How to Remove and Replace Back­ground In Canva

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While there're plenty of tools online that can help you remove a background from an image, there’re hardly a few apps that offer a complete image editing experience. Canva is a top name among them. Popularly known for making eye-catching social media posts and logos, Canva also lets you easily remove and replace the background of an image.

How to Remove and Replace Background In Canva

Probably the best part about Canva is that it isn’t web-only. It also has a feature-rich mobile app that offers the same features found in the web version. In this guide, we’ll cover how to use Canva to remove and replace the background of an image on both mobile and PC. So, let’s roll.

How to Remove Background of Image in Canva

While editing images in Cavna is mainly free, you need to be logged in with a Canva Pro account to remove the background from an image. Once you've subscribed to Canva Pro, removing background in Canva is quite straightforward. Here's how.

Step 1: Open up your preferred web browser and navigate to Canva's website.

Step 2: Now click on the Create a design button to choose the Edit photo option from the menu.

Create a Design in Canva

Step 3: Upload the image from your PC and click on the Edit photo option.

Edit Photo in Canva

Step 4: Once uploaded, it’ll appear in a new project window. Select the image and click on the Edit image option from the toolbar.

Edit Image in Canva

Step 5: Click on the Background Remover option from the panel that appears on your left.

Background Remover in Canva

Canva will remove the background from the picture. You can use the Erase and Restore tools on your left to fine-tune the image and remove elements that Canva might have missed. Lastly, click on Apply.

Apply Changes to Image

Finally, click on the Download button in the top right corner and mark the checkbox that reads 'Transparent background' to download your image. Lastly, click on the Download button to get your image.

Download Image from Canva

How to Replace Background of Image in Canva

Aside from removing the background, Canva also offers plenty of options to customize the background of an image. Here’s how.

Step 1: Upload your image with a transparent background in Canva’s image editor.

Step 2: Once uploaded, right-click on the image and select the ‘Detach Image from Background’ option.

Detach Image from Background

Step 3: Now switch to the Background tab on your left. Here you can explore Canva’s extensive library of backgrounds. You can either use the search tool or explore them via categories to pick the one you like.

Backgrounds in Canva

Step 4: Click on an image to use it as background.

Replace Background of Image

Once you're done picking the background, download your image using the button in the top right corner.

Besides downloading, you can also share your photo directly from Canva to your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Drive accounts.

How to Remove Background of Image in Canva App

Canva also offers the background removal tool in its mobile app, available for both Android and iOS. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Launch the Canva app on your phone. Tap on the Plus icon in the bottom right corner and select the Edit Photo option to upload your image.

Canva Mobile App
Edit Photo in Canva App

Step 2: Next, select a preferred dimension for your image and tap on Create in the top right corner.

Choose a Size for Image

Step 3: Now select the image, tap on the Effects option from the toolbar and select the BG Remover option.

Effects in Canva
BG Remover in Canva App

Wait for Canva to work its magic and that’s it. It'll automatically detect and remove the background from your image.

Remove Background In Canva App

To get your image, tap on the download icon up top and choose the 'Save as' option. Next, select your preferred file type using the drop-down menu and hit Download. You can also mark the check box to download your image with a transparent background.

Save Image in Canva
Download Image with Transperant Background in Canva

How to Replace Background of Image in Canva App

Once you've successfully removed the background of an image, here's how to customize the Canva app.

Step 1: Open the Canva app and tap on the Plus icon in the bottom right corner to create a blank template. You can pick from the available sizes or enter a custom size.

Canva Mobile App
Custom Size Template in Canva App

Step 2: In your blank template, tap on the Plus icon in the bottom left to reveal more options. Now tap on the Gallery option pick the image with transparent background.

Additional Options in Canva App
Upload Image in Canva

Step 3: Again, tap on the Plus icon and navigate to the Background tab. Now explore the available background and select the one you wish to use.

Editing Options in Canva
Backgrounds in Canva

Step 4: Once applied, resize and position your foreground image using the borders around it.

Change Background in Canva App
Replace Background in Canva App

You can play around with different backgrounds and editing options. Once you’re satisfied, download the image in your preferred format or share it directly to a social media platform from there.

Editing Made Easy

Removing and replacing the background of an image is certainly easy with Canva. Although the background removal tool requires a Canva Pro membership, you can use an app like Paint3D to make the background transparent and then use Canva to customize your image for free.

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