5 Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Smart Door Locks

Smart locks can make your life a lot more convenient. For one, you don’t have to remember to carry your keys. They also make it so that you can unlock your door seamlessly at night as you won’t have to hunt for the keyhole. And, you can further improve your experience by integrating your smart lock with a voice assistant. In fact, if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you might want to take a look at the best HomeKit-compatible smart door locks.

By integrating your lock with HomeKit, you can lock and unlock the door using Siri or even automate schedules. You can also cook up a bunch of interesting scenarios by incorporating HomeKit-compatible smart door locks. These include (but are not limited to) having the house lights turn on as soon as your door is opened, or the AC automatically turning off when you leave for work.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of the locks mentioned below to secure your home and make it smarter. But before that –

Let’s get to the products now.

1. Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

  • Unlocking mechanisms: PIN, Physical keys, Smartphone app, HomeKit devices
Kwikset smart lock

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a smart lock but still want HomeKit support, Kwiset has you covered. The Premis smart lock is affordable but doesn’t compromise on features. It has a touchscreen keypad and a physical keyhole for added security too.

Some users may want to use a physical key since it is construed more secure than a digital lock. If you find yourself in the same boat, then the Premis smart lock has you covered. You can also leverage a multitude of features via the companion smartphone app.

What’s more, you can use the HomeKit integration to lock/unlock the door using your HomePod. You can even check the lock status on your Apple TV and use voice commands to control it via Siri. That’s not all, as the companion app can be used to generate one-time passwords for guest entry.

Speaking of the app, it’s important to note that the companion app for the Kwikset Premis lock isn’t available for Android. If you have an iPhone — which you probably do since you’re looking for HomeKit-compatible locks — you’re good to go.

2. Yale Assure Lock

  • Unlocking mechanisms: PIN, Smartphone app, HomeKit devices
Yale assure lock

Yale has been making locks for years now and there’s a sense of reliability attached to the brand. If that’s important to you, the Assure Lock SL from Yale is a good choice for a HomeKit smart door lock. The keypad is compact and it looks extremely minimalistic.

Most smart locks are quite big and bulky. However, the Yale Assure Lock sports a tiny form factor that won’t take away from your door’s aesthetics. It’s not without its faults though and the smart door lock omits a few features like an extra keyhole and RFID card unlock in lieu of its slender frame. As such, you’ll have to stick to unlocking the door via a PIN or using the app/Siri.

Buyers who have been using the Assure Lock have no issues with the product. In fact, per several reviews, the lock has been going strong and it is quick to register a voice command too. It’s also easy to install thanks to the way it’s designed. Another aspect related to the installation is that the lock fits on most doors with standard levels of thickness.

Yale’s Assure lock is the only one on this list that can use a 9V battery in times of emergency to power the lock. If the built-in battery runs out, you can quickly grab a cell from your local grocery store and make your way into the house.

3. Level Bolt Retrofit Smart Lock

  • Unlocking mechanisms: Physical keys, Smartphone app, HomeKit devices, PIN (optional)
Level Bolt

The Level Bolt smart lock is unlike any other product on this list. It’s a retrofit lock which means it fits behind your existing door lock. This way, you can retain your existing door handle or knob along with the physical key entry.

Some smart locks offer a lot of enticing features but they miss out on a good-looking design. Others may look attractive but skimp out on features. The best way to tackle this issue is to get a standard lock of your choice and pair it with a retrofit smart lock. The Level Bolt, for instance, fits into the cavity of the door lock and isn’t visible to the naked eye.

This way, it adds Wi-Fi connectivity and Apple HomeKit support to your existing lock. While you can use voice commands and Siri automation to unlock your door, the best part about retaining your old lock is you can also use physical keys.

Since the Level Bolt lock doesn’t replace the entire locking system on your door, you might need a professional’s help to install it. This is pretty much the only downside of what is otherwise a great product. Lest we forget, you can also pick up an additional keypad to pair with the Level Bolt lock if you want to unlock your door using a PIN.

4. August Home Wi-Fi Lock + Keypad

  • Unlocking mechanisms: PIN, Smartphone app, HomeKit devices
August home Wi-Fi

While the Level Bolt lock required you to get an additional keypad, the August home smart lock bundles it in the package. It’s a small lock that fits into your door’s cavity and connects wirelessly to the keypad. You can also use it along with an existing manual lock.

The fact that you can use it parallelly with your existing lock means you get an additional layer of security. Interestingly, per the brand’s claims, you can install the lock into your door in just ten minutes. There’s not a lot of work involved so you should be able to do it by yourself.

August also provides a chique keypad from Yale in the box. And, if the reviews are anything to go by, then the August home lock is seemingly quite reliable. To that end, buyers cite that the smart lock doesn’t disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and it works well with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

5. Schlage BE499WB With Apple Home Key

  • Unlocking mechanisms: Physical keys, Smartphone app, PIN, HomeKit devices, Apple Home Keys
Schlage lock with Home Keys

The Schlage BE499WB’s claim to fame is that it comes with support for Apple Home Keys. For those who are unaware, smart door locks with Home Key support allow you to unlock your door by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on your door. This is both cool and convenient at the same time.

To that end, Apple Home Keys allows you to store a copy of your key on your iPhone and Apple Watch. When you tap the lock, the key is read via NFC. For those who don’t want to use this feature, Schlage also offers conventional unlocking methods like a PIN or even a physical key.

Understandably, the Schlage BE499WB With Apple Home costs a pretty penny. In fact, it’s almost double the price of the August home lock prefaced above. However, several reviews say that the lock is worth its weight in gold and it features a polished companion app. What’s more, it is superbly convenient to use as it supports Apple’s Home Keys feature.

Another point to note is that the lock responds quicker to voice commands. In fact, the response time is almost instantaneous, which is great considering the alternatives prefaced above take a couple of seconds to register a voice command.

FAQs for Apple HomeKit-Compatible Smart Locks

1. Can I use non-HomeKit smart locks if I have an iPhone?

Yes, you can use a smart lock without HomeKit support if you have an iPhone. However, you won’t be able to use voice commands with Siri to control your lock. Plus, you can’t use automation schedules or other devices like HomePods to control the lock.

2. Do smart locks work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Smart locks need a Wi-Fi connection only to act upon receiving voice commands or for remote access/control. If you’re going to unlock the door using a PIN or a key, Wi-Fi isn’t necessary.

3. Can I use a conventional key with a smart lock?

Several smart locks on this list allow you to retain your existing lock with a key. Some even have a keyhole built-in. So yes, you can use both a smart lock and a key in tandem.

Secure Your Home With Convenience

The Apple ecosystem works beautifully with all devices in sync. So if you have multiple Apple devices spread across your home, it only makes sense to get an Apple HomeKit-compatible smart door lock. This way, you can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod, or even your Apple TV to lock and unlock your door.

Last updated on 01 June, 2023

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