5 Best Smart Door Locks With Fingerprint Scanner

Have you ever left home only to realize that you’re not carrying your keys with you? Or, have you had a relative show up when you’re not home? These problems — and other similar ones — can be easily solved using smart door locks. In fact, for added convenience, you can even get smart door locks with a fingerprint scanner.

best smart door locks with fingerprint scanner

A smart door lock completely eliminates the need for a physical key. Instead, it uses your fingerprint for biometric authentication. Of course, you can also use a PIN or alternate methods to allow friends and family into your house when you’re not around. So, if you never want to remember to carry your keys with you, here are some of the best smart locks for your front door with a fingerprint reader.

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Let’s tell you about some of the best smart door locks with fingerprint access now.

1. Wyze Lock Bolt

IP Rating: IPX5 | Battery: Replaceable (AA)

The Lock Bolt smart locking mechanism from Wyze is one of the most affordable smart locks with a fingerprint scanner that you can buy today. It also has other important features like auto-lock and access history.

Despite being affordable, the Wyze Lock Bolt does not miss out on key features. Apart from the standard fingerprint authentication, you can enter a PIN using the onboard keypad to unlock the door. The lock also stores a staggering fifty fingerprints which should cover your family, and then some.

You can also create unique codes for each person to monitor who entered your house. Since the lock links to your smartphone, you can use the Wyze app to remotely unlock the door even for someone who doesn’t have a code. Setting a time for auto-lock would mean that even if you forgot to lock the door, the Wyze lock will automatically lock it for you.

As per the reviews, the lock can be installed easily in about twenty minutes. Do note that the customer support is quite poor, so you may not be able to rely on them for installation.

2. Sifely Keyless Door Lock

IP Rating: IP65 | Battery: Rechargeable

By paying slightly extra than the Wyze lock, you can get Sifely’s smart door lock that offers some additional features. To that end, you can store up to 200 fingerprints and use a key fob for entry.

More than a house, we think that the Sifely keyless door lock is a better fit for offices or commercial spaces. If you have a large number of people entering through the same door, the key fob entry feature is an excellent addition. You also get a physical key with the lock which can be used in cases of emergency.

The rest of the features like PIN generation, remote entry, and auto-lock are present. In terms of design, the Sifely keyless door lock looks similar to a conventional lock so if you want something that’s subtle, you will be pleased with the design of the unit.

Per user reviews, it’s easy to install the Sifely door lock as it doesn’t need any drilling or additional holes. As for the locking mechanism, several users have reported that the fingerprint reader is slightly slow. So, if you install it in an office space, the lock might hinder the authentication process, resulting in more dreadful Monday blues for your staff.

3. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

IP Rating: IP65 | Battery: Replaceable (AA)

Ultraloq’s U-Bolt Pro smart lock is among the most-reviewed smart locks with a fingerprint scanner on Amazon. It’s an ANSI Grade-1 certified smart lock that has six entry modes along with support for auto-unlock.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro’s auto-unlock feature is surely the highlight of the device. While other locks have auto-lock features, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro can automatically unlock your door if you walk close to the lock with your smartphone in your pocket. Neat!

Ultraloq claims that the U-Bolt Pro is tested to be 35 times stronger than a conventional lock. You can also set a PIN of up to eight digits. A physical key is given with the lock that can be used in case of emergencies.

Thousands of users have reported that they have been using the U-Bolt Pro lock for a long time without any issues. The installation is easy and the lock sports a small footprint too.

4. Eufy Security E130 Fingerprint Lock

IP Rating: IP65 | Battery: Rechargeable

Eufy has been churning out great products in the home security domain for a hot minute. The Eufy Security E130 fingerprint lock has all the same features that you would expect from a smart lock — but with quality-of-life improvements that make it worthy of its price tag.

Small improvements like a modern design that doesn’t really look like a lock, and a touch-screen display add to the experience of using the Eufy smart lock. The lock sports a classy design and comes across as a premium product.

Another big improvement is in terms of unlock speeds. Some users even cite that the Eufy smart lock recognized their fingerprint much faster compared to some cheaper smart locks. While you don’t get an auto-unlock feature, the E130 locks a door automatically when you close it.

It’s also important to know that Eufy stores your fingerprints locally instead of uploading them to the cloud. That’s certainly a win for those concerned about privacy. The Eufy fingerprint lock is superbly reliable too, per the reviews.

5. Kwikset Halo Touch Smart Lock

IP Rating: IP65 | Battery: Replaceable (AA)

The Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock is geared towards a specific use case. To wit, it’s the only smart lock on this list that works with Alexa or Google Assistant without an additional hub. The rest of the features remain the same.

If you’re someone who relies on automation, the Kwikset smart lock can be useful to you. For example, if you have a camera linked to Alexa, you can set up a routine where if someone rings the doorbell, you can see a feed from your security camera and then automatically open the door lock.

You can also get a feed from your camera every time someone opens the door. While all that’s good and dandy, the lock can be construed as a downgrade in some regards. We say this, as you don’t get a keypad for a PIN, nor do you get any auto-unlock or key fob features.

For what it’s worth, the lock comes with a physical key. Moreover, the majority of users are happy with the Kwikset smart lock. Do note though that the Kwikset app only works in the US and Canada so if you’re planning to move to a different country, the lock may not work properly.

FAQs for Smart Door Locks With Fingerprint Scanner

1. Are smart locks safer than key locks?

There’s no definitive answer to that question. If you set a strong PIN that’s hard to guess, then a smart lock is definitely safe. As far as break-ins are concerned, a smart lock, when fitted well, is as difficult to break into as a conventional lock.

2. Are smart locks weatherproof?

Yes, most smart locks (including all the ones mentioned in this article) are weatherproof. So, you don’t have to worry about the locks getting damaged when it’s raining or snowing outside.

3. Can I install a smart lock by myself?

Most smart locks are easy to install by yourself since all you need is a screwdriver. However, if you don’t have prior experience installing a lock, we would suggest getting hold of an experienced technician as it’s the question of your safety.

Convenience Is Key

You return home after a long day at work. You’re scrambling through the different pockets in your backpack only to realize you can’t find the keys. Certainly not the best situation to be in, right? Well, you can avoid such scenarios by getting a smart door lock with a fingerprint scanner. Needless to say, a smart door lock can also be handy in office environments where distributing a physical key to every employee isn’t ideal.

Last updated on 04 April, 2023

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