6 Best Instant Cameras for Kids

Photography in kids can be a joyful learning experience, whether it’s learning how to frame a shot or experimenting with the lighting. If your child (or someone you know) has started to develop an interest in photography, it’s time you introduce them to instant cameras. These cameras help them capture beautiful moments and, at the same time, let them see photos develop instantly. And that’s the reason we have compiled a list of the best instant cameras for kids.

Best Instant Cameras for Kids

The instant cameras listed in this post are for children across different age groups. So even if you have a toddler, we have a couple of nifty instant cameras aimed at growing hands. That aside, we have a couple of other instant cameras for young adults who want to see the beauty of instant photography.

With that out of the way, let’s check out some of the best instant cameras for kids in 2023. But first,

1. Anchioo Instant Print Camera

  • Size: 7 x 3.96 x 5.33 inches | External memory: Yes
  • Age group: 3-8 years
Anchioo Instant Print Camera for Toddlers

If you want to give an interesting camera to your little one, the Anchioo camera is a good place to start. It is an entry-level camera meant for kids and toddlers. It is a little colored camera and churns out black & white prints. Moreover, it has a nifty screen on the back and also gives you the option of storing photos on an SD card. No kidding. The best part? It’s highly affordable and doesn’t need toner or ink to print the photos.

On top of that, this instant camera for kids also supports several shooting modes. Your kid experiment with different filters, and also click selfies. And the small mirror at the front lets them see their reflection.

Most importantly, photos turn out well, especially for the price. A few parents are elated at the photo quality and the camera experience. All the little one needs to do is frame the shot and hit the Shoot button. If the right mode is selected, the photo will be printed immediately. Further, the SD card feature means that kids can click unlimited photos.

While the Anchioo instant kids camera doesn’t have many reviews, the few that it has have been on the positive side. Users have praised it for its easy-to-use nature and the fact that it’s giftable.

The makers do not ship a case with this little instant camera. However, the camera’s body has a lanyard hole, and kids can loop it around their neck or shoulder when not using it. It also ships with additional color pens, which they can doodle on the photos for fun.

Alternatively, you can check out the Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera. Like the one above, it prints black & white photos.

2. MINIBEAR Instant Camera for Kids

  • Size: 4.7 x 1.9 x 3.2 inches | External memory: Yes
  • Age group: 3-8 years
MINIBEAR Instant Camera for Kids

Another kid-friendly instant camera is the one by Minibear. The main highlight of this device is its adorable look. There are two small bunny ears at the top, which makes it even more appealing. This instant camera churns out black-and-white prints and doesn’t need toner. It prints via ZINK tech. So yeah, you do not have to worry about buying ink cartridges.

The MINIBEAR Instant Camera for Kids bundles the essentials like a viewfinder, a 2.4-inch screen at the back, and navigation buttons. It also supports an SD card. You can connect it to a laptop or computer via a micro-USB cable to view the photos.

While it has several positive reviews, some users are unsatisfied with the output. Plus, the camera is less durable than some of its competitors. Nevertheless, it’s a good tech gadget for little girls and boys. And guess what? It comes in two colors—Pink and Blue.

3. Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera

  • Size: N/A | External memory: Yes
  • Age group: 3-8 years

Like the ones above, the Dragon Touch instant camera is also for kids getting started with photography. It’s compact and lightweight and comes in a durable cover designed to protect it against falls and drops. Like the Minibear camera, this one also prints black-and-white photos. It sports dual cameras.

The best thing about the Dragon Touch camera is its support for an external memory card. This feature ensures that your child also has a digital copy to fall back on. And yeah, there’s a nifty screen as well.

The photo quality is far from digital photos. However, they look their best for the price and functionality.

4. Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

  • Size: 4.8 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches | External memory: Yes
  • Age group: 11+
KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

The Kodak Smile is the perfect middle ground for you if you want a mix of a basic instant camera and a hybrid instant camera. For one, it’s a small pocketable camera that fits beautifully in most children’s hands. Secondly, it does away with the hassles of toner and instant films. Instead, it comes with Zink printing technology like the one above. For those unaware, Zink uses multi-layered thermal paper to develop photos.

While the developed photos may not have the same sharpness as other instant cameras or digital cameras for that matter, the photo quality is decent, especially for its size and price. Note that you may see a few photos with washed-out colors. On the upside, it doesn’t print every photo that you click.

Aside from the one above, the Kodak Smile instant camera has a unique design, which makes it apt for kids. First, it has a small form factor that makes it easy for young children to hold. Second, it comes with a sliding cover. Naturally, this prevents users from clicking photos accidentally. Once you slide the cover, you can access all the buttons. Neat, right?

That said, you will get all the essential features on the Kodak Smile, from a small viewfinder to navigation buttons. And as you may have expected, the dedicated Print button gives you better control over which photos you or your kid want to print, thus save money.

The Kodak Smile instant camera is an apt tech gift for young kids, but it has its share of issues. For one, a photo takes its own sweet time to develop. Plus, the internal storage is not spacious enough, and you’ll need to buy a separate microSD card.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

  • Size: 9 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches | External memory: No
  • Age group: All age groups

The Instax Mini 11 is the successor to the popular Mini 9, and this time, Fujifilm has opted to go for a slimmer and narrower form factor. As you may have guessed, this design makes it easy to hold, especially for children with small hands. The best part is getting a well-textured cover to add to the mix.

The Mini 11 comes with a moderate wide-angle lens with an f/12.7 aperture. Plus, it has an auto-exposure system, which eases up the process of clicking photos. At the same time, this instant camera has an extended lens that lets you click cool selfies.

The picture quality is great for the price, with pictures appearing clear and natural thanks to the autofocus feature. Unlike the one above, this one uses actual film to develop the pictures.

This Fujifilm instant camera runs on two AA batteries, and they can get you through 10 film packs.

6. Polaroid Now Generation 2

  • Size: 5.9 x 4.4 x 3.7 inches | External memory: No
  • Age group: 12+
Polaroid Now 2nd Generation

Another instant camera for kids that prints instantly is the Polaroid Now Gen 2. But before we get further, it is apt for young children and uses I-Type instant films which can be a tad on the expensive side. It’s a true analog camera. Every photo they click will be printed, thus upping the operating cost. Nevertheless, this instant camera delivers soft shots with muted colors, adding a vintage twist to photos.

This Polaroid instant camera is a point-and-shoot camera and comes with Autofocus. This makes it easy to shoot (and not waste films), especially regarding small hands/growing hands.

One of the features that help it stay apart from the rest is its design. It’s boxy and gives off instant camera vibes. And because of its shape, it may not be easy to hold for some kids. That said, the shoulder straps may help in preventing any mishaps.

Since it prints every photo, you’ll need to factor in the instant film’s cost. A 2-pack of I-Type film has about eight films and costs around $43. It bundles a micro USB port for charging, and a single charge lasts around 15 film packs.

Cameras Can Be Fun

These were some of the best instant cameras for kids. Seeing photos printed instantly may be one of the most magical experiences for a kid, especially if they are interested in photography. And instant cameras let you achieve just that.

Before pressing the Buy button, make sure to calculate the cost of the film as well. If your child loves clicking photos by the dozens, a high-cost-per-film camera will be expensive in the long run.

Last updated on 19 April, 2023

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