Top 2 Ways to Print From Canva for Free

Canva is one of the best graphic design tools out there. With built-in templates, you can create eye-catching flyers, newsletters, brochures, professional resumes, and more. You can even print your favorite designs for multiple purposes. Here are the best ways to print from Canva for free.

How to print from Canva for free

Sometimes, a digital version of your Canva design isn’t enough. To use it in your store, office, or for business purposes, you need to print it out and distribute it among others. Whether you use the web version or mobile apps, printing your Canva designs at home or office is quite easy without paying a single dime.

What Is Canva Print

Before we show you free methods, let’s talk about the company’s Canva Print service. If you don’t have a high-quality color printer at home or office, use the Canva Print service for a few bucks and get professionally printed designs delivered to your home.

Canva lets you choose from over 50,000 templates to decorate the final design.  You can pick the front and back design, size, paper type, paper finish, number of copies, check the price, and complete other details to get your favorite designs at home.

Canva Print

However, Canva Print service does come with a major con. Based on your location, it may take up to a week to get your printed design at home or office. If you are opening a new café, have a sale in the coming days, or organize a birthday party over the weekend, you may not receive your designs in time. It’s best to print a page from Canva using a top wireless printer.   

Print From Canva for Free on the Desktop

We will start with Canva’s web version and move to mobile apps to print your designs.

Step 1: Visit Canva website in a browser and sign in with your account details.

Step 2: Create a new design or open an existing one. Make necessary changes using a feature-rich Canva editor.

Step 3: Click File at the top and expand View settings. Enable Show print bleed. The option lets you avoid unnecessary white edges when printing to the edge of paper.

show margins and print bleed for canva design

Step 4: You can also enable margins to ensure that essential design elements aren’t cut when printed.

Step 5: Select Notes at the bottom and enter notes that you want to keep separate from the final PDF.

add notes to canva design

Step 6: Click the Share icon at the top and hit Download.

share canva design on desktop

Step 7: Change file type to PDF, which is ideal for printing. You may notice three options.

change download settings for canva
  • Crop marks and bleed: You can add crop marks when downloading your design to mark where to cut the paper.
  • Flatten PDF: The option converts your design with several layers into one. It ensures that all your Canva design elements get printed.
  • Includes notes: You can add notes (as shown in the fifth step) with your design and download them as PDF.

Step 8: Pick a relevant color profile. Canva recommends RGB for digital use and CMYK for professional printing.

The latter is locked under the Canva Pro plan. It starts at $12.99 per month. Select Download.

select color profile

After you download your Canva design, print it with your printer using the steps below.

Step 1: Open the desktop File Explorer or Finder menu and launch the PDF file in your preferred editor.

Step 2: Hit Ctrl + P (Windows) or Command + P (on Mac) keyboard shortcut and open the Print menu.

Step 3: Select your printer, set layout, select color print, and click Print.

print a canva design for free

If your printer isn’t working on Windows, check our dedicated post to fix the issue.

Print From Canva for Free on Mobile

Canva uses the same interface on Android and iPhone. We will use Canva for iPhone in the screenshots below. You can use the same on Android to print your designs.

Step 1: Download and launch Canva on iPhone. Sign in with your account details.

Step 2: Select your existing design and make edits. Tap the Share icon at the top.

Share canva design

Step 3: Select Download.

download canva design

Step 4: Save the design as PDF, enable flatten PDF, include notes if you want, and tap Download.  

tweak canva download settings

Step 5: Canva generates the PDF file on your phone and opens the share sheet. Tap Print, select your printer, enable the Print in Color toggle, tweak media quality, and select Print in the top right corner.

Sometimes, the printer may not show up on iPhone. If you face the same, check our separate post to fix the problem.

Print Your Canva Designs

You don’t need to use the paid Canva Print service. You can easily use your home or office printer to access your Canva designs on paper. It’s fast, cheaper, and gets the job done quickly.

Last updated on 27 April, 2023

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