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The Ulti­mate Guide to Chromecast

Every­thing you need to know about mak­ing the most out of your Chromecast.

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If you have bought a Chrome­cast recent­ly, or think­ing about buy­ing it, you know that this tiny device is quite pow­er­ful. But to har­ness its pow­er, you need to know how to use it like a pro. That’s where our eBook – The Ulti­mate Guide to Chrome­cast – comes into the picture.

The Ulti­mate Guide to Chrome­cast is a com­pre­hen­sive guide that tells you every­thing you need to know about mak­ing the most out of your Chrome­cast. It tells you the basics of set­ting it up cor­rect­ly, how it works (and how it doesn’t) and advanced tips that go beyond stream­ing con­tent from your device to a larg­er screen. 

What You Will Learn in This Book

Here are the table of contents of this eBook.

  1. 1. Things You Must Know Before Buy­ing Chromecast

    If you are think­ing about buy­ing a Chrome­cast and stuck in the should I get it’ stage, then this sec­tion will clear all your doubts. We tell you 8 impor­tant things that you should know before you go on to pur­chase this device.

  2. 2. The Com­plete Get­ting Start­ed and Cus­tomiza­tion Guide

    This is where this eBook helps you in get­ting your shiny new Chrome­cast up and run­ning. This sec­tion tells you the right way to set up your Chrome­cast and ways to cus­tomize the back­drop, using guest mode and much more.

  3. 3. Stream­ing Local Media from All Kinds of Devices to Chromecast

    Chrome­cast is built for stream­ing online media, so that is easy. But stream­ing local media is a dif­fer­ent ball­game. We explore some ways to do it through Chromecast.

  4. 4. How to Stream Media from Plex on PC to Chrome­cast Using iOS or Android Apps

    Plex Media Serv­er is a great tool to com­ple­ment your Chrome­cast and media library. We show how to use it on a PC and stream to Chrome­cast using iOS and Android apps. The best part – almost no loss in quality!

  5. 5. How to Mir­ror Android, Win­dows, Mac Dis­play to Chromecast

    Some­times the screen on your phone, or even your lap­top, is not enough. You want to see that image or read that text on a big­ger screen. This is when your Chrome­cast comes in handy. This sec­tion shows how to get it done.

  6. 6. 10 Cre­ative Uses for Chrome­cast That Go Beyond Watch­ing Movies and TV Shows

    Did you know you could use Chrome­cast as a dai­ly dash­board? Did you know you could play games using it? The last sec­tion of this eBook ten such cre­ative uses of this awe­some lit­tle gadget.

Every­thing you need to know about mak­ing the most out of your Chrome­cast. Along with these addi­tion­al benefits:

  • This is a DRM-free PDF. That means you can read it on your computer, your phone, your Kindle, your iPad .... wherever you want! You can even email a copy to your family and friends, we won't mind.

  • Yes, whenever we update the eBook and add more details to it, we'll send you a copy, free of cost!

  • We're confident that this eBook will not only be worth every penny but is likely to be worth much more than its $5 price tag. And to ensure that you have no doubts whatsoever, we're offering a 10-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

    If you're not satisfied with the book, then all you have to do is email us (the email id is included in the book) within 10-days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund.

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