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The Most Use­ful Key­board Short­cuts for Pop­u­lar Services

This ebook is about the most impor­tant and rel­e­vant key­board short­cuts for sky­rock­et­ing your productivity.

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Oh no, yet anoth­er list of key­board short­cuts! Why on earth do we need one more? Aren’t there too many of them already avail­able, on too many key­board shortcuts?

Too many. That’s the prob­lem. Key­board short­cut lists usu­al­ly end up being a big dump of all key­board short­cuts avail­able for a par­tic­u­lar ser­vice. The big dump that we don’t need. We only need to know the few most use­ful ones that we can actu­al­ly remem­ber and use in our day to day usage of that tool and be more pro­duc­tive in the process.

This neat­ly designed list is about that. The most use­ful key­board short­cuts for pop­u­lar tools and online ser­vices. When we say most use­ful’, we real­ly mean it. We promise to share the best ones that are easy to learn and imple­ment. We promise to not over­whelm you with anoth­er redun­dant list that you will nev­er end up remem­ber­ing. We’ve researched and tried and tried again, and final­ly picked the hand­ful of them for each service.

What You Will Learn in This Book

Here're the software and services whose best keyboard shortcuts we're going to reveal to you in this ebook.

  1. Win­dows 7, Win­dows 8 and Win­dows 10

  2. Mac OS X

  3. Google Chrome

  4. Safari for Mac

  5. Mozil­la Firefox

  6. Microsoft Out­look for Windows

  7. Apple Mail for Mac

  8. Gmail for Web

  9. Google Dri­ve

  10. Google Docs

  11. Google Sheets

  12. Google Slides

  13. VLC Media Player

  14. KMPlay­er for Windows

  15. Win­dows Media Player

  16. iTunes

  17. Picasa

  18. Ever­note

  19. Irfan­view

  20. Microsoft Paint

This $5 hand­book will sky­rock­et your dai­ly pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and give you your mon­ey’s worth before you know it. You also get these addi­tion­al benefits:

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  • This is a DRM-free PDF. That means you can read it on your computer, your phone, your Kindle, your iPad .... wherever you want! You can even email a copy to your family and friends, we won't mind.

  • We're confident that this eBook will not only be worth every penny but is likely to be worth much more than its $5 price tag. And to ensure that you have no doubts whatsoever, we're offering a 10-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

    If you're not satisfied with the book, then all you have to do is email us (the email id is included in the book) within 10-days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund.

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