15 Free Halloween Phone Wallpapers for iPhone and Android

It’s that time of the year when you dress to imitate supernatural and scary beings. But why leave your smartphone behind? With Halloween just around the corner, check out our latest collection of free Halloween phone wallpapers to complement your smartphone with your attire.

Free Halloween phone wallpapers

These Halloween wallpapers are compatible with iPhone as well as Android devices. Mind you, almost all wallpapers are contrasty. Therefore, if you use some widgets on iPhone or Android, you might have to tweak the settings a little to go well with the wallpaper.

Note: The image previews are just for presentation and hence, are in low resolution. To get these Halloween wallpapers in HD, tap on the download button below the images.

1. Aesthetic Halloween Background

The wallpaper is a fusion of modern design with a Halloween effect. It could be an excellent fit if you own a black/dark-colored device or are into dark mode.

Smoky Background

2. Minimal Halloween Wallpaper

The best Halloween background for iPhone and Android devices for all the minimalists out there. This wallpaper isn’t as scary as others on the list but is minimal and so neat! 

Minimal Halloween Wallpaper

3. Scary Halloween Wallpaper

Imagine having this wallpaper on your phone and waking up at midnight to check a notification. Your heart will skip a beat, and so will your friends if you prank them with this wallpaper. This is one of the scariest on this list.

Scary Halloween Wallpaper

4. Trick Or Treat

A scary-looking being with its soul sucked out in blood red, what’s scarier? This could make a great Halloween wallpaper.

Dark Halloween Phone Wallpaper

5. Disney Halloween Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a funny take on Halloween. It features Disney characters and would be a more suitable fit for kids’ phones. A must-try this year, what say?

Disney Halloween Wallpaper

6. Anime Halloween Wallpaper

The wallpaper is exclusively for Anime fans who want to incorporate Halloween mode. The wallpaper depicts the scariness of this Halloween and could be a significant revamp for your device.

Anime Halloween Wallpaper

7. Cool Halloween Background

This free Halloween wallpaper is funky in nature. This makes it a more desirable choice for someone who does not want a scary image as their wallpaper, but an elegant one yet in a Halloween theme. 

Cool Halloween Background

8. Spooky Halloween Wallpaper

If you are old school, you will love this wallpaper. Typical Halloween ghost that scares you enough to intimidate others and would remind you of the movie Casper.

Spooky Halloween Wallpaper

9. Fall Halloween Wallpaper

There’s no doubt that this wallpaper will look great on all phones and quickly gel with your eyes since it’s more orange and yellow. 

Fall Halloween Wallpaper

10. Cute Halloween Wallpaper

A classic Halloween pumpkin lit up. This wallpaper gives the perfect Halloween vibes without being as scary. It is sure to be the best Halloween wallpaper on this list. 

Cute Halloween Wallpaper

11. Dark Halloween Wallpaper

Pumpkin hung in a dark room with torn clothes and a Marshmallow expression; isn’t it enough to convince you to change your phone’s wallpaper? Well, there’s a high chance that it would remind you of Joker in the movie ‘The Dark Night Rises.’

Dark Halloween Wallpaper

12. Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper

It is a bright and colorful Halloween pumpkin wallpaper with a touch of scariness. 

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper

13. Animated Phone Background

This abstract toony pumpkin wallpaper will make your phone stand out. It is spooky and cute in equal measure and can also be a long-term phone wallpaper.

Animated Phone Background

14. Black Halloween Wallpaper

Watched the movie ‘The Nun’? Well, this free Halloween phone wallpaper resembles that. We won’t describe the specifics of the wallpaper, yes we’re scared. 

Black Halloween Wallpaper

15. Halloween Cat Wallpaper

If you are a cat lover and wanted a collated Halloween aura, this is the Halloween wallpaper you are looking for. It features a cute cat coming out of a Halloween pumpkin. It couldn’t be any better. 

Halloween Cat Wallpaper

Happy Halloween 

These were the best free Halloween phone wallpapers that you can use this season. Some wallpapers will stand out, and some might be very scary. However, don’t stop yourself from trying all the wallpapers.

Choose the one that best fits your Halloween costume and your phone. Being yourself is the best way to embody the Halloween vibe. Happy Halloween!

Last updated on 19 October, 2022

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