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The Ulti­mate Guide to VLC Media Player

Learn how to use this amaz­ing, free and open source media play­er to make your video watch­ing expe­ri­ence tru­ly grand.

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VLC is one of those apps that every­one uses but no one uses it quite well. On the sur­face it’s a sim­ple app with a blank play­ing screen and some but­tons. But under­neath this sim­ple appear­ance is the pandora’s box wait­ing to be opened.

VLC is a reli­able media play­er. It also has its life all fig­ured out. It knows what it is and doesn’t pre­tend to be some­thing else. VLC is not a music play­er or a media cen­ter mas­querad­ing as a media play­er. It’s a media play­er and a pret­ty good one at that. You know that no mat­ter how obscure of a media for­mat you throw at it, it’s going to work.

But it can do more. Hid­den behind the tool­bars, selec­tion items and right-click menus are fea­tures that make VLC much more than just a drag-and-drop media play­er. It is immense­ly cus­tomiz­able. Every­thing from the place­ment of tool­bar but­tons to plu­g­ins to the skin itself. VLC can stream YouTube videos, act as a basic video cut­ting tool, rip your DVD col­lec­tion and make your video view­ing expe­ri­ence much better.

This ulti­mate guide to VLC explores it all and helps you become a pow­er user of VLC.

What You Will Learn in This Book

Here's what you will learn in this eBook.

  1. 10 Awe­some Things You Can Do with VLC Media Player

    Do you know that you can use VLC to play video as wall­pa­per? Do you know you can make a VLC video always stay on top of all your win­dows? Do you know about the amaz­ing audio and video effects that VLC has to offer? Read about these and much more in this first chap­ter of this eBook.

  2. How to Stream, Cut, Con­vert and RIP Videos with VLC

    Learn all about video stream­ing with VLC, cut­ting video clips, con­vert­ing them to var­i­ous for­mats.. yes, VLC can do it all. This chap­ter shows you step by step how to do it.

  3. Key­board Short­cuts and Remote Con­trol Apps

    Get­ting to know VLC key­board short­cuts can make your expe­ri­ence much faster and smoother. We also tell you how to use your phone as a remote con­trol while play­ing a video on your com­put­er. Cool, isn’t it?

  4. How to Use Exten­sions in VLC (and the Best Ones)

    There are some use­ful exten­sions avail­able for VLC that can fur­ther enhance your video watch­ing expe­ri­ence. Read all about it in this chapter.

  5. Should You Be Using VLC for Android?

    How good is VLC for Android real­ly? Worth your time? Find out in this chapter.

  6. VLC vs the Competition

    In the final chap­ter of this eBook, we explore some oth­er media play­ers that com­pete with VLC and tell you the differences.

The only VLC guide you’ll ever need.

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