6 Best Mouse Pads With Wrist Support

A mouse pad is an essential accessory for anyone with a laptop or a PC. It allows you to maneuver the mouse with precision and makes the movement feel smoother. There are several types of mouse pads that you get ranging from full-blown desk mats to ornamental pads that use metal or wood for their construction. If you want better ergonomics though, you should opt for mouse pads with wrist support.

An ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support helps you rest your wrist on a cushioned area, thus minimizing strain when using the mouse.

If you experience pain in your wrist when working for long hours, you need to get one of the mouse pads from the list we’ve curated below. The wrist support also makes them great mouse pads for carpal tunnel syndrome. Before we get to the mouse pads with wrist rests, here are some other articles that may interest you –

Let’s get to some of the best mouse pads for your wrists now.

1. Amazon Basics Gel Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

Amazon Basics makes some pretty good accessories at affordable price points. The gel mouse pad from the brand is adequately large and has a substantial amount of cushioning for your wrist.

The Amazon Basics mouse pad has ample surface area, so it should suffice if you have a large mouse like the Logitech MX Master 3S or if you move your mouse a lot when gaming. The wrist support is also quite large so you can rest your wrist at a particular angle without any issues.

The mouse pad comes in a standard black colorway which as per the reviews, fades with time when exposed to direct sunlight. So, try not to keep the mouse pad right in front of your window. On the bright side, the reviews also mention that the mouse pad offers a smooth tracking surface and mice glide over it with ease. The wrist rest — albeit slightly tall — takes the shape of your wrist pretty quickly thanks to the gel.

2. Gimars Memory Foam Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

Much like the Amazon Basics mouse pad, Gimars’ mouse pad is also quite large. That said, it offers a memory foam wrist support, which is arguably more comfortable that its gel counterparts.

The advantage of memory foam is that it takes the shape of your wrist leading to better comfort. Several users have corroborated the same and have said that the mouse pad is comfortable to use. Now, your mileage could vary, as some users have also mentioned that the foam could have been a smidge softer and more malleable.

As for the rest of the mouse pad — it is what you would expect. You get a smooth surface on the top with a rubber bottom for grip. You also get a selection of colors and designs to choose from. Oh, they also have one with RGB lighting if you’re into that as well.

3. Mroco Ergonomic Mouse Pad

While the previous two mouse pads were rectangular in shape, the Mroco mouse pad takes a slightly different approach with its design. It is bulged at the top and tapers towards the bottom. It also takes up lesser space on your desk.

Since the Mroco mouse pad occupies less space, it’s also slightly smaller than the Gimars mouse pad. This can be a pro or a con depending on your usage and the size of your desk. What we liked about the Mroco mouse mat is that it looks minimalistic and is void of any branding on the front.

There are over 20,000 user ratings for the Mroco ergonomic mouse pad on Amazon with most of them praising the unit’s comfort levels. The wrist support is soft and the material is smooth. It’s not ideal for gaming though since you can easily run out of real estate with vigorous mouse movements.

4. Britimes Printed Mouse Pad

Why should all mouse pads have the same old boring look? That’s exactly the problem Britimes is trying to solve with its custom mouse pad. The brand’s mouse pad comes in a plethora of designs and it will undoubtedly spruce up the aesthetics of your desk.

Whether it’s a cool skeleton or a cute cat, Britimes lets you customize your mouse pad to your taste. If you’re all about having accessories and peripherals that stand out, you will be pleased with the collection on offer.

It’s not just about the design though—the Britimes mouse pad is just as functional too. To that end, the mouse pad comes with a wrist rest as well. Moreover, the unit offers optimal support for the wrist, with most users stating that it’s a treat to use. The quality of the print is also impressive as per the reviews. Some users have said that even after months of use, the mouse pad looks as good as new.

5. Hokafenle Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

The Hokafenle ergonomic mouse pad comes with a unique design and it looks unlike most mouse pads on this list. Instead of a lump of memory foam or gel, you get a slightly tapered bottom that merges with the mouse pad’s frame.

As such, the Hokafenle mouse pad looks minimalistic. Since the tapering is also quite large, you’re getting more surface area for your wrist as well. The transition from the wrist support to the mouse pad is also smoother, which adds to the comfort.

To no one’s surprise, the mouse pad has amassed an average rating is 4.9 on the website. Users have spoken in length about the sheer comfort relayed by the mouse pad which is unrivaled in the space.

The only downside is that, unlike the other mouse pads on this list, Hokafenle’s offering isn’t flat. It’s slightly elevated so you might need some time to get used to it.

6. CushionCare Premium Wrist Rest for Mouse and Keyboard

CushionCare brings a combo of wrist supports for both your keyboard and mouse. The wrist supports are made from memory foam, so you get comparable support as seen on most mouse pads. As you may have guessed, users with Carpal Tunnel syndrome may need support while using their mouse and keyboard, and in such cases, it’s recommended to get a mouse pad with a wrist rest set like the one here./sc]

At the same time, wrist support for both the mouse and keyboard will ensure your wrists are stress-free at all times.

The wrist rest for the keyboard is quite large, so it should cover a full-sized keyboard too. It looks stealthy on your desk thanks to the black exterior and minimal branding. If anything, users have said that the company packages the products tightly. As such, some buyers received the mouse pad in a warped condition.

FAQs for Mouse Pads With Wrist Support

1. Is a mouse pad with wrist support recommended for everyone?

You need not have Carpal Tunnel in order to use a mouse pad with wrist support. Extra support for your wrists is always good so, feel free to pick up a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse.

2. Is an ergonomic mouse actually helpful?

If you’re facing difficulties or pain using a standard mouse, an ergonomic mouse may be a good alternative. It improves the way you hold a mouse, thus reducing the strain on your wrist.

3. Is a wrist rest for keyboards important?

If you have a tall keyboard, a wrist rest is vital since it helps you reach all the keys without having to exert too much pressure on your wrists.

Keep Your Wrists Healthy

It’s important to ensure your wrists are taken care of, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer every day. A good way to do that is by getting a mouse pad with wrist support. In doing so, you can minimize the strain on your wrists to a large extent.

Last updated on 28 March, 2023

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