Get a Feel of Life at Inter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion with Street View on Google Maps


On Friday, Google rolled out the Street View of the International Space Station (ISS) on Google Maps. This will allow users to experience life on the space station which has been active for the past 16 years, located at a distance of 250 miles from the Earth.

Iss Street View
Google Street View (ISS)

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency (ESA) spent six months on the International Space Station and kept relaying images from the space station to Google servers on the Earth.

These images were then strewn together to make a 360-degree panoramic view of the ISS — giving an insight into the life of the astronauts there as well as a view of the Earth from the outside.

“In the six months that I spent on the International Space Station, it was difficult to find the words or take a picture that accurately describes the feeling of being in space,” said Thomas Pesquet.

Since it wasn’t possible to collect street view images using Google’s usual methods, the Street View team worked with NASA at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Iss 548328 1280
International Space Station

“Working with Google on my latest mission, I captured Street View imagery to show what the ISS looks like from the inside, and share what it’s like to look down on Earth from outer space,” Pesquet added.

They developed a gravity-free way to collect photographs using the DSLR and equipment already available at the International Space Station.

“Looking at Earth from above made me think about my own world a little differently, and I hope that the ISS on Street View changes your view of the world too,” he concluded.

Space exploration has been developing and evolving ever since man first started working on the concept and with such exposure by Google to life in space, its advantages and wonders, an increasing number of people might find interest in learning about it.

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