9 Ways to Fix White Screen on Samsung and Other Android Phones

Android smartphones are stable and reliable. I’ve been an Android user for years and have never experienced any major problems or glitches with my devices. Unfortunately, other users haven’t been as lucky. It seems that Samsung phones are particularly prone to the white screen of death issues. Seeing your screen go white all of a sudden can be really frustrating. Let’s explore why that happens and how to fix the white screen on Samsung and other Android phones.

Android white screen fix

There are multiple reasons why your Android phone screen turns white. The screen itself could be faulty, in which case the only solution is to have it replaced. Or maybe other hardware components are damaged. Additionally, corrupted files, incomplete updates, and overheating issues could also cause white screen issues. Or an app could be causing the white screen issue.

1. Force Restart the Phone

The first thing that you must do to fix the white screen of death issue on your Android phone is to force restart the phone. Don’t worry, as doing so will not delete any of your personal data or files.

To force restart your Android phone, press and hold the Power button for at least 20-30 seconds until the phone powers off. On Samsung Galaxy phones, you will have to press and hold the Volume Down key and the Power button at the same time for about seven to ten seconds until the phone turns off.  Force restarting the phone should fix the white screen issue on Android phones, including Samsung.

Android phone power button

If the problem persists after the first restart, repeat the action a few more times, and check the results.

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2. Remove Your SIM and Memory Card

Next, to fix the white screen issue on Android phones, try removing your SIM and memory card, and check if you notice any improvements. 

To remove the SIM card, take the ejection pin and insert it into the SIM tray hole to loosen the tray. Then, pull the tray from the slot and gently remove the SIM card. Remove your memory card as well if you’re using one. Try to force restart the device without the SIM card.

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3. Remove the Battery

If you own an old Android phone, you may be able to remove the battery as well. You should try that, too, to get rid of the white screen of death issue.  

New Android models usually have a built-in sealed battery that you can’t remove. On older phones, remove your phone’s case (if you have it), and check if you can safely remove the phone’s back to take out the battery.

4. Check Charger

You should try charging your Android phone for a while. Maybe your phone is low on battery juice, and that’s why it’s unable to boot, thus causing the white screen issue. If you have already tried charging the phone, use a different charger. There are chances that you are using a defective charging adapter or cable.

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5. Check Problematic App

If you are somehow able to bypass the white screen on your Android phone, you should try clearing the cache of any recently installed app. For that, go to Settings, followed by Apps, and tap on the name. Then, tap on Storage followed by Clear cache. Doing so will not delete any data from the app.

Android clear cache app

Alternatively, you should uninstall the app that you might think is responsible for the white screen issue on your Android phone.

6. Reboot Your Phone in Safe Mode

If you are still unable to get rid of the white screen on your Android phone, you should try rebooting your phone in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, your phone will start only with the apps that came preinstalled. It prevents third-party apps from launching during start-up. So if a third-party app is responsible for the white screen of death issue, your phone can boot up in Safe Mode.

Note: Safe Mode removes home screen widgets. It will not delete any other data.

To enable Safe Mode on Android phones, follow these steps:

Step 1: When the device is on, press the Power button on the side until you see the Power pop-up menu. On some phones, you might have to press Power and Volume Up or Power and Volume Down buttons together to see the Power Menu.

Step 2: In the Power pop-up menu, long press the Power option until the Reboot to Safe mode message shows up. Tap on OK to go to Safe Mode. You will see Safe Mode text at the bottom of the screen when your phone is in Safe Mode.

Android safe mode white screen

Step 3: Now, go to Settings > Apps and uninstall the problematic app.

Note: To exit Safe Mode, restart your Android phone. In case your phone is stuck in Safe Mode, learn how to fix Android phone stuck on Safe Mode.

7. Factory Reset Phone

Your phone may be unusable due to the white screen, but your computer might still be able to read and import data. Try connecting your phone to your computer and check if you can back up important data.

If you can do so, back up the data and then factory reset, aka format your Android phone. For that, go to Settings > System > Reset options and select Erase all data. On Samsung Galaxy phones, you might have to go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset.

Factory reset android phone 2

If you can’t back up your data, try the next fixes before factory resetting your phone.

8. Take Your Device to Authorized Repair Center

If your Android phone still shows a white screen, chances are the display is faulty, or there is some other physical or internal damage. Take your device to your phone’s authorized repair center and check for a new display.

9. System Reload from a Technician

If your phone is out of warranty, you can get your Android phone checked by a local mobile repair store as well. In many cases, they will download firmware on your phone, which will eliminate the white screen issue if it’s not a display issue. And the best part is they will not charge a bomb.

Start Your Phone

We hope this article helped you fix the white screen on your Android phone. If your phone is not turning on, know how to fix Android phone stuck on boot.

Last updated on 04 November, 2023

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