4 Best Home Secu­ri­ty Cam­era Sys­tems with Local Storage

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Adding home security camera is a practical way to keep tabs on your home when you are in the office or on vacation in a different country. Using your iPhone or Mac's camera for security is no longer feasible. Unlike older surveillance systems, most of the modern Wi-Fi security cameras come with a companion app using for you to monitor the happenings inside your home.

5 Best Home Security Camera Systems With Local Storage

However, a massive number of these cameras rely on cloud storage to store your monitoring data. While cloud storage has their advantage like unlimited storage and reliability, the subscription plans can be a pricey affair. On the other hand, security systems with local storage don't have this limitation. Also, they do not run the risk of not recording when the Wi-Fi connection is disconnected.

In this post today we are going to explore some of the best home security camera systems with local storage.

Note: Security cameras with local storage also have the risk of losing recordings if someone steals the camera itself or disconnects it from the power line.

1. Samsung SmartCam HD Pro - $129

Pros: Comes with a 16GB microSD card, live-streaming, simple setup process, mobile app.

Cons: SmartCam app can get a bit clunky to use initially, not compatible with Samsung SmartHome.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

We have the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro at $129. This Wi-Fi security camera was released in 2015 and draws inspiration from the Nest Cam Indoor security camera. It boasts of 1080p HD recording, night vision, and wide 130° viewing angle. A wider FOV means that you can monitor a large area at once, without the need to align it frequently. The good thing is that you also get a 16GB microSD card along with this camera. Plus, you can monitor the activities through the SmartCam app (on both iOS and Android).

As per most of the users, the setting it is an uncomplicated process, where you need to connect the device to your local Wi-Fi network and wait for the status to turn green. However, you have to accept the fact that setting up security cameras is not always an easy process and can vary from person to person, and device to device.

Samsung Smart Cam Hd Pro Comment

Other features of this camera include motion detection, capturing photos, sound monitoring, and speaker to name a few. You can choose to record these mini snippets on the SD card that comes along with the unit. At 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.9 inches, this one isn't a discrete security camera, and that's the reason you may want to consider keeping it well camouflaged.

Browsing from India? You can check out Xiaomi's new Mi Home Security Camera 360 which rotates 360 degrees and has an amazing night vision. Plus, the user-friendly companion app is the cherry on top.

2. Honeywell Lyric C2 - $92

Pros: Sound detection, microphone, speaker, geofencing, Lyric app, IFTTT & Alexa support.

Cons: No continuous recording, somewhat poor night vision.

Honeywell Lyric C2

The Honeywell Lyrics C2 is one of the latest additions to the Lyric camera and is the successor to the basic C1 camera. The primary features of this security camera are the 145° FOV and the customizable Alert Zones. You can mount it on walls and ceiling, or you can just prop it up on a table. It not only houses a micro SD card slot but also lets you utilize the free cloud storage. What's more, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices like Echo Show and Echo Spot. This functionality gives you the advantage of doubling these smart assistants as baby monitors.

When it comes to the setup, it's simple and straightforward. Once you set it up, you can monitor activities through the app. One of its best features is the Alert Zones or Motion Zones which are a group of four monitoring zones that allow you to adjust the sensitivity as per your need. It also has a two-way speaker. However, going by the user reviews on Amazon, I wouldn't set my hopes too high for the speaker.

3. EZViz Mini O - $59.95

Pros: Clear Images, compatible with Alexa.

Cons: No support for Wi-Fi 5GHz.

EZViz Mini O (1080p)

Among all the security cameras mentioned on this list, the EZViz Mini O 1080p carries the tag of Amazon's Choice. The crux of this teardrop-shaped camera is its crisp and clear picture quality, something which almost all the users on Amazon have pointed out. It offers a 135° FOV, motion detection and multiple storage options, among others. Moreover, you can manually select the motion sensitivity. Plus, you can also tweak the motion-detection area. That is helpful if you have pets and don't want them to set off the false alerts.

The EZViz Mini O 1080p camera allows you to save videos up to 128GB, after which it removes the earlier ones to make room for new recordings.

Ezviz Mini O 1080P

Thankfully, the camera set up isn't rocket science, a thought which has been resonated by many Amazon users.

4. Wyze Cam Pan - $37.98

Pros: Smoke and CO alarms, Alexa & IFTTT support, 1080p HD.

Cons: Motion Tracking can get a bit tricky.

Wyze Cam Pan

The Wyze Cam Pan (1080p) is perhaps one of the least expensive yet feature-packed security cameras. It offers a lot of features for the price such as Activity zones, Two-way audio, Live streaming, and third-party app integrations. Some of these features which make up the 'paid feature' bundle of the $200 Nest Cam Indoor security camera.

Unlike many security cameras, the Wyze Cam Pan sports a boxier design and is a far cry from the eyeballs catching designs of the other cameras. True to its name, it allows panning the horizontal 360° viewing angle. Apart from that, it features a 120° viewing angle and also 93° vertical tilting which will help you see a generous view of the room.

Wyze Cam

You can customize alerts and enable motion tracking. Also, since it easily integrates with Amazon Alexa, you can pair it up with an Echo Show and use it as a baby monitor.

When it comes to storage, it supports up to 32GB local storage. Also, you can opt for a 14-day free trial of cloud storage.

Alternatively, you can check out the WyzeCam v2 which retails at $25.98 on Amazon.

The Walls Have Eyes

If you are looking for inexpensive and functional security cameras, without the need to subscribe to expensive cloud storage plans, the above are your best options.

Just keep in mind to get a high-speed memory card, and there shouldn't be any read and write issues. Also, make sure to mount the camera properly. After all, it's a walk in a park to make a tiny camera disappear before you can act on the intruder alert.

There are a couple of other security cameras like the YI Home Camera 2 which you can check out. However, we felt that the inconsistent alerts and the tiny recording segments prevented it from making to the best category.

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