What Happens When You Remove a Friend on Discord

Discord’s popularity has sky-rocketed among small businesses, gaming communities, and online groups. You can create a server and keep your community members updated with frequent announcements and engage in a healthy discussion. You can also add others as friends to have a private conversation. You can always unfriend annoying users on the platform. Here’s what happens when you remove a friend on Discord.

What happens when you remove a friend on Discord

Does someone keep bugging you with irrelevant messages on Discord? You can always block such contacts on the platform. But before taking an extreme step, you should remove the person as a friend. Read along to learn the implications of removing a friend on Discord.

What Happens When You Unfriend Someone on Discord

Before we show you how to unfriend someone on Discord, you should first learn the implications of your action and take steps accordingly. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from Discord users.

Does Discord Notify the Person

When you remove a friend on Discord, the company doesn’t notify the user about your action. It’s a privacy feature, and Discord ensures that your actions remain private. However, the person can always make an educated guess about being removed from your friend list.

Can the Person Access My Servers

It’s one of the reasons to remove someone as a friend on Discord. If you don’t want your specific friends from accessing your servers, remove them from your friends list, and they can no longer be part of your servers on the platform.

Does Unfriending Someone on Discord Also Delete the Chat History

When you unfriend someone on Discord, the app doesn’t touch your existing chat history. Your chat history remains accessible on both sides. If you want to hide the chat history with the person, use the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Discord app and select Direct Messages from the sidebar.

Step 2: Right-click on a conversation and select Close DM from the context menu.

Close DM on Discord

Your chat history with the contact disappeared from the DM menu.

Can the Personal Send Direct Messages

When you remove a friend on Discord, the person can no longer send a direct message. When the person tries to send a message, the app instead asks to send a friend request again.

How Do You Know If Someone Removed You as a Friend on Discord

While Discord doesn’t notify you when someone removes you from their friends list, you can use a neat trick to confirm your friendship status. First, you can’t find the person on your friends list. Even if you search the contact by their username and send a message, you see the ‘Add Friend’ instead of the ‘Send Message’ option. It confirms that you have been removed as a friend by the person.

How to Unfriend Someone on Discord

Now that you know the implications of removing a friend on Discord, use the steps below to unfriend someone. We will talk about Discord desktop and mobile apps here.

Discord Desktop

Step 1: Open Discord on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Select the Direct Messages tab from the sidebar and open the Friends list.

Step 3: Discord shows your online friends by default. Click All to see the entire list.

Open Friends list on Discord

Step 4: Click the More (three vertical dots) menu beside a contact and select Remove Friend.

Remove a friend on Discord

You can repeat the same for all your annoying friends. You can follow the same steps on the Discord web version to remove a friend.

Discord Mobile Apps

You can unfriend someone on Discord mobile app too. We have used Discord for Android in the screenshots below. You can follow the same on Discord for iPhone. Both Discord mobile apps use the same interface.

Step 1: Open the Discord app on mobile and move to the Friends tab at the bottom.

Friends tab on Discord

Step 2: Select a friend and tap the three horizontal dots menu at the top.

Open three-dot menu on Discord

Step 3: Select Remove Friend.

Remove friend on Discord

Discord removes the person from your friend list. If you wish to start a conversation again, find the person by their username and send a friend request. You can compose a message once the person accepts your friend request.  

Manage Your Discord Friends List

Dealing with annoying friends on Discord can degrade your overall app experience. You can remove such friends from your list. If the person keeps irritating with friend requests, block them from the platform.  

Last updated on 08 May, 2023

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