Top 3 Calendar Widgets for Android to Stay on Top of Your Schedule

Calendar Widget

Although it was a big thing in the early Android days of yore, widgets are now a dwindling race. One of my favorite Android launchers doesn’t even support them. While in 2010 you’d find me downloading and experimenting with all sorts of widgets (even on the lockscreen), they’re now decreased to the bare essentials. The clock, […]

How to Squeeze the Data Plan on Your iPhone to the Max


No matter which way you look at it, with every new smartphone you get, your data consumption seems to be heading exclusively in one direction: Up. This is no surprise since every day more and more of the apps we use rely on internet-based services in order to provide faster and more accurate information about […]

How to Automatically Batch Resize Images in Mac Using Automator


Automator is an automation app that comes preinstalled with every Mac. It’s a simple utility where you create a workflow by specifying a set of instructions (called Actions) that the app will follow, one after the other. Automator can do everything from moving files or modifying files to complex things like launching scripts and interacting with […]

6 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

The internet is ablaze with tales of WhatsApp’s triumphant foray into the lands of the world wide web. Yes, the headlines are right, there’s a WhatsApp for ‘web’. As always, that’s not the whole story. And here at Guiding Tech we pride ourselves with telling the whole truth. So that next time you’re having a […]

4 Useful Tips for Getting the Most Juice Out of Your MacBook’s Battery Life


If you are the proud owner of a MacBook, then you know that while Apple’s portable batteries can last quite long, every extra minute that you can squeeze from your MacBook when unplugged is extremely valuable. Thankfully, Apple provides a wide set of tools within OS X that you can use to optimize the battery […]

How to Install Official Leaked Lollipop Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900


It’s been almost 3 months now that Google launched Lollipop for Android devices, but to date, not even 1% of Android users have received the update. Each manufacturer is taking their own sweet time to develop the update and then launch it based upon the user’s location. I wish Google would set some regulation on their […]

Top 7 Classy and Funky Cases for iPhone 6


Note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our affiliate disclosure here. There are thousands of iPhone cases out there. Everything from dirt cheap to super classy. But which are actually worthy buying? If you’ve got a new iPhone 6 and want to put that baby in a case (either to get a better grip on […]

SyncDroid: Easy Android Data Backup to Windows and Dropbox


In my line of work, I experiment a lot with the gadgets I own. Sometimes I excel in conducting them and share the results with you. But there are times when I get stuck and have to start from scratch. Anyways, I somehow manage to get my device up and running after a few setbacks. But […]

How to Improve Window Management and Productivity Using OS X Spaces


Spaces is one of the most underutilized features in OS X. And I’m just as guilty as any other person here. The problem with Spaces is that it’s great at building virtual desktops but not much more, at least in the default state. Spaces is a useful feature. You can have different desktops for different […]

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini (Retina) Review: Cheap, Cheerful and Robust

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our affiliate disclosure here. When I got the first generation iPad mini close to two years ago, I just picked up a third party cover from the local shop. It was red, my iPad was Space Grey. It looked cool. But it didn’t have a back cover and […]

How to Reduce the Size of Your Blu-ray and Other MP4 Videos by Over 50%


If you’re a fan of motion pictures, your collection is probably quite large. A lot of people around the globe have still not moved on to the streaming world. They choose to store, play, and own their media locally instead. If you’ve got a 2-3 TB hard drive, HD media ripped and organized using something like […]

How to Fix Common Titanium Backup Errors while Restoring Apps


After flashing a new ROM on your Android smartphone, the easiest way to restore all the apps and settings is using Titanium backup. With root access, the app can not only take the backup of all the apps installed on your device, but can also backup the associated data with the apps. Be it just […]

How to Change the Default Application to Open Files on Your Mac


Whenever you double click on any file on your Mac within the Finder, the operating system will by default find the most suitable app to open it and reveal its contents. Most of the time everything will work without issues, but there are other times when your Mac will either not use the ideal app […]

4 Ways to Download Awesome Material Design Wallpapers on Your Android Phone

Material 2

As of Dec 2014, a month after its release, Android Lollipop still runs on less than 0.01% of its install base. That’s kind of sad. It’s not all that bad though. While Lollipop is visually pleasing, the underlying principles of the new design standard called Material Design are quite backwards compatible. So while you might not be […]