6 Best Digital Photo Frames with App Support

Printing and changing photos on photo frames can be a taxing affair. If you are someone like me, the frames will probably lie empty for a good two months. In such cases, digital frames come to the rescue. These neat gadgets let you change photos at your whim. All you need to do is to load the pictures via the companion app, and you are all sorted.

6 Best Digital Photo Frames With App Support

You get a proprietary mobile app using which you can upload and change photos just like you change the display picture on Facebook and Instagram. Yep, it’s that simple. No need to have a dedicated microSD card or a thumb drive.

Read on to discover some of the best digital photo frames with app support.

1. Aura Mason

First on our list is the popular Aura Mason. This one almost resembles an actual photo frame, thanks to its thick and textured borders. It has an 8.57-inch high-resolution screen that renders clear and crisp images. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and lets you share over 1000 photos within your network. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.

An Aura network is a group of people connected via the said app to a set of frames. That way, they can share the photos on their phones remotely to the frame.

It’s a breeze to set up the frame, and the app is clean. The app lets you handle most of the things, be it tweaking the frame settings or changing the photos. The frame has a neat touch bar at the top via which you can switch and change photos.

Most users seem to appreciate its ease of access and its hassle-free setup process. The only downside to this frame is that you can link your social media accounts directly.

2. Dhwazz Wi-Fi Digital Frame

The Dhwazz Wi-Fi Digital Frame measures around 10-inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:10, making it perfect to feature traditional photos. Its small size means it can be an ideal accessory for your bedside table or your coffee table. The highlight of this photo frame is its built-in sleep timer and the touch-sensitive screen, which lets you cycle between different photos without any hassles. Plus, there’s a detachable stand at the back and you can tweak it to use the frame in both landscape and portrait mode.

The companion app lets you share photos from your phone or social media accounts directly to the frame. Plus, you can connect as many Android devices to the frame as you want. For instance, if you have your partner traveling overseas, they can send their photos, and the frame will display them in all its glory.

The picture quality is nothing but great and displays clear and accurate colors, and the users’ reviews seem to agree with this one.

Setting the Dhwazz photo frame is a breeze. The frame generates a unique code the first time when you switch it on. You have to download the app on your phone and enter the code to connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, it has expandable memory and supports microSD cards up to 32GB storage. Lastly, it needs a continuous power supply.

3. PhotoSpring Cloud Digital Picture Frame

The PhotoSpring Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame is one with a difference. Instead of running on AC power, it’s powered by rechargeable batteries. Plus, it has a neat modular design, which makes it easy to pick up the frame whenever you need to show photos around. It has a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, and you can choose to display a single photo, or a bunch of photos on a slideshow.

The app and the frame are easy to set up. You can share the app with your family, and they will be able to share photos to your frame, as long as the device in question is connected to the internet. Whenever you take a picture, you send it to the frame in a flash.

Users seem to love its clear and crisp display and its straightforward setup approach. Plus, a chunk of users has applauded the tech support team for their responsive and helpful customer service.

Note that the PhotoSpring frame can also play videos. However, the audio seems to be on the lower side.

4. Pix-Star 15-inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Another digital photo frame with app support is the 15-inch Pix-Star digital frame. This one sports an HD screen and has an aspect ratio of 4:3. It also has support for cloud storage. And not only that, but you can also customize the frame transitions and brightness of the screen, among others. It also supports a game or two.

The picture quality is excellent. All images appear crisp and bright with accurate colors. All these facts have been backed by several positive user reviews on Amazon.

Setup and installation are straightforward. Apart from the app and cloud support, this Pix-Star frame also lets you share pictures via emails. Cool, right? Each frame has a unique email address. So you simply need to send your images to it, and the device will pick them up.

5. Nixplay Seed 10.1 Inch Widescreen Digital Wi-Fi Photo Frame

Next, we have the Nixplay Seed Widescreen. This one has a 10.1-inch display and a standard display resolution of 1280×800 pixels. However, what makes it stand out is the 16:10 aspect ratio and its support for Alexa. Yep, you read that right.

On top of that, the Nixplay Seed comes with a built-in sleep timer, motion sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity. The dedicated lets you share photos and images to it directly. You can make a playlist for photos and have them display as a slideshow. It’s clean and simple to use. For the social media savvy, this frame lets you link Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram.

The display quality is great, and the build quality of the frame is quite solid. It has over three thousand reviews on Amazon, with a majority of users applauding its good picture quality, solid connections, and the response of the tech support team for the hassle-free service.

6. Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Yep, the handy Amazon Echo Show can also double up as a neat photo frame when not in active use. This cool smart assistant lets you create a slideshow out of a bunch of photos, or you can choose a single photo as a backdrop. And similar to the ones above, you can do these all via the Amazon Alexa app.

And that’s not the end of the story. You can also link your Facebook and Amazon Prime account and link your album there. And all it takes is a jiffy to set up the slideshow.

Aside from the above, this smart assistant comes in handy in several ways. Right from doubling up as your alarm clock to controlling your smart house gadgets to doubling up a Bluetooth speaker, it can surely do a lot.

If you have a plan to buy a smart assistant during this holiday season, now is the time to do it!

Picture, Picture on the Wall

Apart from making your work easier, these digital frames also make for great gifts. Just make sure that the frame’s build sits well with your host’s living room (or bedroom) decor, and you are sorted.

So which of these will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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