How to Add Canva Email Signature to Gmail

If you are someone who works with multiple emails daily, you will understand the importance of having a professional-looking email signature. It can have a solid first impression on the receiver, increasing your chances of getting a response. In this article, we will show how you can add a Canva email signature to Gmail using its wide variety of templates.

how to add canva email signature to gmail

Canva took the industry by storm when it was released and continues to impress us with its variety of templates. You can add a Canva signature on both – personal Gmail accounts and Google Workspace accounts. But before that, let’s have a look at how you can design one in Canva.

Create a Custom Gmail Signature Using Canva

You can quickly create an email signature in Canva for free as its user interface is intuitive with drag-and-drop options. You can either develop one from scratch or customize a template as per your needs. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Canva website in any web browser on your computer and sign in, if not already.

Step 2: Search for email signature templates in the search bar.

search for email signature templates in canva

Step 3: Select a template from the Canva library.

Paid and Premium templates have a small denotation at the bottom right corner. You can either purchase a premium template or proceed with the free ones.

select a template from canva

Step 4: Customize the template as per your needs. You can also add your photograph or company logo from the Uploads section.

edit the template

Step 5: Once your signature is complete, click on the Share button. Then click on Download.

click on share then download

Step 6: Select the file type in which you want to save your signature and click on Download.

Note: It is recommended to download your email signature in PNG format. Since the blank areas in a PNG file are transparent which will help your email signature blend better with the background of the email.

click on download

Your email signature will get downloaded to your computer. Now, let’s learn how you can add this to your Gmail account.

How to Add Canva Signature to Gmail

Here’s how you can add your custom email signature to your Gmail account. You can also follow these steps if you have a company email that uses Google Workspace as an email client.

Step 1: Open Gmail on your computer in any web browser. Click on the Settings icon and select ‘See all settings’.

click on settings

Step 2: In the General tab, scroll down to Signature. Click on Create New.

click on create new

Step 3: Enter a name for your email signature. This name is for your reference and will not be visible to the receiver when you send an email.

enter a name for email sign

Step 4: Now, click on the Image icon.

click on image icon

Step 5: Next, upload your custom email signature that you downloaded from Canva.

upload canva sign to gmail

Note: You can also adjust the size of your email signature by selecting between small, medium, large, and original size options. You can select the appropriate size by looking at the preview of your signature.

adjust email sign size

Step 6: Scroll down and click on Save Changes.

click on save changes

Your custom email signature from Canva now has been added to your Gmail account.

How to Remove an Email Signature From Gmail

If your email signature is outdated or becomes irrelevant, it’s a good idea to remove it from your emails. Here’s how you can do that.

Step 1: Open the Gmail website on your computer. Tap on the settings icon and select ‘See all settings’.

click on settings

Step 2: Go to the Signature section and click on the delete icon next to the email signature.

click on delete icon

Step 3: Click on Delete to confirm the deletion of your email signature.

click on delete

Step 4: Scroll down and click on Save Changes.

click on save changes

Your email signature will be removed from your future emails. Note that your older emails will still carry your email signature. You cannot remove a signature from an email that you have already sent.

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FAQs on Adding a Canva Email Signature to Gmail

1. Can I create an email signature with the free Canva plan?

Yes, you can create an email signature on Canva with the free plan. There are plenty of free templates that you can use in Canva.

2. Does Canva leave a watermark in email signatures?

No, Canva does not leave any watermarks on your created email signatures.

3. How to create a clickable email signature in Canva for Gmail?

You cannot create a clickable email signature in Canva to add in Gmail. The only way to add a clickable link to your signature is by inserting a text hyperlink in the Signature settings.

Sign Your Emails Like a Professional

It’s a good practice to have an email signature that reflects your name, profession, and contact details. Using the vast library of Canva templates, you can easily create your custom signature and add them to your emails. You can also add this signature to other email clients such as Yahoo, Proton Mail, Outlook, and others.

Last updated on 06 June, 2023

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