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The Ulti­mate Guide to Zoom

The Best Zoom Tips, Tricks and How-tos for Zoom, the pop­u­lar video con­fer­enc­ing tool.

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We, at Guid­ing Tech, use Zoom too. And since we’re geeks, we decid­ed that we should know every­thing about this tool to make the most out of it. That means dig­ging into its fea­tures, find­ing tips and tricks that an aver­age user won’t know about, doing things more pro­duc­tive­ly, etc.

For instance, did you know about what Zoom calls​‘Break­out Rooms’, where the host can cre­ate mul­ti­ple ses­sions in a meet­ing and add par­tic­i­pants in those dif­fer­ent ses­sions? … or the​‘Raise Hand’ fea­ture? … or the amaz­ing­ly use­ful key­board short­cuts that make your Zoom usage faster than ever? Well, wor­ry not, because we’ve got all of that orga­nized in one place.

That place is called The Ulti­mate Guide to Zoom PDF eBook.

What You Will Learn in This Book

This comprehensive and detailed eBook has several chapters, ranging from the basic setup and how to get started with Zoom, to advanced tips and tricks that’ll make you a pro user of this video conferencing tool.

Here’s the list of chapters that you’ll find in this eBook:

  1. 9 Best Zoom Tips and Tricks to Begin Video Conferencing

    Right from how to set up Zoom cor­rect­ly and get­ting start­ed with it, to fea­tures like Break­out Rooms, these 9 tips will help you get set on Zoom the right way and then get going.

  2. How to Find Zoom Meet­ing Pass­word on Mobile and PC

    Learn how to quick­ly find the Zoom meet­ing pass­word, both on your mobile phone and on your computer.

  3. Top 11 Zoom Key­board Short­cuts to Use It Like a Pro

    We love key­board short­cuts! They make our lives eas­i­er, save time in the long run and help us become more pro­duc­tive in our day-to-day work. This chap­ter intro­duces you to some of the most use­ful Zoom key­board short­cuts that you must know. We did­n’t want to over­whelm you with a bunch of unnec­es­sary short­cuts, that’s we picked the best 11 of them.

  4. How to Set Vir­tu­al Back­grounds in Zoom

    Vir­tu­al back­grounds are all the rage these days. Not only do we show how to set those up in Zoom, we also share some of our favorite Zoom vir­tu­al back­grounds that you can download.

  5. 13 Help­ful Zoom Video Set­tings That You Might Not Know

    Some cool video set­tings like touch­ing up your appear­ance or hid­ing your­self or oth­er par­tic­i­pants are dis­cussed in this chapter.

  6. How to Record Your Screen with Zoom on Win­dows 10 and macOS

    You will learn how to prop­er­ly record your video calls on Zoom, on both Win­dows and Mac, in this chapter.

  7. How to Find and Edit Zoom Record­ings on Mac and PC

    Why stop at just record­ing? Why not edit the record­ings to make them bet­ter and more usable? We tell you how to do that in this chapter.

  8. How to Mute and Unmute in Zoom App on Phone

    A guide to quick­ly mut­ing or unmut­ing audio in Zoom phone apps, along with some oth­er tricks.

  9. How to Add or Remove Snapchat Fil­ters From Zoom Videos

    Snapchat has some cool fil­ters and you can actu­al­ly use them in your Zoom videos. Amaz­ing, no? We tell you how to do that.

  10. How to Add Zoom Meet­ings to Out­look Cal­en­dar and Google Calendar

    Add Zoom meet­ings direct­ly to your cal­en­dars and invite par­tic­i­pants. This guide walks you through that process.

  11. How to Show Pro­file Pic­ture Instead of Video in Zoom Meeting

    Not every­one is com­fort­able with video. So how does one go about hid­ing the video and show­ing pro­file pic­ture instead? We tell you all about it you in this guide.

  12. 9 Best Fix­es for Zoom Micro­phone Not Work­ing on Win­dows 10

    Hav­ing trou­ble with the micro­phone? We help you trou­bleshoot it and share the best fix­es that help in resolv­ing the problem.

  13. Top 9 Ways to Fix Zoom Audio and Sound Not Work­ing on Android

    Video is of no use if the audio or the sound isn’t good. This last chap­ter walks you through 9 ways to fix issues with audio and sound in Zoom.

It’s time to show off your Zoom skills to cowork­ers and friends and becom­ing more pro­duc­tive and bet­ter at using this pow­er­ful tool. With a mon­ey-back guar­an­tee, read any­where option and life­time free updates, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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    If you're not satisfied with the book, then all you have to do is email us (the email id is included in the book) within 10-days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund.

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