How to Export WhatsApp Chat as PDF

Over 1.6 billion people use WhatsApp for different purposes. While some use the platform to keep up with their friends, colleagues, and families, some use the WhatsApp for business to interact with customers and clients across borders. At times, it’s necessary to save the WhatsApp Chat or Conversation in a PDF format for an official record.

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While you may be taking regular backups of your chats, it is quite tricky to get a complete record of an individual or group conversation.

Fun Fact: With over 400 million monthly active users, India is WhatsApp’s biggest market.

For that reason, it might be crucial to export your WhatsApp chat as PDF for official record or proof purposes.

Why You May Need to Export your WhatsApp Chat

1. For Legal Purposes

In any legal situation, you might want to present WhatsApp Chats as an evidence or proof of claim. Instead of taking screenshots that result in multiple images, a printable PDF file is more presentable. Additionally, when you export WhatsApp chats as PDF, it comes with detailed information like the timestamp of the chat messages.

You can even choose to include media files (images, GIFs, etc.) in the PDF export. We’ll talk more on that later.

2. For Business Purposes

You could also export your WhatsApp conversations with a customer, supplier, retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer just for business documentation purposes.

That would come in really handy if you majority of your business conversation and transactions happen on WhatsApp.

3. For Research Purposes

If you’re carrying out a survey or research and you’re interviewing your sample population on WhatsApp, you could easily export their responses as PDF. You can use exported chats in your research report and documentation.

4. As an Offline Backup Solution

It’s common practice to backup WhatsApp chats on online cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and the likes. But having your WhatsApp chats saved offline as a backup on your computer or a personal storage drive is also not a bad idea.

Exporting WhatsApp Chats as PDF

Usually, people take screenshots of WhatsApp conversations but that’s not a very efficient way to export your chat with another person on WhatsApp.

Here’s how to go about exporting your chat with people on WhatsApp as a PDF file.

Step 1: Launch your WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to export.

Step 2: Tap the three-dotted menu icon at the top-right corner of the chat window.

Export Whatsapp Chat Pdf

Step 3: Select More.

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Step 4: Tap Export chat.

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Step 5: On the pop-up card at the bottom of the screen, select Gmail or any whatever email client you use on your smartphone.

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Your chat will be attached to the email as a text (.txt) file.

Step 6: Enter your email address in the recipient section and hit the Send icon.

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Step 7: Refresh your mail box and open the mail containing the exported WhatsApp chat.

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Quick Tip:

Step 8: Tap the arrow icon on the attachment to download it to your device.

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Step 9: Next to do is to open the attachment with the WPS Office app.

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If you don’t have WPS Office installed on your smartphone, here’s a link to install it from your respective app stores.

Step 10: When the text file containing the exported chat is open in the WPS Office app, tap the Tools icon at the bottom of the app.

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Step 11: Next, tap the Export as PDF option.

Export Whatsapp Chat Pdf Android

Step 12: Preview the document and tap the ‘Export as PDF’ button.

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Step 13: Tap the Path section to select a location on your device where you want to save the exported chat. You can also give the exported PDF file a new name.

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Step 14: And finally, tap the ‘Export as PDF’ button to save the exported WhatsApp chat as a PDF file on your smartphone.

What You Should Know Before Converting a Chat to PDF

If a chat contains both text and media files like pictures and videos, you’ll have the option of exporting either the text (read: words) only or both the text and media files (images, videos, and GIFs) of the chat.

Only exported text file can be converted to PDF using WPS Office or other similar app. Also, it is recommended that you export chat without including media files.

Export Whatsapp Chat Pdf

Chats from any WhatsApp Groups can also be exported following the same steps mentioned above. You can export all types of chats, even if the other person’s contact is not saved on your phone.

PDF Saves the Day

If you’d be exporting conversations from individual and group chats on WhatsApp for any purpose whatsoever, PDF is the best format to save the chat(s) as. That is because PDF files are easily transferable and are compatible with multiple platforms and software. In the same vein, WPS Office is one of the most popular office suites that helps converts exported WhatsApp chat as PDF.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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