5 Simple Free Android Games That Are Challenging

Google Play Store is a goldmine when it comes to the range of free Android games – from simple and engaging games to high-end games with insane graphics that really push the limits on any device.

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As much as we all love to play the high-end FPS and RPG games on our Android devices, they become pretty boring after some time. However, Android has a variety of simple yet very challenging games that one can play for hours and improve their brain power.

Here, we are looking at 5 such simple yet challenging free Android games that give you hours of fun.

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1. BLUK – Physics Adventure

The best thing about a puzzle game is that you don’t really have to follow a timeline or a plot to achieve a goal as you don’t have any. You just have to use your imagination and process a lot of thinking to progress or achieve the target at hand. BLUK is a classic example of a puzzle game that requires a lot of thinking, calculation, and creativity.


The aim is simple. You have a block and you have to throw it in a projectile that it collects the coins hanging mid-air and land it perfectly on top of the next pillar.

Simple, right? Not really. There are a number of variables in this game. For example, the block should land in the center of the top of the pillar to get earn you points.


And just when you think you have mastered this game, which you might after finishing Stage 1, things get hard pretty quickly. There are a number of surprises hidden, including the slippery icy pillar that requires a perfect throw of the block.

Download BLUK – Physics Adventure from Google Play Store

2. Break Liner

We all like rockets, don’t we? In Break Liner, you get a rocket that you maneuver in an endless puzzle breaking through a glass wall, earning up points. It might sound like a cakewalk but it’s anything but that.

As you progress, the wall in the middle changes color and there are only a certain portions of the wall that you can break, rest of the places is impenetrable and will cause a crash.

Break Liner
Break Liner1

The more you progress, the tougher the game becomes. At every step, you face newer and more challenging situations and this just keeps going on. The design is done cleverly, I must say, as the game identifies your playing pattern and offers newer challenges.


One thing though — the in-app ads are pretty intrusive and many of the users have complained about it. However, there is an ad-free version of the game if you wish to buy.

Download Break Liner from Google Play Store

3. Leap On

Remember playing yo-yo? Leap On is the yo-yo of the digital era. Here, you have a ball that you have to move around while it bounces on its core and surrounding objects.

Leap On
Leap On1

With each bounce it takes, the dynamics of this game changes drastically. From dangerous shards that can kill the poor ball to missiles and rotating saw blades, this game has a new challenge brewing up with each move you make.

However, if you’re smart enough and have a basic knowledge of motion and gravity, you can master this game. It has a simple design for one-hand use and it’s virtually endless.


All you need to do is keep the ball bouncing while rotating around its core and create a new high score. But remember that all things in white are good and all in black are always bad for the ball.

Download Leap On from Google Play Store

4. Stack

Skyscrapers are marvelous human creations. Stories above stories making one huge building. When you google ‘tallest building in the world’, Google tells you that it’s the Burj Khalifa, which is 828 meters high and has 163 floors.

Although you cannot recreate such buildings in Stack, you can create your very own masterpiece.


This one reminds me of the old arcade games. This game is actually very simple. Blocks will be coming in from all directions and you have to stack them one above another.

The twist here is that the speed of the incoming blocks increases with each one you stack. You only be given a moment to think and place the block and any part, which is not aligned with the block under it, is removed.


Too many misses and you will end up with a smaller block. At the end, you will have nothing but a tiny bit of space and smaller blocks coming in to be placed. This game is very challenging and literally keeps all your senses engaged.

Download Stack from Google Play Store

5. Two Dots

I remember spending a countless number of hours playing join-the-dots in school. It was a fun game and required you to have a keen eye to identify a pattern before the other person. The same game is back in a more digitized format.

The whole franchise has been so popular over the years that the developers are already working on the second version that promises to offer more hours of fun and the feeling of the older game.

Two Dots
Two Dots 1

The gameplay is simple. You need to join two dots to make a line or join many more dots to reach the goal in as fewer moves as possible. You can make a square to finish all similarly colored dots at once and there is much more.


In this new mobile game, it’s not just about removing the maximum number of dots. You need to collect special anchor chips and the difficulty increases with each stage.

However, you’ll be playing under a lot of pressure as there are only 5 lives at your disposal. Once you lose all five turns, you’ll have to wait as they take time to regenerate.

There are 1,310 levels to play in Two Dots and I can bet that you can’t play just one.

Download Two Dots from Google Play Store

It’s No Child’s Play

Mobile gaming on Android phones has become a popular trend over the last few years. Newer and more diverse Android games are being made to cater to the choices of all Android users.

With popular games such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, Pokemon Go, and Fruit Ninja, the virtual gaming sensation has become a part of our real life.

These five simple yet challenging Android games will keep your senses engaged and improve your brain power.

Let us know which of these you found the most interesting? Drop a line or two in the comment section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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