3 Superb YouTube Channels For Learning Basic Cooking Skills

In today’s age, time-constrained men and women have to balance a lot of roles, and wear more than one hat. One of the hats is definitely that of a cook (or, chef) trying to make three meals in a busy day. Takeout’s are an option, but for how long. Getting a maid is another, but these are penny-pinching times. Getting married to a partner who knows his or her saté from sauté is the best way to go, but that’s so not egalitarian.

The solution? Pick up a few cooking skills, and you will be set for life. The web is choc-a-bloc with cooking sites, but sometimes I prefer to head to video sites which demonstrate how to cook right there in front of you on the screen. So, fire up the oven. Here are three YouTube channels that teach you basic cooking skills, so that culinary inspiration can strike you.


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Chow.com is one of my favorite food channels on YouTube. The mother website is very well designed and takes you into recipes, and discussions around food of all types. One of the more useful part of the video channel and the site is You Are Doing It All Wrong. This section introduces you to the wrong and right way of cooking a dish. Then there is the Easiest Way, which as the name suggests is just perfect for the beginner cook as it shows how to do something simply without frills.

Cooking For Dads

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Cooking For Dads is meant to make you understand that dads can wield a spatula too. Rob Barett, the host is himself not a professional chef, but just a dad who has learned to cook fun meals for the whole family. If he can, so can you! Beginner cooks usually have a tough time remembering recipe measures, so the easy-to-follow video recipes makes it completely visual with the minimal of measuring jobs. As the video channel itself says, it is for visual learners who might be challenged by written recipes.

Food Wishes

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Chef John loves his food and his close to a 1000 cooking videos on his YouTube video blog, Food Wishes showcases his fun style of cooking. The full-time food blogger and chef knows what he is dishing up as his recipes are practical and efficient. Cooking crunchy roasted potatoes shouldn’t take too much time! He shares his best tips (and jokes) as he goes about teaching the world how to cook one recipe at a time. Get to know him more through this video on YouTube as he talks about his beginnings and culinary experience. The Food Wishes channel itself is neatly laid out with playlists and you can go with the type of recipes you enjoy having.

YouTube is one of the best places to sharpen your cooking skills. I haven’t covered biggies like eHow and Expert Village. Then there are single videos showing you everything from how to sharpen a knife to dice an onion. Take a tour through YouTube and tells us about the video that helped make you more confident in the kitchen.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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