6 Best Instant Cameras with SD Card That You Can Buy

When you talk about instant cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is tiny postcard-sized photos. Whether it’s a trek in the mountains or a photo booth moment, these instant cameras add a distinct flavor to the fun. But as it happens, there’s no way to get a second copy once the photo has been printed. Or is it? Well, there is a way to store these memories in a digital format, thanks to instant cameras with SD card slots.

Yep, you read that right. Instant cameras these days let you extend the memory via SD cards. So you can print these pictures later, and lay aside worries of spending too much to buy loads of films. Of course, you also get the option of viewing your photos at a later stage on your smartphone or computer. So, here we are with our picks of the best instant cameras with an SD Card slot.

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1. Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Snap is the perfect pick for you if you’re looking for a compact and light instant camera. This one has many features and is the perfect middle ground between a true Polaroid camera and an entry-level digital camera. It bundles a 13-megapixel lens, a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen, and a built-in photo printer. And that’s not the end of the story. This mini printer also allows you to apply filters and stickers to photos to prepare them for photo books and albums.

Plus, using the Snap is an uncomplicated affair. The touchscreen lets you control pretty much everything. And it’s a no-ink camera. Instead, it uses Zink paper to print photos. Each photo measures about 3×2 inches and printing a single one takes about 20 seconds.

Apart from that, this Polaroid camera sports a great look. There are no buttons on the body. There’s only a power button which also doubles up as a flash.

Now we address the main part — expandable memory. This camera lets you plug a micro SD card of up to 32GB for storing photos. You can use it to create a backup of photos and go on shooting even when you run out of the film – pretty much like a smartphone.

Note that photos from instant cameras do not churn out top notch photo quality. And in this case, the photo quality tends to suffer in low-light conditions. Though a rechargeable battery unit powers the camera, do not expect a long battery life.

The Polaroid Snap is available in a bunch of attractive colors and costs less than $100.

2. Fujifilm Instax SQ20

Another cool instant camera with added functionality is Fujifilm’s Instax SQ20. The successor to the Instax SQ10, this hybrid instant camera can capture and print your memories and record short video clips for you. It also packs a small 2.7-inch LCD screen to preview your photos before sending them off to print. Other than that, you can add Instagram-style color filters through it.

Features of the Instax SQ20 film camera with SD card include Double Exposure, Collage, or adding Vignette effects on the go. Plus, it’s powered by a built-in battery unit capable of lasting up to several days.

Daylight photos on this camera are fairly decent. However, you may need to adjust the exposure before hitting the shutter button. However, low-light photos tend to have noise.

The internal memory can store around 50 photos, which you can boost by adding the microSD card. Again, the digital quality and resolution of the photos will suffer if you blow up the pictures to print through a photo printer.

Unlike the Polaroid Snap, the Fujifilm Instax SQ20 is bigger and measures around 6.8 x 6.8 x 4 inches. It uses traditional Fujifilm film to print the photos and is available in Black and Beige.

3. Kodak Printomatic

Another instant camera with SD card support is the Kodak Printomatic. It uses Zink paper to print photos, unlike the one above. The Printomatic is perfect if you do not want to worry about exposure settings and other things. Instead, this camera takes care of it all. In short, it’s a point-and-shoot camera suitable for kids.

The Printomatic’s prints measure around 2 x 3 inches, and the photo quality tends to have less saturation, thanks to Zink photo paper. However, it still churns out pretty decent images at the $70 price point. All the photo prints are water-resistant and have an adhesive back, making it convenient to stick to scrapbooks and journals.

And when it comes to digital prints, you can expect them to be around 3680 × 2760 pixels. And the good news is that the digital version contains parts that are otherwise cropped out in the printed version.

The Kodak Printomatic has a simple design. It’s light and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. And the dual color tone gives it an adorable look. Though it’s available in a black-and-white color variant, the trademark yellow-and-white color combo would look great and stand out.

4. Canon IVY CLIQ

The Canon IVY CLIQ is one of the newest instant cameras to hit the market. And along with that, it’s also one of the slimmest cameras out there. It can print photos that measure around 2 x 3 or 2 x 2 inches. Like its counterparts, it uses Zink paper to print photos. Though they tend to have less saturation, the good news is that the photos are waterproof and smudge resistant.

Other than that, IVY CLIQ is powered by lithium-polymer batteries that are rechargeable via the micro USB port at the bottom. This one comes with a nifty Reprint option, which as the name implies, lets you have multiple copies of the same image.

And when it comes to external storage, this trendy instant camera supports MicroSD cards up to 64 GB that can hold thousands of your memories.

However, there’s a slight catch to this camera. You can’t click pictures without printing. The external memory card is solely for creating digital backup copies, and that’s about it. If you consider saving on the Zink photo paper, then sadly, this instant camera is not the one for you.

5. Tiatua Kids Instant Print Camera

kids instant camera

If you want to give your kids a camera to help them capture precious memories, what better gift than an instant camera that can also store photos on an SD card? The Tiatua instant print camera is specifically meant for kids and is hence available in several designs and colors. It’s also rather affordable for what it offers.

You get dual 20MP shooters on the Tiatua instant camera that lets you capture landscapes and selfies. You can then print the photos or store them on an SD card up to 32GB. The camera can also capture videos to store on the SD card, which is a nice addition. Since the camera doesn’t use any ink to print, you can buy replacement paper rolls once the existing one gets over.

Despite being cheap, the reviews say the Tiatua camera punches well above its weight. Some images look slightly noisy or pixelated but that is expected from a camera aimed specifically at kids. Just ensure that you click most photos in daylight.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Fujifilm Instax hybrid camera

Fujifilm makes another appearance on this list with the Mini LiPlay. Some smart features of the Mini LiPlay make it worth your money. You can connect your phone to the camera to use it as a remote shutter. You can also record audio during a photo and listen to it by scanning a QR Code.

There’s a distinctive mic button on the Instax Mini LiPlay camera that allows you to record audio when you’re taking the photo. While you can’t print a video, you can scan the photo using the Fuji app on your phone and hear the audio with the imagery. This adds a nice level of personal touch to your photos.

Apart from using an SD card to save photos, another advantage of the Instax Mini LiPlay is that you can use it as a standalone printer. So, even if you haven’t shot photos using the camera, you can print existing photos captured using your phone or a different camera. If you’re looking for a photo printer, pick up this camera from Fujifilm so you’ll get two devices in one.

FAQs for Instant Cameras With an SD Card Slot

1. Are instant cameras better than smartphone cameras in terms of photo quality?

A modern-day smartphone clicks better pictures than an instant camera. However, the novelty factor of an instant camera and the fact that you can get the image output instantly is its biggest selling point, not just the image quality.

2. Can I print photos clicked on my phone via an instant camera?

Some instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay can print photos via Bluetooth through your smartphone. However, not all cameras have this feature. Before buying an instant camera, make sure you read the product description to check if this feature is available.

3. Are instant cameras the same as polaroid cameras?

Polaroid is a brand that makes instant cameras. Hence, Polaroid cameras are also instant cameras.

The Best of Both Worlds

With instant cameras with SD card slots, you can print out the photos and create a digital backup at the same time. Just remember to copy and store them in the cloud service regularly. And well, when it comes to printing them, a touch of post-processing always helps. With the holiday season approaching, it makes sense to invest in a camera that lets you keep and cherish these memories forever. What say?

Last updated on 04 May, 2023

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