How to Extract High-Quality Still Images from Video on Android

Despite many innovations in camera-related tech, the editing suite lacks progress in most smartphones. There’s nothing much you can do with it except exploit a few basic filters and editing tools. Guess my frustration when I couldn’t extract a simple image (or frame) from the beautiful 4K footage I shot using my Android phone.

Here, you might argue that instead of going the extra mile, one might as well take a screenshot of the video. If you have pulled this feat earlier, you must know by now that the resulting image does no justice to the video quality. These images are often hazy, blurred, and lack detail. Surely not something you’d want to post on Instagram or Facebook.

Fortunately, with high-resolution videos, one can easily extract still frames. Since the high-resolution videos capture more information, the frames captured are detailed, sharp, and of higher quality to work best for your social accounts.

Let us first begin with using the built-in features to extract still images from a video.

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Capture a Picture From a Recorded Video on Android

Some Android devices have an inbuilt feature to extract still images from video. Take a look at how it is on our OnePlus device. All you need to do is to tap on the capture icon while you are playing the video. The captured image is then stored in your gallery, without any reduction in quality.

How to Take a Photo While Recording a Video on Android

Moreover, you can also extract still images while shooting a video on your Android device by hitting the capture image button. The quality also will not reduce in this method.

This can be especially helpful if you are conflicted between capturing a still image or a video of a scene – you can capture images while recording a video instead!

However, if such inbuilt features are not present on your Android device, you can always resort to some third-party apps to get the job done.

Best Third-Party Apps to Take High-Quality Still Images From a Video

There are a few third-party Android apps that let you pull still images from a recorded video as well. In this article, we have picked two of those that do it perfectly. Furthermore, these apps are light in terms of file size, so you do not have to worry about installing a new app.

1. Video to Photo Frame Grabber

As suggestive of its name, Video to Photo Frame Grabber is a simple app and is an old-timer in this field. The crux of this app is that it can capture multiple frames from a single video.

The app has a straightforward interface. All you have to do is choose the video from your collection and tap on the Camera icon at the bottom-left corner. It may take a little time for the image to appear. Additionally, you can select the area of the capture, and zoom on a particular subject.

Furthermore, you can tweak the image settings such as the resulting file format, image quality, and image size. Undoubtedly, modifying the image Quality parameter has a big difference with the output file. In my case, the default quality rendered a 700kb file from a 4K video, and switching to Best produced a 4MB file with all details intact.

The good thing is that Video to Photo Frame Grabber creates individual folders for every video on the phone gallery. This app comes with ads and there’s no way to remove them.

2. Video to Image Converter

Video to Image Converter works similarly to the above app with the only difference being that it lets you edit photos after you take them. The capturing part is also similar. Tap on the Camera icon at the top-right corner, and you’ll be good to go.

Once you have selected all the photos, hit Done. For editing photos, long-press on the captured frames and hit the edit icon at the bottom.

The defaults of the Video to Image Converter are a bit better compared to the Video to Photo Frame Grabber app, with the default size of frames being more than 1MB for a 4K video. My only gripe is that the landing page looks quite dated.

It also has a couple of other features like an image editor and slideshow maker. However, they are pretty basic. Instead, you can use a dedicated photo editor like VSCO, Snapseed or PicsArt.

That is everything you need to know on how to extract still images from a video on Android. If you have any further queries, you can take a look at the FAQ section below.

FAQs on Capturing Still Images From a Video on Android

1. Does Google Photos support extracting still images from a video?

There is no option to extract still images from a video while viewing it in Google Photos.

2. Can you take live photos on Android?

A few Android devices support taking motion pictures within the camera app.

Tell Your Story Easily

So, the next time you want to post a bunch of photos to your Facebook album from a long and arduous video, you know what to do. The best thing about these apps is that they are light (in terms of file size) and you can uninstall them as soon as your work is done so that they do not hog unnecessary space on your smartphone.

Last updated on 01 June, 2023

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