The Best 5 Music Player Apps for Android

The famous German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. And true to its very core, music is an everyday essential in our busy lives. Thankfully, we have music players and online streaming apps so that we don’t need to carry a heap of music cassettes and CDs everywhere we go.


Though most of the online music streaming apps are doing dramatically well, the habit of listening to locally saved songs is something different. You don’t have to worry about internet connections or exceeding mobile data limits, it’s just that the phone memory should be a tad bigger to accommodate the songs.

Though many of us are content with the default music apps, take a look at our list of the best 5 Music Players for Android for their incredible features and impressive designs.

1. n7player Music Player

The first on our list is the n7player Music Player is with its minimalistic design and simple interface. What makes this app great is that you can access all your music files through its unique surface search.

Having many different music formats around, it a relief that the n7player Music app plays most of the popular formats like mp3, mp4, m4a,mid, xmf, ogg, mkv*, flac, aac, etc.

Screenshot_20170606-070959  Screenshot_20170606-072046

Plus, if you have been listening to online streaming services for a long time, you can really make out the change in the song quality. And couple that with the impressive 10-band Equalizer with Bass and Treble controls. for an amazing song quality.

Moreover, there are an array of customizations that you can do in the different segments like Playback, Headset, and even the lock screen. And you can even jazz up the look of the player with some attractive themes and optimizations.

2. Black Music Player

Remember the Windows Phone apps with large texts at the top? The Black Music Player will remind you of that. Armed with big text, the Black Music Player opens into a colorful window with Album arts. Tapping on the album arts will open up the tracks along with details for related albums and artists.

Screenshot_20170606-073035  Screenshot_20170606-073143

Unlike the n7player, the Black Music player is a lot colorful and easy to maneuver. All you have to do swipe right and left and you’ll be redirected to the other tabs like Genres, Artists, etc.

Features like Gapless play, Pause on phone call, Bluetooth detection and Crossfade are just a handful points which make this music player unique.

Screenshot_20170606-073159  Screenshot_20170606-074541

What’s more, there are a whole lot of customization options — right down to the color of the font. Also, much of the music player’s buttons can be customized. Just long-press on them and choose the appropriate one that suits your style.

3. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is the ideal candidate for a music player with Google’s Material design. It’s tiny but don’t let that keep you away from trying out this awesome app.

Screenshot_20170606-075115  Screenshot_20170606-080745

Apart from other usual music player features like choosing the equalizer settings and folder display, Pulsar also sports the scrobbling feature.

As you might already know, Scrobbling lets you track songs — which songs have you listened to and how many times. And yeah, here too, you get to pick up the themes for the player.

4. DoubleTwist Music Player, Sync

DoubleTwist Music Player packs in those features which are not present in any one of the above — podcasts and internet radio. I know, I know, we were talking about ‘offline songs’, but then, if you get both these features along with the offline playback, then it’s a win-win, right?

Screenshot_20170606-081150  Screenshot_20170606-082351

Along with the above, what makes this app truly amazing is the AirSync feature. Though it will set you back by $5.99, it lets you sync your iTunes music and videos over Wi-Fi.

Know more about this cool app? Read our in-depth analysis here.

5. Pi Music Player

An app that has been rated 4.8 in the Play Store must really have something special up its sleeves, right? Pi Music Player has been rightly described as stunning and feature-rich.

Screenshot_20170606-082901  Screenshot_20170606-083411

Not only does it seamlessly play all the songs and albums, it can also double up as a cool ringtone maker. All you need to do is tap on it, select the songs, make the adjustment and you are done.

The USP of this app is the Pi Power Share feature which makes it possible to share a song with anyone around the world easily. The features, powered by Send Anywhere, just needs a 6-digit key and doesn’t have any limits on the file size nor does it require any login credentials.

Which App Will you Get?

So, these were some of the awesome apps which not only lets you play awesome music but also lets you do so much more with their special features and tricks. Do let us which app you will install and why. We will be waiting for your feedback.

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