How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

Have you forwarded multiple emails as one in Gmail? I bet you haven’t because Gmail doesn’t offer any such feature. Now those emails could be a conversation history or important emails containing attachments of invoices or files. Forwarding such emails in bulk can be a tricky affair in Gmail.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail

For instance, your manager wants a copy of all correspondences between you and the client. You can also use this method to backup important emails elsewhere or migrate to a new email ID. Either way, forwarding all those emails, one at a time, is a sheer waste of time. Not to mention frustrating and annoying. I found a better way.

Let’s begin.

1. Multi Forward for Gmail

It’s a Chrome extension that will work on all Chromium-powered browsers like Chrome and Brave. Click on the link below to open the Chrome Store download page in a new tab and install the extension.

If not sure how to do it, click on the blue button that says Add to Chrome. The button name will depend on the browser you are using.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 1

Open Gmail and search for emails that you need to send in bulk. You can search Gmail sender’s names, email ID, or even subject. Select as many emails as you need, and you should see a black forward icon right inside Gmail UI, next to other Gmail buttons. It’s the same icon that you will also see next to all the extensions you have installed in your browser.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 2

Click on it once to reveal a pop-up asking you to give it necessary permissions to access and forward multiple emails in Gmail. Click on Sign-In.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 3

Click on Next in the pop-up that follows to continue.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 4

You may have to enter your Gmail email ID or password again.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 5

You will now see a pop-up where you can add email IDs of everyone you want to forward emails in bulk. You can enter multiple recipients here.

There is a limit of 25 emails so you can’t send more than that in a single go. Still better than sending them one at a time.

2. Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ

If the first extension is not working for you, there is another extension that can forward multiple emails in Gmail.

Get Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ like you installed other extensions. Search and select all the emails that you did like to forward in Gmail. You will see a new black forward icon, just like in the previous extension. Click on it.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 7

You will see multiple options here. They are self-explanatory. You can send all selected emails or only those that match the search query. You can also send all selected emails as a PDF or EML attachment. Choose an option.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 8

You will be asked to create an account. You will see a pop-up with an option to sign in using your existing Gmail ID. Use that.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 9

Give cloudHQ permission by clicking on Allow.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 10

Enter the email IDs where you want to forward the selected emails. Click on Forward Emails button when done.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 11

You will see a message telling you that emails are being forwarded. You can click on the extension icon to check status. You can also close the tab or even shut down your computer at this point. cloudHQ claims that the forwarding will continue. I forwarded a bunch of emails in Gmail and immediately closed the tab and sure enough, emails started pouring in within a few seconds.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 12

You can close the dialog box, if you want. It works like a charm. The free version has a limit of 50 emails, and background forwarding doesn’t work. Subscribe to the pro version for $14.99 to remove limits, signature, FWD text in subject, and get an email and phone support. There is also a full email migration wizard in the pro version. And there are separate plans for teams.

3. Gmail Filters

This is a bit of a hit and miss — it did work for me, though. Gmail filters seem to be working for some users. Even if this works, there is a risk that it will also forward spam emails that meet the forwarding criteria. Here is how it works. You can tweak it further based on your requirements.

Click on the gear icon to select Settings.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 13

Click on Create a new filter under the Filters and blocked addresses tab.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 14

Enter the email ID of the emails which you would like to forward in the From field. To make sure that spam emails are not forwarded, you can further narrow down the search results by adding words that are always included in the email (like a signature) or words that are never included.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 15

Additional filter options include attachment and email size. You can always tweak the filter based on the results you are getting. Click on Create filter when done.

Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail 16

Toggle Forward it and Also apply filter to matching conversations options in the next screen, and click on add forwarding address to enter the email ID where you want to forward these emails.

Note that the filter will only work for new emails that you will receive in the future and not old emails that already sit in your Gmail inbox.

Collective Forwarding is Fun

A lot of companies have moved on to professional messaging apps like Slack that will significantly reduce your reliance on emails. Still, emails are a necessity in certain fields and situations. One of the above solutions should have worked for you. It’s amazing how Gmail doesn’t offer a built-in option for forwarding multiple emails.

Next up: Still can’t forward multiple emails in Gmail? Click on the link below to learn how to setup Gmail in Thunderbird. A third-party IMAP client you can use to download and transfer emails.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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