What Is Instagram Threads and How to Use It

The Musk era saw a plethora of changes introduced to Twitter. Some good, most bad. And with that, the writing was on the wall that Twitter’s relevance would fall faster than its stock prices. Meta capitalized on this by introducing Threads — a platform affiliated with Instagram. If you’re looking to increase your screen time by endlessly scrolling on yet another app, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Threads and how to use it.

Unlike Instagram, where you can only post media, Threads allows you to upload text too, just like Twitter. So, all your rant sessions can now gain traction on two apps instead of one. Nonetheless, if you are an ardent Twitterati looking to switch to a different platform before the ship sinks, Instagram Threads seems like a good alternative.

We’ll tell you how you can set up an account on Threads and everything you can do on the app. Let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Instagram Threads

Threads by Instagram is an app that allows you to post text, photos, and videos about anything and everything happening in your life. You can share thoughts, opinions, or even cute pictures of your doggo. Think of it as Instagram — but not limited to media.

When you post a ‘thread’ on the Threads app, anyone using the platform can interact with it. You can also like, repost, or reply to others’ posts. If you’ve used Twitter, Threads’ interface will make you feel at home.

How Is the Threads App Different From Instagram

  • You can post text and media on Threads. Instagram, on the other hand, only lets you post photos, videos, stories, and Reels — all of which are different forms of media.
  • Instagram doesn’t allow you to repost someone else’s post. Threads has a Repost button similar to the Retweet feature on Twitter.
  • On Instagram, you only see posts and stories from the people or accounts you follow. Threads displays posts from random accounts on your feed related to your interests.
  • Your existing Instagram followers won’t make their way to Threads automatically.

How to Sign Up for Instagram Threads

The new social media platform is currently only available as a smartphone app. However, we expect Meta to launch a web version of Threads soon. That said, here’s how you can create an account on Threads and start… threading?

Head over to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the Threads app. You can use the links below depending on the phone you’re using.

Once installed, open the app on your smartphone. Now, the Threads app gives you two options here: link your existing Instagram account or set up a fresh one. You can pick the option best suited to you. Follow the subsequent steps accordingly.

Linking Your Existing Instagram Account With Threads

Step 1: Select your username on the Threads app under the ‘Log in with Instagram’ text. You will now be redirected to set up your profile.

You can enter the information manually or hit the ‘Import from Instagram’ button to fill in the details from your existing Instagram account. Once done, tap on Next.

Step 2: Threads will now ask you to select the privacy setting of your choice. Select whether you want a Public profile or a Private one.

Step 3: The last step is to follow the accounts of your choice. Threads shows you a list of all the accounts you follow on Instagram. You can choose to follow select individual accounts or hit the Follow All button at the bottom. Click on Next once done. Finally, select the Join Threads option at the bottom of the screen. This will complete your sign-up process.

Signing In With a Fresh Account

At the moment, there’s no way to create a standalone Threads account without Instagram. In order to use Threads, you’ll need to sign up for an Instagram account first.

Step 1: Select the Switch Accounts option on the app home page. Then, tap on ‘Log in to another Instagram account’ at the bottom.

Step 2: Now, you can either enter the login details of another Instagram account or create a new one.

If you decide to create a new Instagram account, use those credentials on the above screen to log in to Threads.

How to View and Post Content on Instagram Threads

Once you sign up, you will be greeted with the Threads home screen. This is where you will see what others have posted. You can interact with a post by either liking it, commenting on it, reposting it, or sharing it. The navigation bar at the bottom can be used to access various panels. You can search for users, check for notifications, or view your profile.

At the center of the bottom bar is the Create Thread button. Tap on it, and you can draft a post. You can add photos or videos to your thread by selecting the Attach button.

Once a thread is drafted, you can select who can reply by selecting the ‘Anyone can reply’ option in the bottom-left corner and changing it to the desired option. When you’re ready, tap on the Post button in the bottom-right corner to publish your first Thread!

How to Post a Thread on Your Instagram Stories

Since the Threads app is new, you may want to inform your Instagram followers about your presence on the platform. You can do so by cross-posting a Thread on your Instagram Stories. Here’s how.

Step 1: Head over to the thread you want to add to your Story. Select the Share button and choose ‘Add to story’.

Step 2: The app will now redirect you to Instagram. You can add text or other effects to the Story. Once done, select the Your Story button at the bottom.

The Story will now be posted for your Instagram followers to view. If you wish to share your Thread elsewhere, select the appropriate option after hitting the Share button within the Threads app.

Features of the Threads App

  • You can search for and follow any account you choose, including the ones you already follow on Instagram.
  • A post or Thread can contain text, images, and videos. Unfortunately, you cannot post GIFs at the moment.
  • However, GIFs can be used to reply to a thread.
  • If you set up a Private account, other users must request to follow you, similar to Instagram.
  • Threads can be seamlessly shared on Twitter, something we didn’t expect from a competing app.
  • The app currently doesn’t have the ability to send DMs. This can either be seen as a pro or a con.

Since the app is still in its nascent stages, more features will be added with time.

FAQs for Instagram Threads

1. How is the Threads app different from Twitter?

Threads is Twitter’s competitor, which means the UI, layout, and features are pretty similar. We’re working on a dedicated comparison between the two platforms to give you a clearer idea.

2. Will all my Instagram followers see my Threads?

Your Instagram followers can see your Threads only if they sign up for the Threads app and follow you on it.

3. Does the Threads app access data on my phone?

Threads is an app by Meta. And Meta is infamous for collecting user data. So yes, Threads requires a lot of permissions to access your data. You can view the list of permissions on the Play Store or App Store listing before downloading the app.

Stitch Up Your Posts

It’s good to see a new Twitter competitor, especially considering the current state of the social media platform. While it’s too early to say if Threads will replace Twitter as the defacto app for like-minded people to express their thoughts, it seems like a step in the right direction. We hope Meta doesn’t add Stories and Reels to the app and convert it to yet another Facebook.

Last updated on 07 July, 2023

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