10 Best Apple AirTag Cases for Your Pets

Apple’s Airtags are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes–be it tracking your car keys, luggage in an airport, or finding your lost sunglasses. Though Apple doesn’t recommend using the AirTag to track your pets, there are many nifty AirTag dog collars, cases and holders. Naturally, these help you keep a tab on your pet, especially if you have a huge yard or your furry friend loves moving around in your neighborhood.


There are quite a few different styles for AirTag dog collars or AirTag cat collars. You can either pick a standalone case or go with a collar. Either way, the results are the same. These go around the neck and don’t risk falling or dangling. And once installed, you can easily keep a digital eye on your pet.

So if you are looking for the best AirTag Dog (or Cat) collars and holders, here are our top recommendations.

Note: Apple doesn’t recommend using the AirTag to track your pets. If you still want to, you have ensure the tracker syncs with a compatible Apple device running the Find My‌ Network for the location. If the tag can’t find a compatible device nearby, you won’t be able to track the exact location.

That said, if you have a cat that goes out on regular nightly prowls or a small dog who loves to hide out in the barn, an AirTag may come in handy in locating them.

Now that it’s settled let’s check out some cases. But first,

1. Awinner Compatible for AirTag Case Keychain

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Awinner case is a good buy. This is a silicon case with a metal keyring at the top, and you can hook it with your pet’s name tag. The case is reasonably sturdy for its price and does a good job of housing the tracker inside. It has a carabiner-style keyring, meaning you can easily remove it or put it on.

However, the design has a bit of a limitation. The tracker can pop out of the case when stuck by force (from behind).

The Awinner silicone cases come in various shades, and you can pick one that stands up starkly.

2. Hatalkin Air Tag Holder

Another budget-friendly AirTag case is the one by Hatalkin. It bundles a pet-friendly approach and does away with the hassles of hooking a metal keychain. Instead, you can loop it to your furry friend’s collar. One of the main advantages of this holder is that miscreants won’t easily unhook the case from the collar. Secondly, since it sits flush with the collar, it doesn’t risk being eaten by your pet.

The Hatalkin AirTag holders come in a pack of four and are set in attractive colors. Note that the loop loops are for thicker collars. So if you have a small dog (or cat), consider this point.

So far, it has attracted a decent number of user feedback. Users like its non-dangling style and the way it sits flush with the collar. At the same time, it’s durable and has held up well for most pet owners.

3. Typecase Store Airtag Collar Holder

Typecase Store’s AirTag collar holder is one of the popular options on Amazon. Like its counterpart above, it snaps into the collar and does not hang. It’s washable and shockproof, which makes it easy to maintain in the long run. The tracker stays inside the holder even when your furry friend is super active, and several users have backed this as part of their reviews.

The tag stays well-covered, which makes it a tad difficult to lose. At the same time, the Besides that, the material is soft and flexible.

However, if your pet has a smaller collar, the holder may to be a little on the bigger side. That said, it fits most 1/2-inch collars and 3/4-inch collars well. Moreover, the fit is perfect, so it has earned its share of positive feedback from its user base.

4. Tilixi Pet Loop Holder

The Tilixi AirTag holder for dogs shares a similar design to the Hatalkin case, though this one is much cheaper. This one is made especially for smaller dogs, and so far, it has attracted a decent number of reviews primarily because of its build. The AirTag fits like a glove, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It’s worth noting that the snug fit makes the tracker difficult to pop.

Again, the opening is a tad on the bigger side and may not be suitable for pets who love slimmer collars or for larger breeds. It stays on and has worked remarkably well for super active dogs or dogs who enjoy rough play. Moreover, the tag holder is lightweight and shouldn’t bother your pet much.

5. KONITY AirTag Dog Collar

KONITY AirTag Dog Collar

If you are looking for an AirTag holder embedded in a dog collar, you can’t go wrong with the one by Konity. Like most dog collars, you can select the size depending on the circumference of your pet’s neck. More importantly, the tag holder has a closed design, ensuring the tracker doesn’t fall off easily.

The open design has its disadvantage as well. For one, inserting the AirTag can be a little challenging. On the upside, you can rest assured that it won’t pop out during play sessions.

