4 Best Digital Photo Frames With Google Photos Support

Google Photos is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use photo services. I have more than 100,000 photos already. If you are someone like me and planning to buy a digital photo frame, it makes sense to buy a digital photo frame that works with Google Photos.

Best Digital Photo Frames With Google Photos

Like most digital picture frames, these Google Photos digital frames also support other upload mechanisms like USB drives, email services, or uploads via an app. That said, the Google Photos integration means you can add photos directly.

If you plan to buy a digital frame or gift one, here are some of the best digital photo frames with Google Photos.

Let’s have a look. But first,

1. PhotoShare Smart Frame

  • Size: 10-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Internal memory: Yes, 8GB
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, USB and SD card

The Photoshare Smart Frame is an affordable digital photo frame that works with Google Photos. It offers an FHD resolution on a 10-inch display. The 8GB internal memory lets you store a slew of digital photos. Apart from the Google Photos integration, this smart frame connects to your home Wi-Fi network to work with the companion app.

The PhotoShare frame can receive around 50 photos simultaneously via the companion app. However, the internal storage can hold a truckload of photos – around 5,000 photos. It lets you add captions for images.

For its price, this digital frame packs plenty of extras. For one, you can play videos and music with ease. When the Wi-Fi is acting up, you can stick an SD card or a USB drive and display the photos in all their glory.

Sending photos from Google Photos is as simple as sharing the file directly to the frame. You can also sync Google Photos photos and albums, which will be added directly to the frame, irrespective of the frame’s location. Of course, you will need to connect the frame to Google Photos via the app initially.

While the photo quality is not the best, but it gets the job done for its price. The frame looks great, and you can opt for interchangeable mattes to give the frame a conventional look. While the user experience is on the positive side, do note it’s not as durable as some of its pricey counterparts. A few users have reported the frame freezing for months or year. Plus, even if it supports SD cards and USB drives, connecting to Wi-Fi is mandatory.

Why you should buy it: Affordable and supports additional means of uploading photos.

2. Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

  • Size: 15-inch | Resolution: 1024 x 768p | Internal memory: Yes, 8GB
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, USB, SDHC, and SDXC cards 

The Pix-Star digital frame is one of Amazon’s popular digital frames. It has a 15-inch LED display, and lets you display your photos and videos over Wi-Fi, an SD card, a USB drive, and a dedicated email address. And unlike the typical frames, this one has a distinctive 4:3 aspect ratio. 

Besides that, this Pix-Star frame supports a long list of web-based services such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and OneDrive (see OneDrive vs. Google Pho­tos), among others. Of course, Google Photos is also on the list, and the integration works well.

At the same time, linking the app to a web-based service is simple and easy. The frame has an online picture management system showing the names of the supported web-based platforms. All you need to do is choose the one and follow the authentication process.

The Pix-Star digital frame has an HD resolution, The picture quality is clear and crisp, and you will find accurate color reproductions. Several users have backed this as part of their reviews. If we go by Fakespot’s estimates, around 74.7% of the reviews are trustworthy and reliable.

We feel this frame stands out since it doesn’t resemble conventional wooden frames. The borders are a little thin for my liking. However, that’s my personal opinion. That said, it’s a worthy investment for the price. The photos appear as advertised, and the functions like the Motion Sensor work as intended. It is popular on Amazon and has more than 7,000 user ratings to its credit.

Why you should buy it: Fairly modern design. Plus, it supports web-based services such as Facebook and Instagram.

3. Aura Mason Frame

  • Size: 9-inch | Resolution: 1600 x 1200p | Internal memory: No
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi

If you do not want just another run-of-the-mill digital picture frame, you can consider buying the Aura Mason Frame. The crux of this frame is its premium build. The borders are thick and textured, giving the vibes of a conventional wooden frame. The frame has added weights on either side, making it easy to prop it vertically and horizontally without any added support.

Though smaller than most, the 1600×1200 pixel resolution renders clear and crisp images. And the neat touch bar at the top adds to the experience.

The strength of this digital photo frame lies in its clean and highly functional phone app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and handles most things—changing the frame settings or playing with the photo settings. Plus, it’s easy to use.

People love it for its auto-sync feature, which displays new photos wherever certain albums on your Android or iPhone are updated. 

Apart from supporting Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the web-based support is limited to only Google Photos and iCloud. And as you may have guessed, the app establishes the link, and the integration is pretty seamless. We were able to add photos from Google Photos seamlessly using the app.

The Aura Mason justifies its price with its nifty feature set. For one, it automatically crops photos to meet the size of the frame. Per the folks at The Wirecutter, this frame did this job far better than its competition. Secondly, the touch-sensitive bar lets you mark your favorite photos. Another nifty feature is the automatic light sensor, which modifies the screen’s brightness per ambient light. And yes, the display goes off when there’s no light in the room. So saving energy.

The Aura Mason is in the same price bracket as the Pix-Star frame mentioned above. And if the looks matter more to you, then the Mason and the Carver are two of the best digital photo frames that work with Google Photos.

Why should you buy it: Excellent picture quality.

Alternatively, you can check out the Aura Carver digital photo frame. This one is a little more expensive than Mason. However, it brings interesting features like intelligent alignment and auto grouping. Plus, the picture quality is top-notch.

Buy Aura Carver

4. Nixplay Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame

  • Size: 10.1-inch | Resolution: 720p | Internal storage: Yes, 8GB
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, USB
Nixplay is a popular name in the digital picture frame space, and it has been around for quite a few years now. This Google Photos digital frame is a little more expensive than its counterparts, but has a few nifty features. For one, you can prop it on its stand or mount it on the wall.

The Nixplay Smart Picture frame has a 720p resolution, which is a tad low, especially for the asking price. Interestingly, the folks at Tom’s Guide opine that the pictures appear sharp and color-accurate, especially compared to their advertised resolution.

While it can pull photos from Google Photos, it has other connectivity options as well, including 8GB of internal storage. Regardless of these options, if you still require more space, you can also apt for the paid $49 Nixplay Plus plan.

That said, it has a touchscreen interface, unlike the one above. And in terms of looks, it has a retro vibe, which in a way is good. It has an easy installation process. When mounting it, you will have to be careful since it tends to topple down when kept in portrait orientation.

Why should you buy it: Upgradeable cloud storage. Plus, support for both landscape and portrait orientation.

The Big Picture

These were some of the top-rated digital photo frames that work with Google Photos. But, if you want to add more chops to your digital photo frame, it’s investing in the Google Nest Hub. This nifty device is in the same price range as some of the frames in this list. However, it offers a plethora of features and is the best for you if you are thinking of delving into the idea of a smart home.

Last updated on 28 April, 2023

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