How to Delete a Fortnite Account on All Platforms

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games where millions of users interact with each other. However, not everyone wants to play forever, and if you wish to delete your Fortnite account, this guide is for you. Remember that deleting the Fortnite account will also delete the associated Epic Games account.

Delete a Fortnite Account

Moreover, once you delete your Fortnite account, the actions are permanent; i.e., you can’t retrieve your account after 14 days of such deletion. With that out of the way, let’s now understand the consequences of deleting your account.

Note: If you chose an incorrect name previously, you can change your name on Fortnite without deleting the account.

What Happens When You Delete Epic Games Account

As mentioned earlier, deleting your Fortnite account will also delete your Epic Games account. However, it will also lead to various consequences, as follows:

  • Loss of Game Progress and Purchases: Besides Fortnite, your Epic Games account is also used to access all the games in the Epic Game Store. So, deleting your Epic Games account will lead to the loss of all the linked games. Thus, you will lose all the in-game progress, digital purchases, and virtual items associated with those games.
  • Friends and Social Connections: You will also lose your friends or connections within the Epic Games ecosystem.
delete epic account
  • Unreal Engine and Developer Accounts: Deleting your account will revoke your authorization to the service if you’re a developer using Epic’s Unreal Engine.
  • Refunds and Account Balance: If you have any unused funds in your Epic Games account or are eligible for refunds on purchases, these might not be recoverable after account deletion.

If you still wish to remove your account, move on to the next section.

How to Delete Your Fortnite Account Permanently

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world. However, if you believe it’s time to move on, here are the steps to delete your Fortnite account.

Step 1: Visit the Epic account settings page using the link below. Log in if you haven’t.

Step 2: Scroll down and choose ‘Request Account Delete.’

choose request account delete 1

Step 3: Choose Delete Account to confirm.

choose delete account

Step 4: Enter the security code sent to the linked email and hit ‘Confirm Account Deletion.’

choose confirm account deletion

That’s it! Your account will be deleted.

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How to Recover Deleted Epic Account

As mentioned earlier, remember that you can recover your account within 14 days of your deletion request. Once you are past 14 days, your Fortnite account will be permanently deleted.

If you’re still within the 14-day grace period, you can recover your Fortnite account by logging back into your account using the link below.

If you plan to delete your Epic account to unlink it from your Fortnite account on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation, and start a new one for consoles, then the good news is that you don’t have to. You can simply disconnect the current account and link a new one. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit the Epic account settings page using the link below. Log in if you haven’t.

Step 2: Choose your username and select Account.

choose username and hit Account

Step 3: Select ‘Apps and Accounts.’

Step 4: Choose Remove.

choose apps and account and then select Remove under the service you want to unlink 1

Step 5: Select Unlink to confirm.

unlink account from epic games

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FAQs on Deleting Fortnite Account

1. Why did my Fortnite account delete automatically?

If you fail to verify your account within 30 days of creating it, your account might be automatically deleted.

2. Will deleting Fortnite save my skins?

No. Once you delete your Fortnite account, all the purchases related to them will be restored along with the saved data related to your account.

3. Do old Fortnite accounts get deleted?

While Epic Games doesn’t delete any inactive accounts, if you have violated any terms and conditions, it might suspend or even delete your account. Also, if you don’t verify your account, Epic has the right to delete your account forever.

Goodbye, Fortnite

Deleting your Fortnite account might be a big step, losing the data and the purchases. But good riddance, hopefully. If you’d like to play

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