One)

Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Chrome has been testing a new Bookmarks Manager for quite a while now and it’s finally made it to the prime time. The new version is live in the final build of the latest public channel. And the first reactions are not exactly stellar. Bookmarks Manager is heavily influenced by Material Design. I’m not a […]

3 iPhone Apps for Accurate Minute-by-Minute Weather Forecasts


The weather app is arguably one of the most important apps on the iPhone because it provides simple, yet crucial insight about the day and week. Though Apple’s Weather app has improved over the years through iOS updates, it still lacks the detailed forecasts that third-party apps offer. One major advantage from several third-party weather […]

The Futile Search For a Credible Grooveshark Alternative

Grooveshark dead

In many ways, Grooveshark was the Napster of the mid 2000s. And like Napster, it’s now dead. After years of legal battle, on April 30 2015 Grooveshark finally succumbed to the pressure of big music labels, deciding to settle the lawsuit. Shutting down the service, wiping their servers and handing over their patents in the […]

How to View General and Specific FaceTime Data Usage on Your iOS Devices

FaceTime Data Usage Main

One of the greatest conveniences of iPhones and iPads is the way in which Apple tends to seamlessly integrate hardware and software in order to streamline actions that we already considered simple enough. FaceTime is easily one of these, providing Apple users with a smooth video and audio calling service using nothing more than their […]

How To Install Stable Homebrew and Emulators on a Hacked PS Vita Running OFW 3.36

PS Vita Install Stable Emulators 336

If you follow the Vita hacking scene closely, then you know it is pretty rare to see game exploits that allow you to run TN-V and other homebrew and emulators on the latest Vita official firmware (OFW) versions. This is the case with the OFW 3.36 for PS Vita, which allows players to run the […]

How to Easily Execute ADB Commands on Android Using a GUI Based Tool


Android Debugging Bridge, commonly known as the ADB tools among Android users, is a great way to interact with and manage Android phones, especially when it comes to advanced configuration. But like any other powerful tool, it is also based on command line arguments, so users needs to type in these commands to get the […]

Darkroom vs VSCO Cam: Which Photo Editor Should You Choose on iPhone?


VSCO Cam has been known for some time now as one of those go-to photography apps on the iPhone. Its features and design are great for regular Instagram users and professional photographers alike. New on the block is Darkroom, another app that attempts to squeeze powerful editing tools in a highly user-friendly package. Both apps are […]