Top 5 Instant Cameras for Kids

Instant cameras give out the photograph in your hands in a minute and using one is quite simple. That’s one of the best ways for kids to have fun with cameras and photos. All they need to do is click, and a photo will be ready in a few minutes.

Top 6 Instant Cameras for Kids 2021

Unlike the good old days of Polaroid cameras, instant cameras are no longer big and bulky. Some of the modern instant cameras are sleek and slim (compared to their ancient counterparts), making it easy for kids and young children to hold the camera. Besides that, instant cameras make for great holiday gift options as well.

So if you are in the market looking for some great instant cameras for kids, here are our top recommendations. But first,

1. Minibear Instant Camera for Kids

If you are looking for an instant camera for a small kid, then the Minibear instant camera makes for a good pick. It’s affordable and comes in two adorable colors—baby pink and powder blue. At the same time, the design is super adorable, all thanks to the plasticky cover and the two adorable bunny ears.

The specs are not bad either. There’s a viewfinder, a 2.4-inch screen, and a 40MP camera lens. It prints photos via ZINK tech, which makes for no-mess zero ink printing.

The only limitation of this camera is that it prints in black and white. But as the company states, kids can use coloring tools to lend their imagination to these black and white photos. That said, the print paper is not overly expensive.

So far, it has retained a decent number of positive reviews, with people loving it for its age-appropriate design, easy-to-use function, and durability.

2. Canon Ivy Cliq 2 Instant Camera

Another affordable instant camera that you can get is the new Ivy Cliq 2. The crux of its camera is its sleek design which makes it easy for young children to hold the camera. At the same time, the ZINK paper makes it a fuss-free camera to use. For those unaware, ZINK tech is a no-ink technology that uses CMY dye on paper to produce photos.

For the record, this camera delivers 3×2-inches prints. The best part is that these photos have an adhesive back, making them suitable to stick in scrapbooks or on notice boards. For the record, a single roll can produce 25 photos.

However, if you want to give a crazy twist to the photos, you can also explore the circular stickers. They are a little expensive than their normal counterparts, but they bring in the fun element.

Last but not least, the photo quality is not the best one out there, but they get the work done (for the price).

3. Fujifilm instax Mini 11

The Instax Mini 11 is the successor to the popular Mini 9, and his time, Fujifilm has opted to go for a slimmer and narrower form factor. As you may have guessed, this design makes it easy to hold, especially for children with small hands. The best part is that you can get a well-textured cover to add to the mix.

The Mini 11 comes with a moderate wide-angle lens with an f/12.7 aperture. Plus, it has an auto-exposure system, which eases up the process of clicking photos. At the same time, this instant camera comes with an extended lens that lets you click cool selfies.

The picture quality is great for the price, with pictures appearing clear and natural thanks to the autofocus feature. Unlike the one above, this one uses actual film to develop the pictures.

This Fujifilm instant camera runs on two AA batteries and they can get you through 10 film packs.

4. Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera

The Dragon Touch instant camera for kids getting started with camera and photography. It’s compact and lightweight, and the best part is that it comes in a durable cover designed to protect it against falls and drops. Like the Minibear camera, this one also prints black and white photos. It sports dual cameras.

Perhaps the best thing about the Dragon Touch camera is its support for an external memory card. This feature ensures that your child also has a digital copy to fall back on. And yeah, there’s a nifty screen as well.

Again, the photo quality is nowhere near digital photos. However, they look their best for the price and functionality.

5. Kodak Printomatic

Last but not least, we have the Kodak Printomatic. It has a simple design and is lightweight. The slim form factor means it can easily fit in the palm of your hands. Like the one above, this instant camera also comes with SD card support. Aside from that, it uses ZINK paper to print photos.

At its heart, it’s a simple camera and doesn’t have any confusing settings. There’s no exposure settings to fuss around, and that’s probably one of the best things for little kids.

The prints measure approximately 2 x 3 inches. When it comes to the photo quality, they tend to have a little less saturation. But at the end of the day, this kid-friendly instant camera churns out pretty decent images for the price. Plus, the fact that the ZINK photos are water-resistant is the cherry on top.

And that’s not all. The digital prints measure around 3680 × 2760 pixels, making them apt to be printed via a photo printer.

Cameras Can Be Fun

Seeing photos printed instantly may be one of the most magical experiences for a kid, especially if they are interested in photography. And instant cameras let you achieve just that.

Before pressing the Buy button, make sure to calculate the cost of the film as well. If your child loves clicking photos by the dozens, a high cost-per-film camera will prove to be pretty expensive in the long run.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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