How to Reset Instagram Explore Page on Android and iPhone

With a billion monthly active user base, Instagram has exploded with content. For the ease of finding relevant content quickly, the platform offers personalized content suggestions for users via its Explore section. However, the algorithm displays random stuff sometimes. If this is the case with you, here’s how to reset Instagram’s Explore page using your smartphone.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

Instagram enriched the Explore page to make sense of all the content by delivering/showing it to relevant or suited users. This strode users from the overwhelming nature of the platform and catered to its enormous user base. But how does the Explore tab work, and how can you reset it? Let’s find out.

How Does the Instagram Explore Page Work

Launched in 2012 as ‘Popular,’ Instagram Explore was a tab displaying the most popular content on the platform. This feature allowed users to discover new content and see trending photos and videos. Due to the changing content consumption pattern and for better content discoverability and diversity, Instagram renamed it Explore. 

Instagram Explore Page

The Explore page uses an algorithm to show you the content it thinks you’ll be interested in and interact with the most. Now, you must be wondering how does it know your interest? As per Instagram, the algorithm takes into account several factors, including the number of likes, comments, and shares a post receives, as well as who you follow and what you’ve liked in the past.

The algorithm creates a personalized experience for each user, and it is constantly updated with new content. Instagram is continually tweaking the Explore algorithm to show users the most relevant and exciting content. However, many users have reported that their Explore page showed the same content. If you’re sailing in the same boat, we suggest you reset it.

Things to Know Before Resetting Instagram Explore Page

Resetting the Instagram Explore Page is a way to refresh the content that Instagram suggests based on your past interactions. Here are some things you should know before resetting it:

  1. When you reset your Explore Page, Instagram will no longer use your past interactions to suggest new content. This can be both a pro and a con, depending on whether you liked the suggestions you were receiving before.
  2. Instagram doesn’t provide an explicit option to reset your Explore page. The most effective way to change the kind of content you see there is to engage with different content and accounts actively. This means your control over your Explore page is somewhat indirect and limited.

Now, let’s get into the steps and methods.

How to Change Your Instagram Explore Page on Android and iPhone

If you’re unhappy with a few posts, following this method to change the Explore page is more suitable. This approach might be long and repetitive, but it reaps good results without breaking your core Instagram interest. Moreover, Instagram’s algorithm is shrewd in quickly implementing the changes. In this method, you will have to individually remove posts you don’t like. Let me show you how. 

Note: We used OnePlus 7T running Android 11 and iPhone 12 running iOS 16 to build this guide, but you can follow the same steps on your iOS or Android device. However, some steps and screenshots might look different.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and go to the Explore page.

Step 2: Now, open the post you don’t like and click on the three-dot menu at the upper right.

click on the three-dot menu

Step 3: Select Not interested.

Select Not interested

This will remove the post from your suggestion, and it will never appear, provided you don’t show interest in this type of content. And, yes, you need to repeat this process every time you see some irrelevant content or something you don’t like. However, if you want to change your Instagram feed, your only option is to reset Explore Page.

How to Reset Explore Page in the Instagram App: 2 Ways

There are 2 ways of resetting your Instagram Explore page – clearing your search history or deleting the cache. You can follow any or both methods to see how your Explore feed changes.

1. Clear Search History

The Search History plays a good part in determining the kind of account, hashtags, posts, videos, or reels you like. This method is effective and pretty straightforward to reset the Explore page. Follow the steps on your Android or iOS device.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile at the bottom right.

Step 2: Tap on the three-line icon at the upper right and select Your Activity.

Step 3: Select Recent searches and tap Clear all.

Step 4: Select Clear all in the prompt to confirm.

Select Clear all

By clearing the search history, you are flushing out your potential interest as per Instagram’s algorithm and resetting your Explore page with something you could be really interested in. 

2. Clear Instagram Cache

Whenever you open Instagram, it stores all the data on your device, from the content you view to the profiles you visit. This makes it easier to display familiar content the next time without fetching it from its servers. So, clearing the cache will delete that data, thus, altering your Explore page. There are different steps for Android and iPhone. We have included both below.

Note: Removing the cache removes data from Instagram stored on your phone. So, before you go ahead with the steps, check our detailed guide explaining what happens when you delete the Instagram cache.

Clear Instagram Cache on Android

Step 1: Open phone Settings and go to ‘Apps & notifications.’

Note: Every Smartphone has an ‘Apps & Notifications’ option; however, they might be named differently.

Step 2: Go to See all apps and select Instagram.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Storage & Cache’ and select Clear Cache.

That’s it. You have successfully cleared the Instagram cache on Android. If this method doesn’t work out, try clearing storage.

Delete and Re-install Instagram on iPhone

There’s no way to clear the cache on iPhone. So, to clear the Instagram app’s cache, you need to delete the app altogether and then reinstall it from the App Store. Yes, it is a tedious method, but it is what it is.

Step 1: Go to iPhone Settings and tap on General.

Step 2: Now, go to iPhone Storage, scroll down, and select Instagram.

Step 3: Lastly, tap on Delete App.

tap on Delete App

While there is an Offload app option, it simply deletes the app while storing its documents and data locally on the iPhone. Hence, deleting the app is your only option. Once done, reinstall Instagram to find a refreshed Explore page.

FAQs on Resetting Instagram Explore Page on Android and iOS

1. Is it possible to delete the Explore page on Instagram?

The Explore page is a core feature of Instagram that suggests content based on your interests and interactions. While you can’t delete it, you can customize the content you see on the Explore page by interacting with different types of posts and accounts.

2. Why is my Instagram explore page messed up?

There could be several reasons why your Instagram explore page appears to be messed up. If you’ve recently engaged with posts or profiles that are not aligned with your usual interests, it can lead to a shift in the content shown on your explore page.

Additionally, Instagram occasionally tests new features and algorithms, which can temporarily disrupt the accuracy of the explore page for some users.

Change What Appears on Your Instagram Explore Page

Social media apps, like Instagram, do a lot of work in the background to determine which content you want to interact with. Besides, Instagram’s algorithm is becoming increasingly savvy, throwing content recommendations influenced by the accounts you follow, posts you like, similar content you interact with, and posts you save in your collection. So, it becomes almost impossible to reset the Instagram algorithm to change your explore page quickly.

However, we hope this guide helped you in changing or resetting the Instagram Explore page content. Let us know which method yielded the best results in the comments section below.

Last updated on 03 July, 2023

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