Nintendo’s Joy-Cons Can Connect to Windows, Mac and Android

Nintendo Switch recently went on sale globally with an array of games lined up for the console, including FIFA, NBA, Zelda and more, but there were people concerned about its stunning controller’s connectivity with devices other than Switch itself.


Those who count themselves among the concerned ones can be rest assured that Nintendo Switch controllers would work with Windows PC/Laptop, Macbooks and Android-based devices.

The Joy-Cons won’t connect to any iOS-based device such as iPhone and iPad because they use a different wireless specification.

The Joy-Cons connect via Bluetooth, making them easily accessible to any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can play games using the Switch controllers even on your smartphone or tablet.

According to this YouTuber, only one of the Joy Con controllers connects for a single player mode and both of them connect as unique controllers in case of a multiplayer game.


By default, both the controllers do not connect as a single unit to be used in single player games but it’s quite possible that this issue will be addressed by the company in future a future patch for the console or a third party app/software might be able to facilitate this for the people.

Nintendo Switch started creating a lot of buzz months before it released in March 2017 but it has been facing a significant amount of criticism regarding issues with the controller.

According to users on the official support site for Switch, the left controller has been falling out of sync while detached fro the console, making it a hassle to play one-on-one games.

Although the company released an update to its software on the very first day to tackle the issue, a number of users are still facing desyncing of the controller.

Other than that, there have been issues regarding other wireless devices hindering the Switch, but the company doesn’t have a befitting solution to this problem except switching off the other device or moving away from it.

Nintendo Switch is still young in the market and only time will tell if, in the long run, it can live up to the expectations set by months of pre-launch hype surrounding the gaming console.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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