We have been using the KONITY AirTag dog collar on our Cocker Spaniel since last year and can vouch for its durable build.


Over the past year, the tracker has not popped out even during vigorous play sessions. Plus, there are no visible signs of wear and tear yet. Whenever needed, we wash the collar with mild soap after taking the AirTag out, and that’s about it.

6. FEEYAR Integrated Cat Collar with Apple Air Tag Holder

FEEYAR Cat Collar with Apple Air Tag Holder

If you are looking for a dedicated AirTag cat collar, then the one by FEEYAR is a good pick. First, it’s available in a bright yellow color that is bound to stand out. Secondly, the AirTag holder has a clever design so that it doesn’t fall own. This way, the tracker stays safe.

At the same time, the FEEYAR cat collar also comes with a small bell to let you know your cat’s whereabouts. So far, this cat collar has held up well for most users. That said, you may have to replace it soon, especially if your cat has the habit of scratching on their collar.

It’s available in two sizes, and you can pick one. Out of the many cat collars, it’s one of the best AirTag cat collars and holders in this price segment.

7. Caseology Apple AirTag Case

If you want a heavy-duty tag holder, you can’t go wrong with the Caseology Vault. It’s affordable and brings home a clever design. It bundles a metal carabiner at the top, which lets you latch the tag to collars or harnesses of larger breeds of dogs. Furthermore, the metal carabiner makes it convenient to add/remove the tag holder as you like.

The holder is lightweight and slim, and the textures will give you a firm grip. However, it’s not strictly a tag holder for pets since it can be easily removed. If you have to use the tracker only when your pet leaves the compound from time to time, then it proves to be a good pick. Plus, if they have a history of picking at their name tags or other accessories on their collar, you may want to stay away from an AirTag holder that dangles from the collar.

So far, the Caseology Vault has received decent reviews from its user base. People love it for its durability, sturdiness, and affordable price tag. Plus, it has a snug fit and doesn’t come off at the drop of a hat.

8. Belkin Secure Holder With Key Ring

The Belkin secure holder is the perfect companion for small collars and harnesses. This tag holder has a twist & lock mechanism that ensures the tracker doesn’t fall off easily. At the same time, the open design ensures that the engravings of the AirTag are easily visible. The keyring has a conventional design and can be difficult to attach or loop. But on the upside, it stays attached for a good long time.

It has a solid build, and several users have praised its durability and build quality. It holds the AirTag well and works great on dog and cat collars. It’s lightweight, and the odds are that our little furry friends won’t feel the weight.

Again, the usual rules apply— if your pet loves playing with their collar name tag, a dangling battery-powered tracker is not the best option. This Belkin key chain is available in three colors—black, white, pink, and blue

9. Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is a versatile tag holder and finds use in various situations, including doubling up as a tracker holder for your pet. It has a solid build and is designed to protect the tracker from bumps and drops. You can easily disconnect the case from the metal carabiner and hook the case directly to the metal ring on a collar.

While the whole setup isn’t useful if you use it in such a single-use scenario. But, if you want to switch the tracker frequently and use it occasionally on your pet, this Spigen Rugged Armor makes for a good pick.

10. Nomad Rugged Pet Tag

If you want something premium and do not want to compromise on the quality, or the functionality, you should have a peek at the rugged pet tag by Nomad. This tag brings many features to the table. For one, it’s IP67 rated and is designed to protect the content from water and dust. At the same time, the TPU cover shields the AirTag from physical harm. It bundles a metal loop at the top and can be attached to a collar or a harness without issues.

The Nomad AirTag holder is up for pre-order now, and like most of Nomad’s accessories, it has premium pricing. But the good news is that Nomad products are sturdy and last a long time.

For an additional $20, you can customize the tag with your engravings.

Track Your Pets Guilt-Free

Choosing a case or holder for the Apple AirTags depends on the type of collars and harnesses you use for your pets. And your little furry friend should have a name tag with all the necessary information like phone number and AirTag. This is in case they decide to go on a little adventure. Nothing like the good old method of communication, right?

Last updated on 25 April, 2023

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