4 Android Apps for Reddit that Consume Less Memory

You’ll find many third-party Reddit apps on the Play Store. They’re just too many. And, many of them provide features that you might not actually need. Features that can be totally neglected. Well, such apps can often eat up a lot of your RAM and, in turn, consume more battery. Now, if you’ve got an entry-level phone and are a Redditor, using a lightweight Reddit client is the smartest thing you can do.

Lightweight Reddit Android Apps
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So, we’ve come up with a short list of lightweight Reddit Android apps that consume less memory and thus will save your battery.

1. RedReader (Beta)

RedReader is clean and neat Reddit client app with quick navigation and easy to use interface. Starting with the home screen, you’ll find all your subreddits neatly listed. You can go directly to the homepage or you can select a custom Reddit.

The Reddit posts have the same UI that you’ll find in other apps. But, it is more flat and authentic. I noticed that the links in the web view browser opened quickly. Also, links can be opened in HTTPS for secure browsing. However, you do get an option to open it in a web browser.

Redreader Reddit Comments
Redread Reddit Post

Even though it’s super lightweight it can still easily run GIFs and videos. Another great feature you get is offline browsing. It caches all the recent posts and links while your wi-fi is on. Along with its visually appealing red makeover, you also get tons of customization options. There are 7 themes available including the night mode.

2. reBrowser for Reddit

reBrowser for Reddit provides quick browsing and faster loading of images and content. The material design is crisp and lots of customizations are available under the hood. You can set the quality of images and videos if you want faster browsing.

Rebrowser Homepage
Rebrowser Comments

The images and videos are displayed inline, in comparison with RedReader. So, no need to tap on the image to view it. Well, it does have a lack of settings to tweak the app’s UI/UX. Nevertheless, it’s probably a healthy lightweight alternative to your current clumsy Reddit app.

3. Diode for Reddit

Diode for Reddit is based on the open source version of Reddit is Fun. It’s just 560KB in size and easily gets the work done. This app is best for those that are bound to internet data limits and RAM usage.

Well, the first reason is that the content is not downloaded until you scroll down to it. Also, it doesn’t contain auto-loading of content as you scroll. You need to hit next in order to go to the next list of posts. Thus, saving your data.

Diode Homepage
Diode Comments

You’ll notice that the design is similar to Reddit is Fun. But, you don’t get the control over the app that Reddit is Fun gives with its settings. However, it’s worth a shot if you’re on a limited internet data plan.

4. Reddit Offline

Reddit Offline is the Android app developed by keeping in mind the content a user would like to keep offline. Along with its offline feature, it’s also lightweight. I had to add it in this list.

Reddit Offline Comments
Reddit Offline Homepage

iOS User? If you’re a Redditor with an iPhone and/or iPad, you might want to check out the best Reddit clients for them.


Reddit is Fun is undoubtedly the best lightweight Reddit app and should be anyone’s first choice. But, here I displayed some rarely spoken about lightweight Reddit apps that are worthy to stand up in this list. Let me know your thoughts on this short list. Also, what is your choice?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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