7 Awesome Free Word Games for Android

Word games are always fun to play whether you are on the go or just chilling at home. They help in increasing your vocabulary and honing your spelling skills.

7 Best Free Word Games

Google Play Store is flooded with an array of word games in the form of word searches, crosswords, scrabble, and more. To save you the trouble of sorting through several options, we have handpicked some of the most awesome word games that are available for free on Android. Each of them has a 4.5+ rating on the play store.

Let’s check them out.

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1. Wordalot

Wordalot adds a twist to the popular crossword genre by using pictures as clues. This brings more fun to the conventional crossword gameplay. You’ll have to fill the blanks to complete the word by cracking the clue given in the picture.


The difficulty of the game increases as you move to the next level.

You get 2 coins as you clear each level and these can be used to get hints. There is a handy Ask Friends tab below the picture that lets you share the puzzle with your friends via various apps. The UI is also user-friendly and not too cluttered.


However, it’d have been better if it allowed you to shuffle the letters as it helps you to guess the word much faster.

2. Word Brain

With Word Brain, you will have to form a word from the letters by swiping through them. You will have to swipe the letters in the correct order to clear the grid. It is fairly simple in the beginning as you just have four letter words (2×2). However, as you proceed to the next stage, the puzzles get more difficult with longer words.


You collect points as you move ahead in the game that can then be used to buy hints when you get stuck. As you pace through the initial states quickly, the game gets more addictive.


WordBrain also has a nifty feature that lets you create your own puzzles to share with friends. The app is quite colorful and runs smoothly.

3. Wordscapes

When you start playing Wordscapes, it gives you the feels as if you’re sitting on nature’s lap with calming music and beautiful backgrounds. The gameplay is pretty simple. You have to swipe a given set of letters to make words.


Also, these words are placed in the form of a crossword puzzle. The different levels are also named after various natural elements such as Forest, Sunrise, Sky, and so on.


Similar to other games, you get rewards in the form of coins that can be used to buy hints when you get stuck. The app is quite engaging and also helps you to calm yourself with relaxing music. It’s a nice and soothing game to play after a long day at work.

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4. Ruzzle

Ruzzle will indeed muzzle your brain. You will have to find as many words as possible in two minutes. Just swipe over the scrambled letters to form words and use bonus tiles to collect more points than your opponent.


You can challenge random players or play with your Facebook friends. There is also a practice mode that will help you master the skills.


The game is played in three rounds. Each round can be played whenever it suits you. The 2-minute time limit increases excitement and also brings out the competitive aspect of the game when you are challenging a friend.

5. Word Connect

As the name suggests, in Word Connect, you’ll have to swipe between various letters to form words. This is more of a relaxing game as there is no time limit. You can just keep it handy as a secondary activity while watching TV.


The initial puzzles till Level 16 are fairly easy but they get more difficult as you progress further.

You will be rewarded with coins as you complete chapters and solve bonus words that you can then use to buy hints. Besides, this game is less time-consuming compared to other word games. You can even shuffle words when you are stuck.


There are no in-app ads initially, but as you progress, you will see ads after each level. Thankfully, the ads are only in the form of photos and not videos.

6. Bonza

Bonza is a fun crossword game that uses word search, jigsaw, and trivia. The app will give you clues to arrange the word jigsaw. You will have to move them around accordingly.


I loved this game as it is doubly challenging. You have to understand the theme from the given clue and then guess the words. The interface is pretty stylish and offers the feel of solving a crossword.


You can also create your own puzzles by giving clues and answers. Once done, the app will generate a puzzle from the given words and you can rearrange them before making it public.

7. WordWhizzle

Last but not the least, there is WordWhizzle that gives you a topic and the first task is to find the hidden words associated with the theme. There will be a different topic for each level.


I enjoyed the light color tone and simple UI for the app, which is not too harsh for your eyes. However, it’s better to turn the background sound off while playing the game as it gets annoying.


Flex Your Lexicon

So, these are some of the most challenging word games that are fun and will also flex your brain muscles. Which of the above games are you planning to check out?

I am sure there must be few other word games that have not been included in the list. We’d love to know about such games.

Let us know in the comment section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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