6 Best Automatic Dog Water Dispensers and Fountains

If you often miss out on filling your dog’s water bowls, then an automatic water dispenser for dogs might be just what you are looking for. These dispensers are capacious, and the built-in filtration paves the way for clean water. But, finding the best automatic dog water dispenser is not an easy job, especially when the market is choc-a-bloc with flimsy products. Worry not, we have made the job easy for you.

Best Automatic Dog Water Dispensers and Fountains

In this post, we have lined up the best water fountains for dogs across all budgets that will fill your pet’s water bowl with clean water. And yes, you can use the water fountain for both, dogs and cats.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. But first,

1. Veken Pet Fountain

  • Capacity: 95oz/2.8L
Veken Pet Fountain

The Veken Pet Fountain is one of the most affordable and popular pet water bowls. It comes with two water modes (Flower and Fountain), and the device’s 2.8L capacity is suitable for medium-sized dogs. Interestingly, you can gauge the water level from the outside. The device features a built-in LED too that ensures your furry friend can see the bowl even if it’s dark.

The Veken automatic water fountain bundles a filter and a water pump to pump out the water. The water pump isn’t loud and the built-in filter ensures that the pumped-out water is clean. It’s worth noting that the filter needs cleaning every two weeks. Thankfully, the filters and other replacement parts can be bought separately.

The Veken pet fountain works as advertised. The water flow is fast, and the pump isn’t too loud. Some users have noticed that it does in fact, make a loud noise when the water level runs low, which if you ask us, is a good thing. That said, the pump works well and it can hold a good amount of water. As such, you won’t have to fill in the water tank every other day.

The LED light can be switched On/Off depending on your preference. The device is reasonably durable and its features have earned their share of appreciation from the users. Rest assured, Veken’s offering is an apt pick for an indoor automatic dog watering bowl.

2. PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog & Cat Fountain

  • Capacity: 100oz/2.9L
PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Plastic Dog & Cat Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell has many good things going for it. For one, it’s a multi-tier drinking bowl, making it apt for small and big dogs. Secondly, it’s dishwasher safe (except for the pump), thereby making it easy to clean in the long run. And the 100oz capacity is not bad either.

Here too, the pump is quiet, however, you will have to submerge it properly when in use. Moreover, you will have to keep an eye out so that the water level is always maintained to prevent the pump from burning out.

That said, the dual bowl design has found love from both small and big dog owners. While there are no varied flow modes as you’d get with the Veken Pet Fountain, the two-step design assures that the water stays aerated.

This PetSafe Drinkwell comes with a carbon filter to remove any nasty odor and taste from the water. Again, the durability of the filter depends on the usage. That said, the filter can be purchased separately and are not too expensive.

While this automatic watering bowl for dogs is priced a little higher than its counterpart above, it’s not as durable and might show signs of wear and tear after a year or so.

3. NPET DF10 Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

  • Capacity: 170oz/5L
NPET DF10 Dog Water Fountain, 170oz:1.3Gallon:5L Large Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

If you have a large dog, then you can’t go wrong with the NPET DF10. It has a large capacity of five liters, and if you aren’t home for the day, you can rest assured that your pet is getting its share of water. The triple-filtration process makes sure that the water stays clean of hair and fur. At the same time, the dispenser’s wide surface area lets a bunch of fur babies drink at the same time.

Here too, the usual rules apply – you will have to clean out the filter and the water pump periodically. The filter does a quick job of trapping the water debris and this way, the pump doesn’t get clogged. Interestingly, the pump automatically switches off when it detects a low level of water. This is a huge plus since it prevents pump burnout.

The NPET DF10 has received positive ratings for its easy assembly and sturdy design. However, it’s not without its share of issues. A few users have pointed out that the pump doesn’t last long.

4. Rellaty Automatic Pet Water Fountain

  • Capacity: 108oz/3.2L
Rellaty Automatic Pet Water Fountain

If you are unsure of a plastic or ABS water bowl, it’s time you said Hi to the Rellaty Water fountain. It’s a stainless steel water fountain, which makes it more hygienic and durable. Secondly, it’s apt for both cats and dogs. As a matter of fact, the fountain is a great buy if you have house cats. It isn’t as roomy as its counterpart above, although it can hold up to 3.2L of water, which should suffice for most pets.

The filtration process consists of three steps. While the cotton layer traps solid debris, the activated carbon and the ion exchange layers play their part in cleaning the water from odor and hard minerals.

The major highlight of the Rellaty automatic water dispenser is its straightforward cleaning mechanism. In fact, several users have highlighted the same in their reviews. Moreover, buyers can be seen singing praises of the pump too, which per the reviews, makes little to no noise.

Note that it’s a little more expensive than its peers. But if you are looking for a fuss-free drinking fountain, it’s one of the top-notch automatic water dispensers for both dogs and cats. And yes, it’s dishwasher safe.

5. Tomxcute Dog Water Dispenser

  • Capacity: 108oz/3.2L
Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain

Another stainless automatic water dispenser is the one by Tomxcute. While it’s marketed primarily for cats, it has found love from dog owners too. In fact, a user has shared that she uses the dispenser for her dogs who weigh between four pounds to 50 pounds – now, that’s something!

It has the same capacity as the model prefaced above and employs a two-step filtration process — a pre-filter sponge and an activated carbon filter. Further, the machinery pumps out water fast.

Though the stainless steel exterior has its advantages, you will have to keep an eye on the water level. On the upside, it comes with markings for Min and Max water levels to make your job easy.

6. Kastty Dog Water Fountain

  • Capacity: 230oz/7L
Kastty Dog Water Fountain

Do you have several dogs and cats? I mean who doesn’t love them? However, having a large group means that the water bowls will run dry quicker. In that case, an automatic water dispenser like the one from Kastty comes into the picture. It’s a little expensive, however, it’s superbly capacious at 7L.

The surface area is high, and the small water fountain adds a fun element. Like the Veken water fountain, the Kastty Dog Water Fountain has a small slit at the bottom to see the water level. And it features LED lights too!

The Kastty dog water fountain has an extensive filtration process, comprising activated charcoal and cotton pads. The good thing is that it even has a mesh filtration process on the top lid, where the water flows back into the container.

Despite its premium pricing, the Kasttyy water fountain has found love among its users. Folks love the water fountain’s seamless assembly, suction power, and noiseless functioning of the water pump. Again, do remember that you will have to be mindful of the water level, or else the pump might give out sooner.

FAQS about Automatic Dog Water Dispensers

1. Are self-filling water bowls good for dogs?

Self-water filling water bowls are good for both dogs and cats since they ensure that your pet has access to fresh water throughout the day (and during the night)

2. Are dog water fountains worth it?

If you often see your dog licking at an empty water bowl, a dog water fountain might be just what you need. It does not require frequent refillings and the built-in filter keeps the water clean.

3. Do dogs need water all night?

Adult dogs do need water throughout the day. Folks over at Spirit Dog recommend not restricting water since it may cause dehydration.

4. Should you change your dog’s water every day?

If you are using a conventional bowl, then yes, the water needs to be changed every day. However, you can take a breather in the case of automatic water dispensers, thanks to the built-in filters.

Let the Water Flow

These were some of the best automatic dog water dispensers. All of these require direct power and need to stay plugged in to function.

With summer starting with full force, your furry friend must stay hydrated, and these new-age bowls help them do just that. However, note that if your area receives hard water, you may see mineral deposits in the bowl. As such, you will have to clean the pump and the bowl more frequently. Plus, regular cleaning of the bowls and filters elongates the life of the product.

Last updated on 18 May, 2023

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