12 Scenic HD and 4K Wall­pa­pers of Nature That You Should Get Right Now

Namrata Gogoi

Faraway castles, artistic stone bridges, winding country roads, snow-capped mountains, colorful wildflowers, and ancient woodlands — the melange of nature and man-made architectural wonders can't be precisely described in words.

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 7
Source: All is Wall
The good thing is that even if you don't have plans to travel to these stunning places, a mere sight may be enough to make your day. Keeping that in mind, we have scoured the Internet and handpicked a group of scenic 4K and HD wallpapers for your desktop.

1. Of Castles and Stone Bridges

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K New 1
Source: Wallpaper Cave

Did you know that the red color in fall leaves is the result of the anthocyanin pigment?

2. Wild Flowers

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 3 New
Source: Alphacoders

The Death Valley in the USA also has its own share of wildflower blooms, provided that the conditions are perfect. In this case, what would you give to stroll around this valley of wildflowers?

3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 10
Source: Wallpapers Wide

Seeing this wallpaper, the first thing that comes to my mind is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. This game is a PvP arena game where the player has to fight each other to be the last man standing.

4. Giants in the Background

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K New
Source: Wallpaper Studio10

Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish company has a unique take on windmills. As suggestive of its name, the Vortex windmills will be blade-less.

5. Stories of Windmills and Fresh Flowers

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 12
Source: The Wallpaper

Speaking of windmills, it would be a shame to skip mentioning the traditional Dutch windmills. A quintessential part of the Dutch landscape, there are over a thousand mills dotting the pretty-as-a-picture landscape of the Netherlands.

6. How Green Was My Valley

Wallup 134812
Source: Desktop Wallpapers

A new survey reports that there are over 400 million hectares of unreported forest in the world.

7. The Hills Are Alive

Beautiful Countryside Landscape Wallpaper 728X410
Source: Modern HD Wallpaper

What is more beautiful? The blue mountains, the castle or the enthralling lake? We'd love to hear from you.

8. That Shade of Yellow

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 1
Source: Wallpapers Craft

Sunshine yellow is the color associated with joy and energy and as Vincent van Gogh puts it — there is no blue without yellow and without orange.

9. Bring on the Colors!

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 2
Source: WP Nature

Did you know that the leaves of the Sugar Maple exhibit a complete color cycle? The leaves change over from green to red and eventually exhibiting a brief yellow and orange hue in between.

10. The Lost Road

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 3
Source: Wallpaper Stock

Did you know that the ancient Carthaginians are credited as the first ones to maintain a road system?

11. Rolling Meadows

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 4
Source: Wallpaper better

There are few things which calm you down as the enchanting scenery of rolling meadows dotted with shrubs and trees.

12. Stone Cabin or Wooden Cabin?

Wallpapers Stunning Countryside Hd 4K 6
Source: Wallpaper Mania

An enchanted Narnia-style castle with moss covered roof is probably enough to make you want to leave the city life if you ask me.

So, which wallpaper made its way to your desktop? Let us know in comments.

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