How to Install Beta Apps on iPhone Using TestFlight

There are new and interesting apps that are being built every day for the iPhone. Getting these new apps can take a while as you wait for them to hit the App Store. However, there is a way to get early access. Here’s how you can install beta apps on your iPhone using TestFlight.

Install Beta apps on iPhone Using Testflight

If you’re an Android user, installing the beta version of apps is a fairly easy task. But on the iPhone, unlike Play Store, you can’t directly install apps from the App Store. You need to download TestFlight, an iOS app that helps users download beta apps. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is TestFlight on iPhone

TestFlight is an app developed by Apple that helps developers reach potential users to provide early access to their apps. This can help developers understand how the app works before publicly launching it. Developers host a beta program and send invite links to a limited number of users to test the app using TestFlight.


As a user, if you can get access to the invite, you can download the beta version of the app using TestFlight on your iPhone. You can not only use the app before launch but also help developers discover bugs and issues with your feedback.

Intrigued? Let’s find out how you can become a part of the beta testing program.

How to Join iOS App Beta Testing Program

There are two ways to participate in beta programs of applications on iPhone using TestFlight. Let’s explore both options in this section.

1. Join the Beta Program Using Invite Links

Developers often post about the beta program of their apps and hand out invites on social media. If you can get your hands on one of these links, and provided the beta program is not full, you can download the app on TestFlight.

2. Discover Beta Apps on Airport

Additionally, Apple also has a service called Airport that helps you discover apps in beta. You have a wide range of applications to choose from in various categories. However, you can only install and use these apps provided the beta program is not full. All you need to do is signup for Airport using your Apple ID on your web browser and access the catalog of Beta apps.

You can visit the Airport using the link below.

Now that you can access the apps, move to the next section to learn what to do next.

How to Download and Use TestFlight Apps

Once you have an invite link or are ready to pick an app from Airport, here’s how you can install them on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download the TestFlight app from the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the invite link, or tap on Get if you choose a beta app from Airport.

Step 3: Tap on Accept.

Step 4: The app is ready to be downloaded. Tap on Install.

You will now see the downloaded beta app on your home screen. If new beta builds are not uploaded, you can only use the app until it expires. Once it expires, you can check if the app is available via App Store through a public release.

FAQs on TestFlight on iOS

1. Is there an app for the Airport beta app community on Apple?

No. You can only access Airport through your web browser on your iPhone.

2. How many people can enter a beta program on iPhone?

Around 10,000 people can use the beta program to test apps via TestFlight on iPhones.

3. How do I redeem an invitation code on TestFlight?

You can tap on the ‘Redeem’ button in the top right corner of the screen in TestFlight to use an invitation code.

4. Is WhatsApp Beta available on TestFlight?

Yes. WhatsApp Beta is available on TestFlight, but the program usually remains full.

Become a Beta Tester

We hope this article helps you use interesting beta apps on your iPhone using TestFlight. However, help other developers with your valuable feedback regarding your experience while using a beta app. This will help them publicly release a polished app on the App Store!

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Last updated on 10 August, 2023

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