Top 13 Ways to Fix Discord Messages Failed to Load Error

While Slack and Teams dominate the enterprise space, Discord offers a similar solution to general users and gaming communities. While Discord offers feature-rich native apps on all platforms, the user experience isn’t perfect all the time. Many have complained about connection issues on mobile, desktop apps crashing, and Discord not loading messages. The latter is quite irritating and breaks your communication on the platform. Here are the best ways to fix Discord messages failed to load error.

Fix Discord messages failed to load error

Discord is practically unusable due to this error. Instead of new messages, you will see the messages are filled with empty chat bubbles. Before you move to another platform, use the steps below to take care of the problem in no time.

Why Discord Messages Failed to Load on All Servers

Discord’s popularity is reaching new heights with each passing day. With millions of new users joining the platform, Discord servers may sometimes face outages. It’s one of the prime reasons behind Discord not loading messages issue. Apart from the server, a sketchy network connection, outdated app, corrupt cache, or a blocked status may also lead to issues like ‘Discord failed to load messages’. Let’s check several top reasons behind such a problem.

  • Network connection issues on your device
  • Corrupt Discord cache
  • You are blocked from the channel
  • Outdated Discord apps
  • Temporary ban
  • Discord is banned in your region

How to Fix Discord Messages Failed to Load

Let’s go through some of the basics first and move to advanced tricks to help you access your precious conversations on Discord.

1. Check the Network Connection

If your Windows or Mac desktop has network connection issues, Discord can’t load new messages for you. You need to connect to a high-speed stable Wi-Fi network and try again.

2. Switch Your Network Connection

Discord is quite popular among teenagers too. Your school authorities may block Discord and other social media apps on the Wi-Fi network. You need to ditch your school or office’s Wi-Fi network and use the mobile hotspot to load Discord messages without breaking a sweat.

3. Restart Router


Do you have network connection issues on all your connected devices? Your home or office router can be the major culprit here. You need to restart the router and try your luck with the internet connection again.

4. Clear Discord Cache

Discord collects cache in the background to improve the app performance for end users. There are times when Discord ends up collecting corrupt cache files. In such a situation, Discord may say you have a direct message even when you don’t. You can read our dedicated guide to clear Discord cache on Windows and Mac.

5. Select a Specific Channel

Click on text channel

Click on one of the text channels marked by # on the left sidebar and load the latest messages.

6. Wait for Temporary Ban to Lift

This is one of the prime factors leading to the failure to load messages error in Discord.

Temporary ban on discord

Some users spam the reactions to a message or continuously copy-past the messages in several channels. Discord detects it as spam and bans your account temporarily. You should avoid following activities on Discord.

  • Spamming a reaction to a message
  • Copy-pasting too many messages
  • Sending automatic replies or spam messages

You need to wait it out, and Discord should restore your account within a few days.

7. Force Restart Discord

If you are still facing Discord’s failed to load messages error, it’s time to force restart Discord and fetch new data from servers.

We will explain how to perform a force restart on Windows and Mac. Let’s start with Windows.


Windows users can use the Task Manager and completely close the Discord app.

Step 1: Right-click on the Windows key and open Task Manager.

Open Task Manager on Windows

Step 2: Select Discord from the list and click End task at the top.

End task for Discord on Windows


macOS offers Activity Monitor to manage apps running in the background. Here’s how you can restart Discord on Mac.

Step 1: Press Command + Space keys and search for Activity Monitor.

Step 2: Open the app and click on Discord from the list. Click X at the top to end the process.

Close discord on mac

Open Discord again and try to load messages. Hopefully, you won’t receive failed to load messages status in the app.

8. Check Discord Servers

If Discord servers are having a rough day, you won’t send or receive any new messages. The company offers a dedicated server page to check the current status page. You visit the link below and make sure it says ‘All Systems Operational’ message.

Check discord server status

In some cases, Discord’s server status might not be accurate. You can visit Downdetector and search for Discord. If other Discord-ers report the same, you will notice huge outage spikes. You can also confirm the issue from Discord’s Twitter handle.

If that’s the scenario, you have no option but to wait for Discord to fix the issue from their side.

9. Change Platforms

Discord is natively available on mobile platforms and browsers. If you have trouble loading messages on a PC or Mac, you can always move to Discord mobile apps or the web to fetch new messages and continue the conversation.

10. Check Server/Group Permissions

Admins usually keep a tight lid on permissions to reduce spam and overcrowding in a Discord server.

You might not have permission on the server to view messages. You need to contact the person who sent you the invite link and revoke permission to access the channel.

Check discord server permission

11. Use VPN

Some members on Reddit managed to resolve Discord’s failed to load messages error by using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Discord might have blocked your IP address due to a temporary ban or excessive usage.

Use VPN on Windows

You can use any popular VPN service, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN and set it up on your PC or Mac. You can connect to a server in another region and try loading Discord messages again.

12. Mark Discord Messages as Read

Using this trick, a Redditor managed to fix Discord’s failed to load messages error. You can right-click on the channel name and select the ‘Mark as Read’ option. After a minute or two, you should see new messages loading on the channel.

Mark read messages in discord channel

13. Update Discord

Discord is finally available from the Microsoft Store on Windows and the Mac App Store. If you are dealing with an outdated Discord app, update it to the latest version and try again.

Discord Not Loading Messages: FAQs

Why is Discord showing a black screen?

When you open Discord on a slow internet connection, the app may not load all the server properly and show a black screen.

How long does your first Discord ban last?

The first Discord ban lasts for around three days.

Start Your Conversations on Discord

Maybe your favorite game Fortnight received a huge new update, and you opened Discord to discuss the same, only to receive the ‘Messages Failed to Load’ error at the bottom. The tricks above should help you fix the issue. Which method worked for you? Share your findings in the comments below.

Last updated on 20 June, 2023

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