What Happens When You Sign Out of Your Netflix Account From All Devices

How often have you seen the vexing “Too many people are using your account right now” error message when you open Netflix? That message appears when the max number of allowed devices are streaming Netflix content simultaneously. At that point, you may have thought of revoking other people’s access to your Netflix account. No sane person would do that to invite trouble from family and friends. But what happens if you sign out of Netflix on all those devices?

We shall answer such queries (and more) you might have about signing devices out of your Netflix account. We’ll also show you how to know who’s using your account, where they’re using it from,

Note: We used a computer for this tutorial, but the methods listed herein can also be executed on a mobile browser.

How to Know Who Is Using Your Netflix Account

Netflix won’t exactly tell you who’s using your account by their first or last name. Rather, it shows you the name of the devices and other data like location and last watched time that can help you identify the persons using your account. Here’s how to access that data.

Step 1: Open the Netflix website on your computer. Alternatively, you can use the Netflix app on your iPhone or Android device, and select your profile.

Step 2: Click on your profile in the top-right corner of the website or app. Then, select the Account option.

Step 3: Under ‘Security & Privacy’, select ‘Manage access and devices’.

You will now see a list of all devices signed into your Netflix account.

If you find unrecognized devices from strange locations on the list, your account is probably compromised. You should sign out of that device immediately by hitting the Sign Out button.

How to Sign Out of All Devices on Netflix

Alternatively, you can sign out of all devices on Netflix. This is helpful if you can’t identify multiple devices or you just want to start off afresh. Here’s how to log everyone out of Netflix.

On a Computer

Step 1: Open the Netflix website on your computer.

Step 2: Click on your profile in the top-right corner of the website or app. Then, select the Account option.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Sign out of all devices’. Confirm your selection and you will be signed out of all devices including the one you’re using to perform the action.

On a Smartphone

Step 1: Open the Netflix app on your smartphone. Tap on your profile in the top-right corner of the app.

Step 2: Then, select the Account option.

Step 3: Scroll down and select ‘Sign out of all devices’.

What Happens When You Sign Out of Netflix

You may have several questions as to what really happens when you kick someone off Netflix or you sign out of all devices. Here are some common questions and their answers.

1. Does Signing Out of Netflix Delete Downloads

When you sign out of Netflix on all devices, the downloaded content still remains on the device. If you sign back in, you will be able to access all your downlaods as they were.

2. Does Netflix Inform People That You’ve Signed Them Out

No, Netflix doesn’t snitch. The affected individuals will eventually find out that they no longer have access to your account, but Netflix doesn’t send a notification or inform them before signing them out.

3. Can You Remove a Single Device From a Netflix Account

You can follow the steps mentioned above in the ‘How to know who is using your Netflix account’ to remove individual devices from your Netflix account. It’s a feature that has been added recently.

4. Can Devices That You Remove Still Access Your Netflix Account

Yes, people you sign out of your account can still watch content. They can simply sign back into your account if they know your password or have it saved on their device. To prevent this, you should change your account password. Otherwise, you might be back to square one in no time when these devices sign back into your account.

Additionally, you should know that the removal of devices from your Netflix account isn’t always instant. And this is due to Netflix’s device removal window.

When you remove devices from your account, it sometimes takes Netflix up to 8 hours to effect the change. So, if you’ve disconnected all devices from your account but still can’t watch your favorite Netflix TV show, you may have to wait for 8 hours or less.

What to Do After Signing Everyone Out of Your Account

Here are a few things you should take note of once you’ve removed an individual device from your Netflix account or signed everyone out.

1. Change Your Account Password

You can change your Netflix account password either from the Account settings menu or by sending yourself a password recovery email/SMS. This is a highly recommended step to prevent your Netflix account from getting hacked. Follow the steps below to update your Netflix account’s password from the Account settings menu.

Step 1: Open the Netflix website on your computer. Alternatively, you can use the Netflix app on your iPhone or Android device, and select your profile.

Step 2: Click on your profile in the top-right corner of the website or app. Then, select the Account option.

Step 3: Tap on Change password under ‘Membership & Billing’.

Step 4: Enter your current password followed by the new password.

Tip: Make sure you check the box next to ‘Sign out of all devices’. This will ensure all the devices with your account will be signed out. You can then sign into the required devices with your new password.

Step 5: Once done, click on Save to change your password.

You should now set a strong and secure password for your Netflix account.

2. Don’t Share Your Account Credentials

You shouldn’t be handing your Netflix account details like candies. To prevent (or limit, at best) unauthorized access to your account, only share your password with people you know and trust. Better yet, type your account credentials into their devices yourself. This is better than telling or texting them your password — they can easily forward it to other people.

FAQs for Signing Out of Your Netflix Account

1. How many devices can I watch Netflix on using one account?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your account tier. The standard tier allows you to stream on up two devices simultaneously while the premium tier takes the countup to four.

2. Can I download offline content on Netflix on all devices?

The standard plan allows you to download content on two devices. The preimum plan, however, let you do this on six devices.

3. Can I share my Netflix account with multiple users?

Netflix is trying to eradicate password sharing so you may soon not be able to share your account with too many users. In a way, it’s safer for you and your account.

Safeguard Your Netflix Account

Aside from being able to watch content without any limitation, signing out of your Netflix account from all devices also comes with security benefits. Handing too many people access to your account exposes your personal information like phone number and credit card details. And you don’t really want that. It’s a good practive to keep an eye on all the signed in devices from time to time to see if you spot a device you don’t recognize.

Last updated on 17 May, 2023

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