How to view and Manage Safari downloads on iPhone and iPad

Safari is usually easygoing, whether using Safari Tabs, Private browsing, or even changing the default search engine. However, finding and managing Safari downloads may not be immediately apparent to most users. But why fear, when you have this guide by your side?

How to view and Manage Safari downloads on iPhone and iPad

Now, effectively managing Safari downloads on iPhone or iPad is crucial for organizing files and optimizing storage space. It’s wiser to understand where the downloads are saved, how to change the download location, how to clear the download history and more. So, just read along.

How to Download Files On iPhone From Safari

While the process might differ slightly depending on the website’s UI, the overall premise is the same. Browse to the file you want to download → tap the download icon → tap Download to confirm the action.

Tap download icon and then Download

A downloading icon will appear next to the address bar as the download starts. You can click on it to see the download status.

Although if you don’t have to have an actual download link or button to initiate a download in the first place. For instance, you came across a link to a PDF that you can open in the browser. Instead of downloading using the Share Sheet, you can simply hold and press the link or image and then select Download Linked File.

Long press the link and select Download Linked File

Pause or Resume the download

Downloading a big file can make a severe dent in cellular data. However, the great news is that you can pause the download and resume it once you have a Wi-Fi connection, saving your precious mobile data.

To pause a download, tap the Download button → select Downloads → tap the X icon next to the downloading file. And to resume, simply tap the refresh icon.

Tap Downloads and the X to pause

Note: Do not close the original Safari window as then you’ll have trouble resuming the download.

Where Do Safari Downloads Go On iPhone

The first order of business after downloading a file from Safari is to check where your files are downloaded. To do so, tap the download icon or AA icon from the status bar → select download → tap the search icon next to the downloaded file.

Tap the search icon to find the downloaded file

By default, Safari download manager on iPhone stores the files in the Download folder in the Files app. So, to see your downloaded files, go to Files → Browse → Downloads.

Alternatively, to confirm or to customize the Safari download location, you can go to Settings → Safari → Downloads. Notably, if you prefer saving downloaded files to a different location, simply select a preferred option.

Tap Downloads

View Safari Download History on iPhone

Whether to find a previously downloaded item or to keep track of your downloaded files, here’s how you can access Safari downloader history on iPhone or iPad.

Open the Safari browser, tap the AA icon or the download icon → select Downloads → here, you’ll see a complete list of files downloaded recently.

Tap Downloads to view Safari download history

Clear Download History

There are multiple ways to remove all or individual files from your Safari download history.

  • Delete individual files – Launch Safari → AA icon → Downloads → Slide left the file you want to delete → Delete.
  • Clear all your download history – Launch Safari → AA icon → Downloads → Clear.
swipe left and tap Delete

Note: This is just deleting the download history, not the actual files from your iPhone. So, don’t expect much space saving after the history is cleared.

Auto-Delete Safari Download List

If you don’t want the hassle of manually deleting the Safari Download list, you can automate the process. To do so, go to Settings → Safari → Downloads → select ‘Remove Download list items’ → select a preferred option.

Tap Remove Download list items

FAQs For Safari Download Manager on iPhone and iPad

1. Can I download any type of file in Safari on my iPhone?

Yes, you can download various types of files in Safari on your iPhone, including documents, images, videos, audio files, and more. Safari supports a wide range of file formats for downloading.

2. Can I download files from any website in Safari?

In most cases, you can download files from any website using Safari on your iPhone. However, some websites may have restrictions or prevent file downloads for security or copyright reasons.

3. How can I track the progress of my download in Safari?

Safari displays the download progress in the address bar as a circular icon that fills up as the download completes. You can monitor the progress of your download by keeping an eye on this icon.

4. Can I download multiple files simultaneously in Safari?

Yes, Safari supports simultaneous downloads. You can initiate multiple file downloads and monitor their progress individually.

See, Find, and View Downloads on iPhone

Here, now that we have made it easier to manage Safari downloads on iPhone and iPad, we hope it’s a smooth sailing experience ahead. In case you have any other questions regarding Safari and any of its features, feel free to connect with us via the comments section.

Last updated on 01 July, 2023

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