5 Best Free Reddit Apps For Android That Still Work in 2023

Reddit has increased its API fees significantly, making it impossible for third-party app developers to continue to operate. Reddit’s action was met with great criticism since it was interpreted as an effort to restrict third-party apps. The majority of third-party apps were removed, and many users are dissatisfied with the functionality of the official Reddit app. However, it appears that a few Reddit apps for Android are still functional.

Best Reddit Apps for Android

In this article, we’ll show you all the Reddit apps you can still use on your Android. However, do note that these apps may be free for a limited time only, and developers may start charging you to use the app to cover the API costs.

Note: Unless you have a confirmation from the app developer that the paid version of the app complies with the updated Reddit API costs – do not purchase the premium version under the assumption that the app will work forever.

1. Infinity for Reddit: Best Overall Reddit App For Android

Infinity is one of our favorite Reddit apps for Android. The main problems with the official Reddit app are ads and sluggish performance. Infinity for Reddit solves both of these. We have been using this app for over a year, and it offers a remarkably good user experience.


Apart from the snappy performance, we love how the app looks too. It gives you options to customize the interface and also supports the Material You design present on the recent versions of Android.

We adore the Lazy Mode which lets you automatically scroll posts for you. It also comes with security features like an additional authentication layer, app lock, and a secure mode where you cannot take screenshots or screen recordings.

However, we faced issues while playing videos albeit on rare occasions. But given how stable the app is otherwise, we are thoroughly impressed and it deserves all the praise it gets.

Price: Free

2. Boost for Reddit: A Close Reddit App Alternative

Although the official Reddit app has its fair share of problems, it offers a simplified user experience. So, if you want a similarly designed app, you can check out Boost. This app looks and operates close to the official Reddit app.


The post layout is quite familiar, and we like the trending page that lets you glance at everything that is going on. We also love how you can set different viewing modes/layouts for different subreddits. This is something no other app offers.

A few extra points for the good-looking home screen widget as well. Although it comes with ads, they are minimal and non-intrusive. However, you can buy the pro version to remove all ads.

Price: Free; Pro version: $2 onwards

3. Sync for Reddit: Best Performance

Until a few features of Infinity made us switch to it, we have been long-time users of Sync for Reddit. And we can confidently say it offers the best performance. We seldom came across crashes, bugs, or frame drops while scrolling across posts.


What adds to the good performance are the gestures to easily navigate the app. While most third-party Reddit apps are buggy at times while playing videos, Sync does a brilliant job of loading videos.

It also comes with an advanced set of tools to edit the text as you write a Reddit post. And recently, the beta of Sync comes with a new gorgeous Material You interface to stay in sync with the design language of Android 12 and 13. However, we are not fans of the fixed advertisement banners, but buying the pro version removes it.

Price: Free; Pro version at $4.99

4. Relay for Reddit: Best User Interface

Relay has been around for Android longer than most third-party apps on this list. And it is quite popular for how good and unique it looks, and we can’t agree more. Currently, the app is available for free until a paid version is released to cover the API costs. We like the blue-themed user interface and the overall layout of the app.


There are various swipe actions that you can use to navigate around posts. We like the large icons for post actions, unlike other Reddit apps on the list. There are plenty of options to customize the app layout too. Although there are ads, they are quite minimal and non-intrusive.

However, buying the pro version completely removes ads, and adds in extra features like advanced comment navigation, finding words within posts, and comprehensive moderation features.

Price: Free; Pro version costs $2.99

5. Now for Reddit: Best Lightweight Reddit App

The previous Reddit apps for Android came with a lot of unique features. However, if you want an app that just lets you use the platform with just basic features, Now for Reddit is an app you must try.

Now For Reddit

It is one of the most lightweight Reddit apps for Android on this list, weighing around 5 MB. Therefore, you can expect a snappy and smooth performance. We also noticed that it consumed less data than most other Reddit apps and certainly less than the official app.

It also lets you quickly swipe across subreddits and does not come with an overwhelming number of tabs and buttons. The best part is that it also does not come with ads, and is fully free to use.

Price: Free; Pro version: $3.99

Enhance Your Experience With These Reddit Apps for Android

The fight between the Reddit community, and the management did not yield a positive result – Reddit did not reduce the API pricing. However, what we hope they do is improve the original Reddit app to a point where we don’t have to look for third-party apps to use Reddit.

Last updated on 30 August, 2023

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